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RSCD NL 07-24-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jul 24, 2002
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RSCD Newsletter 07-24-02


Before I get into our news, I'd like to comment on something. I've noticed recently that some people don't seem to know about some things that are announced in this NL each week. That can only mean that those people aren't reading the NL all the way through, which leads me to wonder why. Is there any part of the NL you just don't like having to go through? Anything you'd like to see added? Remember, I don't write this each week for myself, I write it for you guys so you know what's going on in the Fleet. Since it's your NewsLetter, I'd be more than happy to hear any comments or requests you have regarding it. With that said, there has been one change made this week that I wanted everyone to be made aware of. Starting now, you'll be able to find the current Katarns news included here, so that we can have one Fleet NL for everyone. Now then, on with the news.


Tournament Announcement

This announcement is to let everyone know that the Commando Division will be hosting a JK/JO NF Sabers tournament a week from this Friday, on August 2nd. The tournament will be a best 2 out of 3, with a 10-minute time limit per game. The tournament will begin at 2pm EST, and will run as long as people are still playing, at which time an overall winner will be determined based on their total record for the day. The tournament winner will be awarded with the Endor Crescent, one of the highest Fleet awards available. A lot of people have been asking for an event such as this, so I hope to see a lot of you there.



I've been asked by the Operations Office to let everyone know about Battlestats. Battlestats is a service that makes it easier for clubs to participate in large-scale tournaments and events. The RS is currently registered with Battlestats, and any members interested in signing up to the support the RS there are encouraged to do so. The website can be found at


Melee Results -
July 14th through 20th

(JK) Harley Quinn 10 vs Kyle Torban 6
(JK2) Waldy1386 11 vs Zephriot 2

Normally I'd be concerned with only two matches being played, but with the new system being in it's first week I can understand. I am however happy to say that so far, the results for this week are already several times better. As a reminder, you're allowed to play any other RSCD members in either JK or JO at any point during the week and have it count as an official match. All you have to do is send in the match results to and they'll be recorded for that week. Also, Friday's are still our official Melee night, so if you're having problems finding a match at any other time during the week you can always find one then. Remember, our melee medals are once again in use , so the member with the most wins this month will find themselves with a bronze star. In addition, any members who consistently prove themselves will also be eligible for awards, so you all should have plenty of incentive to get out there and play.


Inter-Club Melee Results-

Individual match results can be found at

We were undefeated in JK2 this Saturday..unfortunately I was the only one who played any matches for the RS. We really need to get back on track with our Inter-Club Melee participation. Historically the RS has counted on the Commando Division to bring in the wins when it comes to these events, so this time is no exception. If you have some free time on Saturday, try to drop by #OuterRim and support our club.

New Members-

Let's give a warm welcome to the latest members to join us in the last week.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Bebo (Shadow)

Congratulations and may you have a long and prosperous career in the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division!


House Update-

I'm very happy to say that most work has finally been completed, and that we'll begin the process of transferring people into the Houses next week. For now, I wanted to share with everyone the new ranking system Houses will be using. This system will be replacing our current merit points system, and I feel it will be a much more rewarding experience for everyone involved. This system can be found below:

Jedi Ranks- A unique set of Jedi ranks will be available to those within the Commando Division, to reflect a member's progress and achievements within their respective House, as well as their development in training with weapons and the Force. These ranks are not to supercede those of the Rebel Squadrons, but are intended to be more of a title that can be added to the end of a member's name to display their accomplishments. These ranks will be as follows:

Master- The highest title any member can achieve, Master reflects the greatest levels of wisdom and dedication. Due to these lofty requirements, only one person may hold the rank of Master within each House at any given time. For another to achieve this rank, they must either defeat the current Master in ceremonial combat, or else be named as his successor. At present, Talros Kalran and Lord Dragoth remain the Masters of their respective Houses. Due to the absence of both, no other person may be awarded this title until the time of their return.

Knight- The second highest title available, Knight is a rank intended to be awarded to a member who has continuously proven themselves in combat, and gone above and beyond the call of duty in furthering the success of their House. Knights have completed demanding advanced training in saber combat and the Force, and are considered the elite protectors of their House and it's members.

Adept- The rank of Adept is bestowed upon those who have met the requirements needed to complete their Apprentice training, and have moved on to begin more advanced instruction at the tutelage of Knights. Adepts form the core of a House, as it is they who help new members with the first stages of training. In addition, as Knights are often called away to the far reaches of a House's territories on business, it is Adepts who often find themselves in charge of leading others into battle.

Apprentice- Once an Initiate has completed the most basic levels of training, they will be eligible to attain the rank of Apprentice. While Apprentices maintain enough knowledge to defend themselves, they are still very inexperienced in terms of actual combat, requiring more extensive training before being able to aid in the defense of their House.

Initiate- The lowest title within a House, Initiate is the title first given to a member upon their acceptance into a House. Initiates are new to both saber combat and the use of the Force, needing extensive training before being able to ascend to higher ranks. Given the commitment needed to advance, it's to be expected that the majority of a House's membership is made up of Initiate level members.

