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[Guardian Wing] Newsletter (08/15/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Aug 15, 2002
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[Guardian Wing] Newsletter (08/15/02)

-- Intro

The General grinned at the persons in his wing. Every day they were getting better, showing constant improvement. Every day they were trying their best to be the best they could be, and that alone took a lot of pressure off his own position.

Vender nodded to Rekio "Things are looking up, you know. We'll be the best the RgF has, it's only a matter of time."

Rekio grinned at the seemingly old General. "Yes, Sir. Though, I think we can do better."

"That, I think, we can." Vender continued grinning, looking at his status reports.

-- Contents
1. News
2. Mission Information [Fleet]
3. Inter-club Melee [For those interested in MP]
4. General Information

-- News

I) A new Dragon Commanding Officer has been appointed. Good luck to Licah Fox! I hope you improve things there. ;)

II) This is your reminder that tomorrow (Friday) and every Friday night at 7PM EST there will be another Guardian Flight Night. There is no end to that kind of insanity, so drop by. You don't even have to fly, just stop in and get to know your fellow pilots. Share some stories, chat amongst yourselves. I'd really like for you all to get to know eachother better!

III) There's another Zodiac mission. Yay. Information below in "Mission Information".

IV) RgF 2.05 is not out yet, so sit and wait patiently. However, Zodiac 004 is now available. I don't require that to be done, but try it if you're interested.

V) Promotions:

Grand Admerl Thran was promoted to 2LT earlier this month. Congratulations!
Licah Fox was promoted to Commander. Congratulations.
Rekio Corsair was promoted to Captain. Again, Congratulations! Well deserved.
Trate Daxson was promoted to Lt. General. Congratulations on the promotion!
Adam Fene was promoted to General. Woo, congratulations to me. :)

VI) The Rebel Squadrons has officially entered into, if you want more information on this, please see the following URL:

Anyone willing to participate in the future Weeks of War (WoW) will greatly improve the RS's standing in the gaming world. It will also give you a lot of practice for the Outer Rim Wars, hosted by our own club.

VI) Future plans for Guardian:
a) Continue Guardian Flight Nights
b) Creation of Squadron and Wing mailing lists, so you know who you're flying with, and can talk to them with more ease. (Completed!)
c) Creation of a Command Staff Mailing list for again, easy communication.
d) Creation of a new Guardian ITOD (In the works. An outline is half done.)
e) Creation or update of the Guardian Website. (In the works. Check out

I'll notify you when each one is on its way to completion.

-- Mission Information

[ Fleet Mission (RgF 2.05)]
Due: ?
Report to: Trate Daxson at
Download Location: Not Yet Available

[ Zodiac Mission (Zodiac 004)]
Due: August 31st, 2002
Report to: Trate Daxson at
Download Location:

-- Inter-club Melee

For those of you who were unaware, the Inter-Club Melee is held every Saturday, from 3-6 pm EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will all be supported. Come next week to support the RS!

-- General Information

I) RgF Undergrad (XvT Academy)

Interested in training our future? Passing your skill, and dedication, along to younger pilots of the fleet? Perhaps even looking like a hero? If so, Marshall Squadron is recruiting pilots whenever possible. Contact the RgF CO at

The future is only as good as you make it.

II) Phantom Squadron (Havoc Wing)

Nothin to do? Have the Ballance of Power addon pack to XvT? Interested in flying Imperial ships for once? Phantom Squadron is right up your alley then! Phantom Squadron participates in single player activities in Tours of Duty. If interested contact the Phantom CO at, as well as the RgF XO at Help create another squadron..since this one is full!

Can you see the Phantoms?

III) Exodus Squadron!

JOIN THE ELITE! Think you're the best? Hah! You suck. No? Prove it! Tryouts are held all the time, and they're always looking for members since half of them can't back up their ego and wind up space dust! They're the RgF's best, and if you think you have the skill to match up to them, contact the Exodus Squadron Leader at, as well as the Exodus Squadron XO at

(If neither reply, e-mail The best is..Spacedust..Compared to Exodus.


The hell is this. Oh yeah, MP competition! Medals can be won up the yin-yang. Check out the site at:

-- Sign Off

I hoped you enjoyed the Newsletter, it's to be as entertaining as informative. I'll see you all later, hopefully at the Guardian Wing Flight Night on Friday. I finally get off work for it. :)

General Adam "Vender" Fene
Guardian Wing CO - "Honor, Courage, the Guaridan."


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