Rebel Squadrons

ABG NL 8-29-02

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Aug 29, 2002
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Allegiance Battle Group Mail

Greetings pilots, commandos, Jedi, and vagrants-it's the email you all love oh so very much, the NIL! Read it, know it, live it!

I: Fleet News

We've dropped down to a mere forty-eight members, which is too low for my liking. I am henceforth tracking all recruiting efforts all of you are making. Basically, whenever someone signs up if they put "recruited by:" I take down the name, and add to it each time a certain name comes up. Make sure if you recruit someone ask them to give you the credit. I have a lot of gifts waiting for those who do some good recruiting.

Merits may be dropped, they're so out of date and hard to keep up with it's not even funny. Instead, I'll be looking into other methods for rewarding our active simmers, including new medals. Ah, more stuff! Refer to future NHS and announcements for more on this.

Department of Game Master Studies is now...kinda open. To explain, I hope to have a nice website with the courses and instructions for all GMs to be, but this project has been a pain in the neck since day one, and the loss of everything I was working on a little while ago didn't help much. However, there are too many people who have expressed a desire to take this course, as well as people who need it for there CO or OX positions, for me to hold off any longer. Therefore, for the time being-the course can be taken in the form of classes. Every week I will hold a class, lasting roughly one hour. Each class will focus on a specific task of GM studies, and will go in a preset order. If you're interested all you have to do is show up, learn, and do the homework assignment. Yes, each class will end with a homework assignment. Boy do I feel old now... If you miss a class you can ask for the log of the session and attempt the assignment. I strongly suggest that if you are!
serious about being a GM you make the time to get to these classes. You'll need to be able to ask questions. Of course, you can talk to the other people who did attend, pass notes and that sort. After the entire course is finished, I'll start another round going back to the first class. So if you get stuck in the middle, you can either try to get caught up, or just wait.

GM Class will be held Saturday at 5:00 PM ET in channel #DoGMS

II: Wing News

Jackal Wing:

Major Borsk Kun was assigned to Jackal, CO early this month along with other command changes. Rejoining the fleet and taking up the position of Scarlet, CO is Major Toran Celd. It's good to see his shiny, um, channel nick back in #Allegience, as he brings a great deal of energy back into Scarlet.

Sentinel Sims: Wednesday 5:30 PM EST
Scarlet Sims: TBA

Renegade Wing:

The newest wing to our fleet, Renegade Wing was, obviously, born from Renegade Squadron. It is tremendous the job Capt. Eric Wunderlin, Capt. Coal M. Fett, and CMDR Sulti Ares-Braynok have done in breathing life into this once disbanded idea. Renegade now boasts three squads, Mugari Criminal Syndicate (Pirates and stuff), Griffon (Smugglers I believe), and Vigilante (Mercenaries and those lovable bounty hunters). Activity is beaming, and the future looks bright.

Currently the campaign from Renegade's squadron days is being held at 5:30 EST Fridays, squadron specific Sims are coming soon.

Jedi Praxeum Wing:

Failed to report.

Scourge Wing:

Failed to Report.

III: Promotions and Awards

Ah the good stuff. The part you probably all skipped to see. Ah, no sense blabbering, let's get to it.

Congratulations EVERYONE! Here's your paychecks...well it's a reward to some.

Captain Eric Wunderlin, please step forward. First, it's a crying shame when a graduation medal is left un-awarded. For completing the requirements for Master Cadet with Honors, I am happy to award to the Allegiance Battlegroup Academy's highest award.

Don't go anywhere Eric, for your amazing work with Renegade, turning a once shut down squadron into an active wing, it is my pleasure to bestow upon you the Unit Commander's Commendation. Congratulations.

Major Davin Ingram Kabak, you have proven to be one of the few who can stand out, and not just play a role in a story, but create and cater the story. You are no longer just a gamer, now you are a Game Master!

Congratulations to Eric and Davin. If you'd like to see your name on this list, don't ask for it-impress me! Until next month, ta-ta!

General Kyle Tobarn
Allegiance Battlegroup CO


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