Rebel Squadrons

HC NF 7/28

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Jul 28, 2002
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":) High Command NewsFlash 7/28/02

============== Community Meeting ===============

Community meetings are scheduled for the second Sunday of every month.
The next meeting will be Sunday, August 11th in #outerrim.

=============== Bylaws Revisions ===============

The Bylaws Committee has presented Section 4: Ranks and promotions to High Command. High Command discussed the changes and has approved this new section. Now work is commencing on Section 5 of the bylaws (Judiciary.)

=============== Restructuring of the Rebel Squadrons Fleet System ==============

The Rebel Squadrons High Command is now currently musing over the subject of the age of certain gaming platforms in the RS and their long term future. Many ideas are being brought forth for discussion, but remain only in the conceptual stages. Stay tuned for future updates.

=============== Member Suggestions =============

None at this time.


Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to HC via any of the following options.

1) Use the "Email HC" feature of the Roster Database:
2) Email your Primary Fleet CO and ask them to forward your comments on.
3) Contact HC members on IRC or an Instant Messaging client like AOL or ICQ (both of which appear in roster profiles if      supplied).
4) The "Community Meetings" on IRC. They are currently being held on the second Sunday of every month from 4-5pm EST (GMT -0500) in #outerrim

Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


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