Commando Ranks- While differing in their principles, both Kalran and Dragoth understood that not all conflicts could be solved with the use of a lightsaber. Because of this, each House is home to some of the most elite commandos in the galaxy. Expert marksmen with any weapon, these soldiers are every part as lethal as their Jedi brethren. Much like the Jedi, those who choose the Commando's path will have their own set of titles to reflect advancement. The ranks are as follow:

Master at Arms- The highest title that may be bestowed upon a commando, Master at Arms signifies the greatest achievement in armed combat. Requirements for this rank include extensive knowledge in a wide range of weaponry, as well as great skill in their use. A title generally reserved for the most elite in a House, few will ever achieve this rank during their careers.

Paladin - The second highest rank available to those who follow the Commando path, Paladins are known for their heroics on the field of battle. Members attaining this rank have shown great skill in combat throughout their career, and have dedicated themselves to improving in any area possible..

Crusader - Commandos who complete their training and pass the trials of more advanced combat are eligible for the title of Crusader. Crusaders take on many roles, including helping to train the newer commandos of a House learn the arts of war.

Lancer - Once a member has good knowledge of basic combat tactics, they will be ready to move onto the rank of Lancer. Even though they lack some of the advanced skills of higher ranks, Lancers typically make up the largest part of a House commando unit in battle, making them quite a useful asset.

Recruit- Similar to the Jedi rank of Initiate, Recruit is the title first given to a member who joins a House as a commando. Recruits are new to combat, needing extensive training under more knowledgeable members before being able to handle themselves effectively in battle.

Advancing- A higher rank is determined entirely by a member's contributions to his or her House throughout their career. Contributions can be in the form of participation through events, submitting stories or ideas, or anything else that might better a House as a whole. Each contribution will carry with it a different total of merit points, with a certain level of points needed to achieve the next highest rank. It's important to note that there are no automatic promotions within this system. For example, having the required number of merit points for the rank of Adept does not necessarily mean that the rank will be instantly awarded. Once a member has accumulated enough points to attain the next rank, it will be up to his or her House leader to review the member's contributions, and ensure the candidate has indeed earned the right to a new title.

Displaying Ranks- The proper way for a member to display his or her Jedi / Commando rank is to include both the title and House directly after their name. For example:
Kaz Falcion, Adept of Kalran, or Gambit, Paladin of Dragoth would easily identify not only which House a member is in, but the section of the House as well.


Katarns News- (by BGN GadRS)


       I must say that I'm very pleased to see our story about all of our backgrounds going very well. Everybody seems to be pitching in pretty well. There's still a few people we haven't heard from, and I have yet to finish my story, but I'm liking how it's proceeding so far. I hope that from this little fireside chat you guys can kind of get a feel for how to write for other people and how to move a story along, so that when we go into battle with the PBF by our side, we can fight well. Once we wrap up this little story, we should have time for some training exercises or something, AlexG and I will scheme something up.


       It's still missing like 2 of our members, I believe they're Feak and Void Wraith. But everybody else is in the right spots on the RS Roster DataBase. Feak (Krayt 3), and Void Wraith (Krow 10) are simply listed as TBA, since neither of them are in the database. It's still the old problem with the Katarns not having an Academy, so people who join solely the Katarns don't get added to the roster DB, since they took away my ability to add members myself. It also deserves to be mentioned that when I took away the past Katarns from the rosters, the RSCD total membership dropped like 10 or 15 or something, and while the RSCD had surpassed the PBF in total membership for the first time EVER (the PBF has been the RS's largest fleet since its formation like 5 years ago), the RSCD is back in 2nd place total membership.


       There's 1 more week left on the review and I only have 1 report, the one from Chris Earthkeeper. Come on guys, we need some reports in! I don't want to have to shut down the reviews department, but if we're going to have 1 report on each review, then I may have to. All of ya'll responded to the roll call saying that you wanted to stay and write reviews, but now you're not writing. Nick, I haven't seen a report from you since Archangel 1. I really need you to be a leader here. Jedi Cheddar, you've written some fantastic reviews in the past, what happened? Feak, you surprised me and earned some great points for a quick get-up and how you turned in your first review less than a week after you joined the Katarns. But now you're gone. Corran, I know you were inactive for a while, but you have some pretty good reviews on record in the past. Stalker, if you're still having technical difficulties, PLEASE get help from somebody else who can help you! I believe you use Mac, which has some differences from PC DF, and I don't know anything about them. Please go to DF-21 if you need help! Dash Xander, you've been inactive, but you've had good reason, we're still looking forward to your return to greatness! Tom Resnick, I don't believe you've reported yet on any Katarns reviews, we're looking forward to your first. AlexG, I can usually count on you to report, get into gear man! Chris, thanks for the review, it looks pretty good. Luke, uh, you've been inactive for some time now, but you had some good reviews in the past. Where have you been?



I know that's a lot of news for everyone to digest, but I feel that it's important for everyone to stay completely caught up on Fleet happenings. We're still doing well right now, with plenty of new members joining our ranks and a number of new activities starting up. As always remember to play melee matches during the week, and to join in the Inter-Club Melee each Saturday on #OuterRim.

VA Kaz Falcion


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