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XvT WoW L Results

By BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Aug 27, 2002
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Greeting Members ":)

In the RS' first ever XvT WoW, we finished 18th out of 37 clubs. That's pretty decent, and hopefully with our club's new found experience under our belts, we can improve upon our finish in the future.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with our performance. It was solid. I was however, hoping that more people would have participated, but it is an odd time of year with school starting up again and everything.

Without further ado, here are the results...


Club Ranking: 46.400 (18th Place Overall)

# of Players: 10
Overall Points: 5,107,032 (9th Place)
# of games: 143
Games W/L: 76-90
Game W/L Ratio: 0.84
Player W/L: 231-253
P W/L Ratio: 0.91
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.93

Event Totals
Total Games: 1,780
Clubs: 37
Players: 424

Those are the final results.

There was also an individual performance that helped to spearhead our fight. Without this pilot's effort, the RS would have finished near the bottom. LCL Han "Nate" Suul was the only RS pilot to finish in the Top 50. Keep in mind that 424 players played in this event.

Nate finished in 35th place overall, with a rating of 76.04, the highest rating acheived by any RSer in any WoW to date. He also played 71 matches, which is unbelievable. In those 71 matches, Nate was 43-22. That is an awesome record. He had a 2.09 games W/L ratio, a 2.30 player W/L ratio, and a K/D ratio of 1.23. Nate led the RS in each of these catergories. Excellent job, Nate, and keep up the good work!


The top 5 ranked clubs for this event were:

1) BOSS (94.400)
2) S (80.000)
3) ASF (76.000)
4) EFGA (68.800)
5) PED (67.200)

The top 5 ranked players were:

1) BOSS_Keeper (98.50)
2) S_DarkGokou (93.32)
3) ASF_DevastatioN (93.20)
4) BOSS_Cobra (91.36)
5) BOSS_LordAlan (90.67)


Now on to everyone's favorite part...

For extreme activity in the XvT WoW L, the following people are hereby nominated for the Valiance Combat Citation:

LCL Han Suul
COL Topachea Nabbirie
MGN Spokes
CPT Linden "Lone Wolf" Rathan
GEN Gavin Cantorph Kravis

For never giving up and showing great durability to keep on fighting, despite the odds against them, the following people are hereby nominated for the Violet Cluster:

MGN Spokes
CPT Linden "Lone Wolf" Rathan

For considerable accomplishment in battle, the following person is hereby nominated for the RS Combat Medal:

COL Topachea Nabbirie

For finishing with the highest player ranking in the RS, showing uber activity, displaying great skill, and for kicking ass in the name of the Rebel Squadrons, LCL Han Suul is hereby nominated for the New Republic Medal of Honor, the highest combat medal in the Rebel Squadrons.

For all participants, RS merit point will be awarded. This includes 10 different people. As usual, it will be one point awarded for playing a match, and one point for winning.

Congratulations to you all on a job well done!


We did pretty well for our first XvT WoW, but we can always do better. One of the RS' greatest strengths in these events is our activity. We always seem to have a high number of participants in competitions, and that will always go a long way in helping us finish stronger. Keep flying and practicing for the next WoW, its just around the corner. Practice as much as you can, its the only way to get better.

So, until next time, lock and load and get out and practice!

LCL Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer


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