Rebel Squadrons

Retribution Fleet NL (08/01/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 01, 2002
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-- News

I) In 7.03, you can use any difficulty setting you want. That's right, Easy, Medium, or Hard. However, there are pluses and minuses to this. People who fly on easy get a -5k score deduction in recalculation, and people who fly on hard get a +5k score in recalculation.

II) The Elite Squadron members will be chosen by August 15th, Squadron CO's, don't forget to report in with your selections.

III) Bob Squadron has been disbanded.

IV) Five narratives were written for 7.02, and I'd like to personally thank Captain Tiar Garnin, MGN Bethan Leitbur, Lt. Commander Licah Fox, Major Ryan Coburn, and Commander Dash Xander. You all wrote excellent stories, I know I enjoyed them, I chuckled at quite a few! Everyone else can view them in the ZIP file containing the missions as well. I highly recomend reading all of them, they're quite good. I especially liked Licah's, my stomach is still sore from that one. ":)

As always, these narratives are put up onto the R2F's ITOD site where they can live on, perhaps someday, other young eager pilots may stumble across them that will help them form their own characters.

-- Awards for R2F's Tour 7, Mission 2

Major Ryan Coburn, please step forward. Though your grammar was quite horrid, no offense (lol) but it is the content that counts. The narrative you wrote reminded me that battles don't only take place in the cockpit. But with gunnery crews, technicians, and sometimes innocent lives. It was a very unique perspective during the 7.02 battle, and I think others should read it. Narratives don't always have to be written within the cockpit. So, I hearby award you the Mission Report Medal. {]-R2F-MRM-[}

Lt. Commander Licah Fox, front and center. For getting the highest score in this mission by far, you are awarded the Top Ace Award. {]-|Top-Ace|-[}

Congratulations to these excellent officers!

-- Mission: Tour 7 - "Osiris Sector" Mission 3 "Open Season"

Full Statistics for R2F 7.02 may be located at:

Top Pilot: Lt. Commander Licah Fox - Score: 26,522 w/17 Kills
Top Squadron: Skull Squadron
Top Wing: Sentinel Wing

Due: August 31st, 2002

Note: There will be a "Narrative" Newsletter directly after this one
with the Mission Narrative. The Narrative is also located within the file.
Laser Cap: 400 (Hits! Not Shots!)
Mission Rules:

REPORT TO: (include *.tfr file!)

Description: We're heading to the Harnah system for a quick jump to Zephran in support of Storm Wing and the IBG's Talon Wing. You will be survying the area, and making sure it's clear before the Prometheus hypes in. If there is anything...Destroy at will, this is open season.

-- General Information

I) R2F OpLan

Anyone interested in joining R2F's own Operation Lanvarok contact Captain Sean Wingrider ( R2F OpLan flies current Academy (TUG) missions. With each mission flown, you can earn R2F merit points.

II) Mission Building Academy

The MBA is a section of the Academy devoted to helping people learn the art of making missions for the games we play in the Rebel Squadrons. Anyone interested in learning how to build TIE Fighter missions, or any other game, contact Captain Licah Fox ( or visit the MBA site at:

III) R2F Intel

People with free time that are interested with the Retribution Fleet, and wish to help, may join R2F Intel. Contact Colonel Nichos Katran ( for more information.

IV) Retribution Fleet Website

Visit the Retribution Fleet's website to see Squadron Logo's, the most current killboard and mission, merit standings, you name it!

V) Retribution Fleet ITOD Site

This site contains various material that corresponds with the current Retribution Fleet Tour of Duty. Things included in it are Run-on Archives, past Mission Narrative Briefings, a map of the current Sector we're in for the ITOD, and much more!

VI) Retribution Fleet Shipyard

This site contains the many ships the Retribution Fleet has officially, and unofficially. This site explains the general vicinity they are in, ship statistics, and crew members. This is great for people that love writing narratives in full detail!

Lt. General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO

Hellfire 3
Storm Wing, Retribution Fleet

Former Slayer 5 (XO)
Storm Wing, Retribution Fleet

Elite Squadron, Ewok 6 (1st Genre)
Specials Wing, Retribution Fleet

Retribution Fleet CO
Hich Command, Rebel Squadrons

Former Red-Hand 4
Red-Hand Squadron, TIE Academy

Wildcard 3
Titan Wing, Intrepid Battle Group

Reqium 6
Reqium Squadron, Flight Training School

Dragon 11
Guardian Wing, Renegade Fleet
Guardian Wing CO

Grey 2
Grey Squadron, Rebel Squadrons Academy

View Missions:
View Medals:
View Profile:

-- Quotes

"You don't have to believe. But be prepared to be proved wrong." - Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Concentration, focus, long-term thinking - those are the qualities that separate a warrior from a mere flailing fighter." - Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Examine all obstacles carefully. With a little ingenuity, they can often be turned into levers." - Grand Admiral Thrawn, Specter of the Past

"We all have to do things we don't want to do, Commander. Let us hope we can just make the best of them." - Admiral Ackbar

"I feel as if in realizing how badly I was used, I can see more depth to things." - Kirtan Loor

"Responsibility involves owning up to what you've done wrong and trying to make up for it." - Wedge Antilles


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