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IBG ITOD Results NL - 07/02/02

By GEN Deltan Saviri
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 02, 2002
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Intrepid Battle Group Newsletter - Part One
July 2, 2002
Reported by LGN Deltan Saviri


Okay Everybody,

This is just a preliminary NL to let you know the results of the mission. Once I have the next mission to release, I will put out a full newsletter. In the meantime, here are the results.

IBG ITOD 1.11 Mission Results

Well, we a slightly better turnout in number of reports for this mission than the last one. This is a good sign! Even if it's just a few more reports, that is still an increase in activity. I appreciate everyone who took the time to fly the mission and show their support in activity for the IBG! Now, to the results.

Pilot, Kills, Score, Squadron
MGN Spokes, 31, 36239, Dagger Squadron
MAJ Himm El-Syna, 13, 34519, Dagger Squadron
LCOL Gabrich Varmer, 11, 23317, Phalcun Squadron
LCM Rakiki, 9, 21686, Phalcun Squadron
BGN Xtremegene, 19, 16401, Stinger Squadron
CPT Tiar Garnen, 15, 16401, Draco Squadron
CPT Chris Horn, 18, 14572, Wildcard Squadron
CPT Van Korell, 25, 12362, Wildcard Squadron
CMDR Daron Lochek, 31, 9818, Dagger Squadron
BGN Javin Ke'ylle, 34, 8251, Wildcard Squadron
LCM Castin Jaheran, 4, 7303, Dagger Squadron
1LT Lagged Drayson, 15, 7149, Stinger Squadron
MGN Wes Belden, 7, 7099, Stinger Squadron
CPT Chris Earthkeeper, 5, 6297, Stinger Squadron
CMDR Rode Mitchell, 12, 6072, Stinger Squadron
2LT Chrys Cortan, 18, 4669, Phalcun Squadron
LCM Licah Fox, 4, 2519, Stinger Squadron
1LT Galin Azzameen, 6, 1779, Dagger Squadron
LCM Gagra Yearwood, 0, 0, Phalcun Squadron
MAJ Kell Horn, 0, 0, Phalcun Squadron
CMDR Dash Xander, 0, 0, Phalcun Squadron

Wing, Kills, Score, Reports
Chiin'Tal Wing, 100, 106063, 6
Talon Wing, 88, 89137, 11
Titan Wing, 89, 41257, 4

Squadron, Kills, Score, Reports, Modified Score
Dagger Squadron, 85, 89662, 5, 56038.75
Phalcun Squadron, 38, 49672, 6, 29803.2
Stinger Squadron, 50, 39465, 5, 19732.5
Wildcard Squadron, 77, 35185, 3, 13194.375
Draco Squadron, 15, 16401, 1, 2050.125
NightWolf Squadron, 12, 6072, 1, 759


For his activity and performance on the IBG ITOD 1.11, MGN Spokes has been awarded the IBG Golden Wings.
For his activity and performance on the IBG ITOD 1.11, MAJ Himm El-Syna has been awarded the IBG Silver Wings.
For his activity and performance on the IBG ITOD 1.11, LCOL Gabrich Varmer has been awared the IBG Bronze Wings.
For a 62.5% turnout on reports, Dagger Squadron is hereby awareded the IBG Commanders Golden Chalice.



Like I said, our turnout on this mission was better than last. Now, it is time for everyone to go and fly the IBG/R2F 1.03 mission. This promises to be a good mission, so I would like to see everyone go out and fly it. Show your support for the IBG and fly. Remember, even if you only have the chance to fly the mission several times, do so and report. Every report counts in showing that we are an active and productive fleet within the Rebel Squadrons.

That is all.


Lieutenant General Deltan Saviri
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer
Titan Wing - Nightwolf 9


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