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Retribution Fleet Tour NL - 7.03 Narrative Extension (08/15/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 15, 2002
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The R2F Tour 7.03 "Open Season: Push On!" Narrative Extension was written by General Adam "Vender" Fene

-- Narrative

Vender stood standing, suddenly feeling angered by the VSD's mysterious appearance. He would have to talk to Nichos Katran later about keeping tighter security. Vender looked over to the Captain of the Prometheus, Dor Vedik just as Vedik began to speak.

"..Sir, freighters have also just come in-system. They appear to be normal cargo transports." Vedik nodded, as he looked at a sensor screen. "One of the Ewok pilots has already detected foodstuffs and TIE parts on one of the freighters. The other has a positive ID on what could be their escorts." Vedik squinted his eyes in frustration.

"Well? Don't keep me waiting, Vedik." Vender suddenly became more calm, and decided to practice his patience.

Vedik nodded. "One of the freighters is full of TIE Interceptors."

"Very well, change of plans. Ewok is to intercept and destroy those freighters. I can't have those VSD's resuplying themselves, we probably bumped into them by accident. They'll run once they've been destroyed, they're no match for our fire power in their current state." Vender nodded to Vedik, who nodded back.

Vedik began relaying orders, confident in the General's decision as he proved time and again. Vedik grinned. "It's open season, boys."

Sreens lit up as TIE Interceptors, and TIE Avengers began launching out of freighters and the two VSD's. Rather, what was left of them. One by one, the images that represented Imperial starfighters began to wink out. Vender grinned. "Who wants to celebrate?"

Vedik shook his head. "You're far too confident, General, take that how you want to."

Vender shook his head. "You're such a party pooper, Vedik."

Vedik stuck his tongue out.

General Adam "Vender" Fene

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Storm Wing, Retribution Fleet

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Storm Wing, Retribution Fleet

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-- Quotes

"You don't have to believe. But be prepared to be proved wrong." - Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Concentration, focus, long-term thinking - those are the qualities that separate a warrior from a mere flailing fighter." - Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Examine all obstacles carefully. With a little ingenuity, they can often be turned into levers." - Grand Admiral Thrawn, Specter of the Past

"We all have to do things we don't want to do, Commander. Let us hope we can just make the best of them." - Admiral Ackbar

"I feel as if in realizing how badly I was used, I can see more depth to things." - Kirtan Loor

"Responsibility involves owning up to what you've done wrong and trying to make up for it." - Wedge Antilles


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