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Retribution Fleet NL (07/10/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jul 10, 2002
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-- News

I) Probably the most important news this month, is that Menshk Vrei'Sik found a bug in the current R2F mission. I have made the proper adjustments to it, and am now re-releasing it.

This is primarily for anyone who uses the TIE DOS Collector's CD. Both missions will be identical to one another, except that in the re-release it will have no mission messages in it.

II) As most everyone knows, Slayer Squadron has been disbanded. All of its members, by now, have either transfered or have been booted from the Retribution Fleet.

III) TIE Sequel petition - As I mailed about it earlier, I won't explain about it more, taking up space in this NL. I'll just leave the URL:

IV) In other news, the R2F's ITOD website has been redone. Check it out when you get the chance, if you need the URL, just look in the General Information section of this News Letter.

-- Special Award

Commander Menshk Vrei'Sik, and Major Ryan Coburn, please step forward. I've found that since I took a bigger role in this fleet, many others have as well. People are working harder, they're becoming more loyal and so on as they want the fleet to progress successfuly. It is my great honor if you choose to accept, to award both of you the R2F Officer Award. {!!/-OFFICER-\!!}

Commander Vrei'Sik has consistantly shown activity, dedication, and just recently even helped out in finding a glitch in the current R2F mission. You've also been a very honourable pilot not only in this fleet, but probably the rest of the club. You're one of the finest officers out there, keep up the good work! I almost wish I could offer you something higher than this medal, but it will have to do for now. ;)

Major Coburn. Though your game was on the fringe for a very long time, and you had to standby helplessly in hard times for Shadow Squadron you've held your ground, at least, somewhat. Just recently you're helping to develop the R2F storyline even more (you'll see right after this NL) and that to me shows great dedication, even though you can't participate the way you'd like to. Keep it up!

-- Mission: Tour 7 - "Osiris Sector" Mission 2 "Massacre"

Statistics for R2F 7.02 may be located at:

Due: July 31st, 2002
- or for TIE Collectors CD:

Note: There will be a "Narrative" Newsletter directly after this one
with the Mission Narrative. The Narrative is also located within the file.
Laser Cap: 500 (Hits! Not Shots!)
Mission Rules:

REPORT TO: (include *.tfr file!)

Description: It's time for the Prometheus Task Force and the Sentinel Task Force to part ways in the tour. Sentinel will be departing earlier in the mission to head to the New Trask System, and the Prometheus Task Force will be heading to the Harnah System on its way to the Zephran Shipyard. Escort the Sentinel Task Force to hyperspace, then fall back and guard the Prometheus and her escorts while they prepare to head into hyperspace.

-- General Information

I) R2F OpLan

Anyone interested in joining R2F's own Operation Lanvarok contact Commander Cynna Jade Sunrider ( R2F OpLan flies current Academy (TUG) missions. With each mission flown, you can earn R2F merit points.

II) Mission Building Academy

The MBA is a section of the Academy devoted to helping people learn the art of making missions for the games we play in the Rebel Squadrons. Anyone interested in learning how to build TIE Fighter missions, or any other game, contact Captain Licah Fox ( or visit the MBA site at:

III) R2F Intel

People with free time that are interested with the Retribution Fleet, and wish to help, may join R2F Intel. Contact Colonel Nichos Katran ( for more information.

IV) Retribution Fleet Website

Visit the Retribution Fleet's website to see Squadron Logo's, the most current killboard and mission, merit standings, you name it!

V) Retribution Fleet ITOD Site

This site contains various material that corresponds with the current Retribution Fleet Tour of Duty. Things included in it are Run-on Archives, past Mission Narrative Briefings, a map of the current Sector we're in for the ITOD, and much more!

VI) Retribution Fleet Shipyard

This site contains the many ships the Retribution Fleet has officially, and unofficially. This site explains the general vicinity they are in, ship statistics, and crew members. This is great for people that love writing narratives in full detail!

Lt. General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO


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