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ABG NL, 7/27/02

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 27, 2002
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Allegiance Battle Group Mail

Whoo. Okay, this is a big one. Once again, I'm writing the ABG NL. That's because this is a very special ABG NL. Kyle's computer has died. He's taking an indefinate LOA, until it gets fixed, leaving me as Acting CO in his stead. So, yes, this NL is official, and I expect everything in it to be given the same consideration as if it were from Kyle himself. You'll find this NL to be riddled with pasted bits and pieces of the conversation that Kyle and I had tonight where he declared this LOA, etc. Without further ado:

Well, I've covered most of the big stuff so far. I'd like to congratulate Cay-Qel Jade on his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, I believe.
Also, Python is working on adding an admin page to the ABG directory so it's easier for us to keep our library and manual up to date.
Lastly, I've been speaking to Bullseye of the SVSF (::eyeroll::). Anyway. Bullseye seems to be okay with the written competition rules and we're talking about a possible competition date.

Uh...there's several of them. Randy's working on Final Hope, if you haven't heard about it, talk to him and/or check out the RS or ABG BBSs. I'm currently mucking around with the idea of a downloadable manual, and Apoc is playing with templates to fix them for move and initiative.

3--Promotions and Awards (these are the beginnings, Kyle will probably add some when he's back).
First Lieutenant Coal Fett, step forward. By order of the commanding officer of the Department of Game Master Studies, you've been awarded the assistant Game Master patch. =[aGM]= Congratulations.
Better stay up here, Coal. For your activity in boosting the activity of the Renegade's Guild to the highest I've ever seen it (it's true, it was disbanded about a week after I joined the AW), you're hereby promoted to Captain!

Commander Randy Starkiller, your turn. For your plausible innovation with your idea about a Final Hope and your work in getting it off the ground, Kyle and I have decided to put you in for the Golden Eyes due to your 'extreme foresight in the heat of battle'.

Congrats to the both of you.

4--Misc. Crap
Lastly. Some of you may or may not know. Murphy's law is in pretty good swing right now, being that there could not be a worse time for Kyle's computer to go down, because I'll be taking an LOA on Sunday the 28th until Saturday the 3rd. With my subsequent LOA, which Kyle knew about for sometime, we've decided that the fleet can self-govern for the week in which I'm gone.
Chimera2544: yeah
SirMSN2: what, the wing CO's will be in charge, yeah
Chimera2544: yeh
Anyway. The way it'll work is the Wing COs are in charge of their respective wings. During my LOA, the CoC stops at your respective wing CO. Please use it, the Wing COs are in place because they know what to do. Wing COs, use your best judgement, Kyle and I have every faith in you. If you get confused, consult with each other. If something needs to be worked out on a fleet-wide level, the FC, Rahj Tharen has graciously volunteered to keep an eye on the fleet. You may debate his policies amongst yourselves, but he knows an awful lot about what he's talking about and could probably impart some wisdom of some kind or another. That's it from my end, I'll go over the Chain of Command for my abscense again in my LOA letter. You're stuck with me for another day or so.

-Brigadier General Sienn Sconn,
ABG XO, acting CO,
Holder of more medals than many of you,
doer of more deeds,
proprietor of the duct-tape and plywood throne.

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