Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL August 10th 2002

By LGN Trate Daxson
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 11, 2002
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Renegade Fleet Mail

Greetings Pilots,

Welcome: This is a conclusive report for the month of July. If there are any problems, questions, or concerns please let me know.


As most of you have already been informed, General Kravis is back from his ELOA and will retain full fleet command at the conclusion of this NL. Welcome back Gav.
Lamin Zykara has begun a LOA until the 25th of August. When he returns he will assume full Command of Dragon Squadron.


For information about becoming a Marshall (academy instructor) please contact Wes Belden or go to:

Please welcome the newest pilot to the Fleet:

Twilight Squadron 8: 2Lt. Thran

General Petr Margul has returned from the depths of the Outer Rim to offer training to pilots in XvT and XWA. His squadron his currently full, but if you would like information about his squadron or possible training, please email him at and tell him I sent you.
But be serious if you do, he will not mess around, so inquire only if you're serious.


I am amazed at reports for this month. The mission was a great success and we saw exactly 50% participation in reports, GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Pilot Standings:
1. LCM Dev Azzameen 38,004 Jedi Squadron
2. LJG Talmer Krablaad 35,628 Red Dragon Squadron
3. BGN Xtremegene 33,805 Ragnorok Squadron
4. CMDR Licah Fox 33,584 Jedi Squadron
5. 1Lt. Koral 33,388 Jedi Squadron
6. MGN Harley Quinn 31,878 Ragnorok Squadron
7. 1Lt. Rekio Corsair 31,009 Twilight Squadron
8. MGN Trate Daxson 29,162 Twilight Squadron
9. Lt. Col. Renan Darillia 28,853 Red Dragon Squadron
10. BGN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle 28,720 Jedi Squadron
11. MGN Wes Belden 28,364 Jedi Squadron
12. LJG Ginger Pollard 25,279 Jedi Squadron
13. Maj. Talon Starblazer 24,522 Resurrection Squadron
14. LCM Kale Petosky 24,288 Twilight Squadron
15. BGN Lamin Zykara 23,371 Twilight Squadron
16. LCM Cay-Qel Jade 23,005 Jedi Squadron
17. 2Lt. thran 22,958 Twilight Squadron
18. 2Lt. Tingar "Tinny" Miletus 22,322 Ragnorok Squadron
19. 1Lt. J'or Boyér 20,985 Jedi Squadron
20. Maj. Chris Earthkeeper 20,819 Ragnorok Squadron
21. LGN Adam Fene 19,440 Dragon Squadron
22. Col. Bon Fel 19,427 Resurrection Squadron
23. CMDR Cris Null 10,200 Twilight Squadron
24. 2Lt. Daryus Zalyn'cya 7,615 Dragon Squadron

Wing Standings:
Defense Operations Wing 295,810
Guardian Wing 168,043
Scorpion Wing 152,773

Squadron Standings:
Jedi Squadron 231,329
Twilight Squadron 140,988
Ragnorok Squadron 108,824
Red Dragon Squadron 64,481
Resurrection Squadron 43,949
Dragon Squadron 27,055


Good reports this month, keep flying and having fun:

772260 LCM Licah Fox (17) [Medal of Skill] [Medal of Duty]
355540 LCM Dev Azzameen (14) [Medal of Security]
290001 BGN Xtremegene (7)
221210 LCM Cay-Qel Jade (7)
169285 MGN Harley Quinn (3)
153105 Col. Topachea Nabbirie (3)
142977 Maj. Talon Starblazer (3)
103860 2Lt. Koral (3)
80809 Maj. Kell Horn (1)
70592 1Lt. Triani Sovak (1)
59130 LGN Adam Fene (1)
43300 MGN Patrick Blastfire
26540 CMDR Cris Null
6810 Maj. Chris Earthkeeper


1452870 Jedi [RFI Top Squad]
617497 Ragnarok
300412 Resurrection
59130 Dragon
26540 Twilight
0 Red Dragon


1452870 DOW [RFI Top Wing]
917909 Scorpion
85670 Guardian

Pilot of the Week:
This was a tough decision, but since he made such a good showing on the ITOD as a Junior Grade I hereby announce Talmer Krablaad as the pilot of the week.


For his his help with the RFI this month, I hereby award Licah Fox with the RgF Medal of Service.

Positions Available:

Red Dragon Squadron XO (if interested please contact Renan Darillia)
DOW Wing XO (If interested please contact Javin "Entropy" Keyle)
Havoc Wing CO (If interested please contact Gavin Kravis)

Phantom Squadron:

If there is anyone else in the fleet that has Balance of Power expansion and would like to fly BoP missions, but can't because Phantom is full, please email me after reading this so that we can ascertain whether we need a new BoP squadron or not.

Exodus Squadron:

Exodus Squadron is currently taking applications. Remember that this is the elite squadron in this fleet, so hone your skills before trials. Be sure to contact BGN Lamin Zykara ( for more information.

This concludes this installment of the RgF NL, if I missed anything, please let me know immediately.


Major General Trate Daxson
Renegade Fleet XO


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