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RSCD Announcement

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Basic Announcement, Aug 05, 2002
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This week we have one major announcement I’d like to make, so I’ll get it out of the way. I intended to put the announcement in with the with melee results and end of the month awards, but I know people get sick of reading so I’ll save all of that until tomorrow.

Houses Active-

It’s taken quite awhile, but I’m very happy to say that I’m finally done with the planning and setting up of the House system. There are of course further fine details that need to be addressed, but I feel it best to let the members of each House be included in how these things are taken care of. Speaking of House members, now that they’re officially open….it’s time to let people make a choice on where they wish to go.

I’m asking each member to formally choose either the Commando or Jedi path, and then pick which House: Dragoth or Kalran that they’d like to be a part of. Both choices are important, so I’d like everyone to give some thought to their decision. To help you decide, I’ve included below a very brief recap on what’s involved with each choice. The descriptions for each path are pretty self explanatory, and the differences in each House are mainly in philosophy in the way things are done.

Jedi Path- Following in the footsteps of the ancient Jedi, those who choose this path will train in the Force and take up a lightsaber to defend their House and it’s members. In addition, those in this path will be eligible to progress through the Jedi half of the House ranking system.

Commando Path- Those who choose the Commando Path will learn many aspects of the art of war. Heavily armed with the latest weaponry, these soldiers head onto the field of battle to fight whatever battle is needed. These members will be eligible for the Commando ranks within the House ranking system.

House Dragoth-
Colors- Black, Red

Known for aggressiveness, members of House Dragoth have often been known to border on near brutality in battle. While never clearly proven of any major misdeeds, some have questioned certain Dragoth tactics in the past, and few know for sure what goes on deep within the halls of their ancient fortress. Nevertheless, House Dragoth is home to some of the fiercest and most skilled warriors in the galaxy.

House Kalran-
Colors- Blue, Silver
A striking contrast of their Dragoth brethren, House Kalran employs a strict code of honor handed down by their founder, Talros Kalran.. Believing that only an honorable victory is a true victory, members of Kalran are known for following their code even in the heat of battle.

As you can see, choosing a House will not just be about which colors or name you like best. It’s the intention of this system that all of you will be able to feel better connected with your group within the Fleet. I’ve kept the descriptions short, because I want the history and character of each House to develop from the members themselves. For now, what I need from everyone is a short email reply to this, letting me know whether you wish to become a member of Kalran or Dragoth, and whether you’d like to be known as a Commando or Jedi. It’s as simple as that really, but we need everyone placed within a House before everything else can get underway, so I’d really like if everyone could get back to me with a choice within the next week or so.

VA Kaz Falcion


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