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RSCD NL 07-06-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jul 06, 2002
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RSCD NL 07-06-02

Welcome to the latest edition of the Commando Divison Newsletter. If you've noticed more NLs lately, it's due to an increased amount of news over the last few weeks. As long as the news levels stay up, you can expect to continue seeing one to two a week. This week we've got another competition to announce, an update on the progress of the restructure and more, so enjoy :)


RSCD Webpage-

If you've visited the RSCD website in the past few days, you may have noticed things look a bit different. Earlier this week the Internet Office put up a new version of our site, which loads quite a bit faster than the previous design. If you haven't seen the new site yet I'd suggest heading over there, it's worth it to see our great new RSCD logo.


New Avatar CO

I'm pleased to announce that Colonel Jon Anchorage has been appointed the new CO of Avatar Squad. With this latest appointment, we once again have a complete Command Staff, which I've been hoping to see for some time. Congratulations to Jon!


EH Comp Reminder-

Remember, we've got less than a week now before our competition with the EH GMRG. Once again, it's July 12th from 6pm-8pm EST and we'll be meeting in #RSCD before the event begins. I really need to know who's planning on showing up, so if you're free during this time and would like to participate, email me as soon as possible to let me know.


RSCD Melee Results 07-05-02

Match results and the current Ladder rankings can be viewed at

Individual Standings

Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon 3-2-0
Topachea Nabbirie            2-2-0
Gambit                         1-0-0
Trace                              0-1-0
Jon Anchorage                  0-1-0

The match total is up from last week, but we're still not having enough people participating. From what I've seen it seems that the biggest problem has to do with most people having other things to do on Fridays at the specified Melee time. So, in an effort to give everyone a fair chance, please read below :P


RSCD Melee Announcement

To better accommodate the large number of people who are unable to make the scheduled Melee times, I've made the following additions to our current system.

1. From Monday - Friday, any RSCD members who wish to play a JK/JO match against each other are free to do so at any time of day, with the score counting towards the final Melee results for the week. In addition we will continue to hold a Melee night each Friday, to allow a more organized event for those looking to compete. I've contacted Shik about helping us out with a web interface to report matches, but until then we'll be doing it the old fashioned way. Once you've completed a match with another member, the winner will need to mail the results to in order for it to be recorded.

2. We'll once again be using the Melee related medals that haven't been in circulation for awhile now. For those who don't remember this, the RSCD member with the greatest number of matches at the end of the month will receive the RSCD Bronze Star. Three Bronze Stars will result in a Silver, and three Silver qualify for a Gold.

Note: These changes will go into effect starting Monday, July 8th


House Update

Work on the House restructure continues, and I'm happy to announce that we've made the following progress:


Since JO includes the use of force powers and lightsabers as well as guns, it's only natural that we finally begin to do the same. In addition to the new House structure, the Commando Division will also be debuting aspects regarding Jedi. So far the plans call for a series of Jedi titles that can be earned through various accomplishments, plus a number of Jedi-onl y awards and honors for members to work towards. This should add a whole new level of fun to being an RSCD member :)

House Names-

Names for our initial Houses have been selected, and I've got a short fictional background on each which you can find below to hold you over until everything is finished :)

House Dragoth (By GEN Gambit)

It was the Era of Chaos.

The New Republic was crumbling in the Iron grip of Lord Sidious. The Clone Wars caused destruction throughout the galaxy. It was in this time that a small group of Corporations and Jedi formed an alliance to protect one of the last ancient artifacts which contained an enormous power within. The artifact was known as a Holocron. To keep it safe it was broken into 4 pieces.

The group consisted of 4 corporations and 4 Jedi. Lord Dragoth, Reelo Tune, Gun Tal, Baron Hal. Each of them swore to protect the Holocron. Each of them swore to protect one another. And each of them got a piece of the Holocron. The 4 corporations renounced their old names and placed themselves under the command of Lord Dragoth. Together they were called the House of Dragoth.

Knowing the awesome powers of Lord Sidious and his vast resources, the House of Dragoth built one of the galaxies biggest fortresses as a resting place for the Holocron pieces. Fearing what might happen if they were discovered before it was complete, Reelo Tune, Gun Tal and Baron Hal fled to different places in the universe, each of them carying a piece of the Holocron.

