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By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Wing NL, Sep 03, 2002
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Greetings all, and welcome to another STC newsletter.

Ladder Results.
The first 3 month ladder cycle has finished. The results for last month are:
X bt Jester
X bt Jester and Eric
kyle bt eric
X bt Eric
Jester bt Eric
Ben bt Kyle
X bt Kyle, ben, Dave, Eric
Jester bt Chrys.

In addition, the follow participants in the August WoW on the zone received
extra ladder points equal to the skill points they earned during the WoW
Ben - 6
Kyle - 3
X - 16
Jester - 21

The final results for the GB ladder cycle are as follows:

Jester: 73 points
Xtremegene: 72 points
Kyle: 54 points

The winner (me) will be recieving the STC Medal of Honour.

The next ladder cycle starts now and runs till the end of November.

Bens GB ITOD is still under construction. If any members have made GB missions
they feel would make a good ITOD mission, let me know.

Yes, rejoice all you GB players, there is a new GB tournament coming up. It will
be a Deathmatch tournament, run in a round robin style. This means all players
will play every other player once before finalists are decided. The game
settings are as follows:

Game Type: Death Match
Map Type: Random
Population: 200
Tech-Level: post-Tech 4
Game Speed: Fast
Victory Conditions: Conquest
Map Reveal: Visible.

All those interested, please contact me and let me know by the 15th of

As a final note, I know there is nothing in this Newsletter for FoCom or
Rebellion players, but this is because you lot don't do anything. There are
FoCom and Rebellion ladders available for you, all you have to do is play the

Now get out there and have some fun.

MGN Harley "Jester" Quinn


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