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R2F - Important Announcement

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jul 15, 2002
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Greetings Retribution Fleet Members,

In the next two months, the Retribution Command Staff will be participating in a small experiment created by Brigadier General Dylor Sorfix, involving promotions.

To give you a quick and basic run down of the experiment, Squadron CO's will be reporting on who has been promoted, who hasn't, how long you've held a current rank, and then reporting that information to myself. I then forward that to a small council made up of myself (experimental reasons), MGN Bethan Leitbur, LGN Corran Horn Jr, BGN Garrik "Face" Loran, and the creater of the experiment BGN Dylor Sorfix.

The council will review necessary facts to see if anyone is deserving of a promotion. The idea is to keep a consistancy with promotions, meaning that if you really deserve a promotion, you're going to get one.

Squadron CO's rights to just promote someone have been temporarily barred, and instead they can only recommend promotion to the council.

The other idea of this is that everything you do gets recognized, and no one goes unnoticed. If you're an active participating member, your chances of promotion get higher. If you are more on the inactive side, it may take longer for any kind of promotion.

The council takes into account all the things you've done, sometimes speaking to your wingmates and squadron commanders, to make a decision.

The Retribution Fleet Command Staff was notified of this experiment last night, and thus far have had no complaints on procedure.

The experiment is to see if this system would work well on a larger scale (club-wide).

It will be in affect August 1st, in which Squadron CO's will send in their first report, which will be bi-weekly. If there are any questions on this, contact your Squadron CO or XO for details. If they can't answer it, they'll find someone who can. The experiment will run for approximately 2 months.

That is all for now,

Lt. General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO


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