Two decades later, when the fortress was nearing it's completion, Baron Hal returned to Lord Dragoth waiting for the others. Growing impatient, Baron Hal decided to track the missing Jedi down. Knowing the journey could be perilous, he left his piece of the Holocron with Lord Dragoth and he set out on a journey to find the Jedi, a journey that would take him many years. But all was not well back at the Fortress.

Lord Dragoth, tempted by the 2 Holocron pieces, fell to the darkside. Over the years he steadily became insane with a lust for power, his mind being reforged by the tainted power of the broken Holocron. House Dragoth, sworn to Lord Dragoth, started training in the dark arts of the Jedi.

Baron Hal, after 4 perilous years of searching, finally finds Gun Tal and Reelo Tune hiding on Hoth. As they return to Lord Dragoth, they sense the change. In the grand hall of the fortress, the place that was to be the final resting place of the Holocron, they face Lord Dragoth and his disciples.

In the following battle, Baron Hal strikes down Lord Dragoth in a desperate attempt to reclaim the Holocron pieces. Seeing their master destroyed, the disciples of Lord Dragoth flee with their Holocron pieces. But alas, before Baron Hal can pursue them he is betrayed by his former companions. Being together for too long, both Rello Tune and Gun Tal were influenced by their Holocron pieces, the combined power it radiated driving them to the dark side. Surging with the Force they killed Baron Hal and fled the fortress.

But real evil can never be fully destroyed. It is prophecised that one day Lord Dragoth will return and claim his rightfull place as ruler of House Dragoth, unite the Holocron, and destroy all opposition. Until that day comes, his disciples stand guard. Until that day comes, noone enters or leaves the inner sanctum of the fortress. Until that day comes, we can all live our lives in peace.

House Kalran (By VA Kaz Falcion)

Where there is chaos, order must always follow. Following the decimation of the Jedi ranks at the hands of the Sith, darkness fell upon the galaxy. But even in the greatest of darkness, small flickers of light can be found.

Talros Kalran was by no means a Jedi Master, but it is this fact that saved him from the fate that befell his breathern. Kalran fled from the Sith, watching in hiding as the Empire began it's rise to power, vowing to somehow make a difference no matter how small it may be. For years he waited, training in secret with others who shared his vision of someday finding a way to restore peace to the galaxy. By the time of the Rebellion's birth, Kalran found himself in command of a small, yet powerful band of warriors. Following their own devised code of honor, the members of the self proclaimed House Kalran sought out the leaders of the Alliance, pledging to help them in whatever way they could in their struggle against the Empire. Though not widely known, Telros and his band fought bravely for the Rebellion throughout the war, making great sacrifice in the name of freedom. After the Empire's fall, Kalran once again retreated from the eyes of the galaxy to watch the new order of things take shape. As the fledgling New Republic began to flourish, Talros Kalran decided that he must seek out a new challenge. Heading off into the unexplored regions of the galaxy, he left behind an ever growing number of noble warriors, vowing to one day return with the power to ensure the galaxy's peace would be a lasting one. From deep in the halls of Kalran Keep, the warriors stand ready for the call of battle. Vowing to uphold order and peace no matter what the cost may be.

Members of House Kalran all serve a warrior's code, written by their founder and mentor Talros. Above all else, the principles of this code must be maintained and followed. Loyalty, honor and respect are all found within those who choose to become a member of the House. While this code ensures the safety of the good, any person with dark intentions should beware, as the warriors of House Kalran are among the fiercest in the galaxy. While all were trained to some degree in the Force, it is with the Jedi's lightsaber that Talros was most known, and the same is true of his followers. Skilled commandos too have found a home alongside their saber wielding brothers within Kalran Keep over the years, giving House Kalran a well trained and balanced force to deal with any threats that may come their way. For while the Galaxy may be ruled for now by order, darkness always finds a way to return...



To close this week, I'd just like to say I'm still very pleased the way things are going as of late. Participation is up, but could still stand to be better. Remember, there's plenty of things to do right now. You can play Melee matches all week long or at Melee Night on Friday. We've got the Inter-Club event each Saturday, and everyone should be practicing for our battle against the EH coming up on the 12th. Failing that, if you're out of things to do you can always come see me, I've got plenty of things I can let you work on.

VA Kaz Falcion


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