Rebel Squadrons

IBG Newsletter - 07-16-02

By GEN Deltan Saviri
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 16, 2002
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Deltan looked out the viewports of his office aboard the Rebel Fist and scanned the small number of freighters moving in to resupply the fleet. The entire IBG flotilla slowly maneuvered through space as a small defensive screen of fighters patrolled. Deltan turned as he heard his doors open. Smiling, he watched as Jon entered his office with a stack of papers as he always seemed to be carrying. "I've never seen anyone so afflicted with a love of hard copy as you, " Deltan joked.

Smirking, Jon plopped the hefty stack of papers on Deltan's desk. "These are the statistics and debriefing information from our last mission. Performance has really increased over the last month. Our pilots must be getting more sim time."

Nodding, Deltan walked over to his desk, sat and pulled the papers over in front of him. "So it appears. Xtremegene seems to have led in kills and Stinger Squadron really took the battle to them. I remember when Stinger was formed. Good to see them getting back on their feet."

Jon nodded, and quietly took a seat in front of Deltan's desk. "On another good note, we've received orders to begin the construction of a permanent base of operations at New Trask. Looks like we are finally going to get a home. A load of freighters are going to be arriving within the week with workers and supplies to begin the initial phases of the construction."

Smiling, Deltan nodded his head. "Good. We've been in need of a permanent station for a while now. It'll be good for our fleet to have someplace they can set in and relax as well. Let me know when the equipment and workers arrive. We'll send along a squadron to clear the way and act as guard once they are here."

"Will do, Sir, "Jon replied. "Will do".



I would like to congratulate everyone who took the time to fly this mission. We had 28 people report on this mission, which is 55% of the fleet and a 33% increase from just a month ago. This is very heartening. Keep up the good work. Below are the ITOD Standings.

Pilot, Kills, Score, Squadron
BGN Xtremegene, 41, 7762, Stinger Squadron
LCM Licah Fox, 35, 6909, Stinger Squadron
MGN Spokes, 39, 6757, Dagger Squadron
LCL Gabrich Varmer, 32, 6738, Phalcun Squadron
MAJ Himm El-Syna, 35, 6708, Dagger Squadron
MAJ Chris Horn, 35, 6471, Stinger Squadron
LCM Dev Azzameen, 35, 6462, Stinger Squadron
CMDR Daron Lochek, 30, 5858, Dagger Squadron
GEN Kyle Tobarn, 32, 5163, Stinger Squadron
2LT Chrys Cortan, 27, 4947, Phalcun Squadron
CPT Van Korell, 15, 4889, Wildcard Squadron
BGN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle, 26, 4877, Wildcard Squadron
MGN Trate Daxson, 31, 4749, Stinger Squadron
LCM Castin "Fox" Jahern, 26, 4586, Dagger Squadron
2LT Ron Emmerson, 24, 4537, Phalcun Squadron
MAJ Chris Earthkeeper, 26, 4525, Stinger Squadron
LGN Adam Fene, 24, 4457, Wildcard Squadron
LJG Heg Harm, 27, 4349, Draco Squadron
LCM Rakiki, 18, 4181, Phalcun Squadron
COL Jon Anchorage, 29, 4050, Phalcun Squadron
1LT Cephius Balder, 15, 3697, Phalcun Squadron
MAJ Cay-Qel Jade, 14, 3483, Dagger Squadron
LJG Mystic Warrior, 8, 2800, NightWolf Squadron
MGN Wes Belden, 31, 2308, Stinger Squadron
LJG Freelancer, 11, 1861, NightWolf Squadron
LGN Deltan Saviri, 19, 1824, NightWolf Squadron
CMDR Rode Mitchell, 8, 728, NightWolf Squadron
LCM Gagra Yearwood, 0, 0, Phalcun Squadron

Wing, Kills, Score, Reports
Talon Wing, 376, 66028, 14
Chiin'Tal Wing, 171, 31741, 6
Titan Wing, 146, 28107, 8

Squadron, Kills, Score, Reports, Modified Score, Report Percentage
Stinger Squadron, 231, 37878, 7, 26514.6, 70%
Phalcun Squadron, 150, 28017, 7, 17829, 64%
Dagger Squadron, 144, 27392, 5, 17120, 63%
Wildcard Squadron, 100, 20894, 4, 11913.7, 57%
NightWolf Squadron, 46, 7213, 4, 4121.7, 57%
Draco Squadron, 27, 4349, 1, 543.6, 13%


Currently the next mission is not yet done. Once it is ready, it will be released to the fleet. I apologize for the delay, but the ITOD Team is doing there best to complete these missions with as a high a level of quality as possible. Please be patient.


Chris Horn has been promoted to Major by BGN Garrik "Face" Loran
Dev Azzameene has been promoted to Liuetenant Commander by Commander Argon Viper

BGN Xtremegene, for his activity and performance on IBG/R2F Mission 3 is hereby awarded the IBG Golden Wings.
LCM Licah Fox, for his activity and performance on the IBG/R2F Mission 3 is hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings.
MGN Spokes, for his activity and performance on the IBG/R2F Mission 3 is hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings.
Stinger Squadron, for their 70% activity on IBG/R2F Mission 3 is awarded the IBG Golden Chalice.
Dagger Squadron, for their high level of participation based upon scores and reports for the last three months is hereby awarded the IBG Elite Squadron of the Season medal.
LJG Freelancer, for his narrative on the IBG/R2F Mission is is awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal.
2LT Chrys Cortan, for his narrative on the IBG/R2F Mission is awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal.


I would like for everyone to welcome those who have entered the ranks of the IBG in the last month. These people are:

Kyle Tobarn placed into Stinger Squadron.
Ron Emmerson placed into Phalcun Squadron.
Chrys Cortan placed into Phalcun Squadron.
Dev Azzameene placed into Stinger Squadron.
Pluto III placed into Phalcun Squadron.
Rick Janowiec placed into Wildcard Squadron
Mystic Warrior placed into NightWolf Squadron


the Inter-Club Melee is held every Saturday, from 3-6 pm EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will all be supported. Come next week to support the RS! I would normally post the results from the last several Melee's but I have not been recieving this information. Once I can get my hands on the results, I will post them in a future newsletter.


I am currently quite a ways through the inital construction of the IBG Historical Archives. Look for it to go live next month.
I am going to be consulting with the IBG IO as well as any Squadron and Wing level IO's. It's time to get those sites up to date.
CPT Tiar Garnin has taken over the position of Draco Squadron Commanding Officer. Best of luck in your new position.
LCM Castin Jaheran has taken over the position of Chiin'tal Wing Executive Officer. Enjoy your new position.


Well, we've had a good increase in activity over the last month. I'm proud of everyone who has come out, participated and have fun. After all, having fun is what we are all about. We are currently exprimenting with running the IBG Melee all weekend. This has seemed to work well so far, so let's hope it will continue as such. If you have any feedback, feel free to email any of the IBG Fleet Command Staff. We are always looking for feedback and new ideas. I am also looking to start up an IBG Interactive Story which will be open to anyone in the IBG. If you are interested in participating and adding your own bit of fiction to the IBG, contact me at

That is all.


LGN Deltan Saviri
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer
Titan Wing - NightWolf 9


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