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RSCD NL 09-12-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Sep 12, 2002
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RSCD NL 09-12-02

Welcome everyone, to the first part of this week's NL. I'd like to first remind everyone that there's still time to get some melee matches in before this week's deadline. I'll hold off the second part of the NL till late Saturday to give everyone more opportunity to play. For this first part, we'll be discussing a Command Staff opening, and more on the AWOL check that's of quite a bit of importance, so I'd urge everyone to read closely


Fleet-Wide AWOL Check

For those not aware, the first phase of the AWOL check has been completed. All members who did not play a match within the last week, and didn't give me a reason as to why they can't play right now have been marked AWOL on the RSCD roster ( All AWOL members will have exactly one more week to play, as all AWOLs will be removed from the roster entirely on the 19th. I always hate losing people, but the simple fact is if you can't respond to one email in three weeks, we don't need you here. I'd like to thank those who took the time to reply, and I'll be using your feedback to try and give you opportunities to participate with your limited schedules.


Command Staff Openings-

As of now, I'd like to announce that there are currently openings for the position of House Leader in both Kalran and Dragoth. I'll list the duties normally involved with the job, and notes on the kind of skills needed to succeed. Anyone interested is welcome to apply, just drop me an email ( with the position you're applying for as the subject.

Posistion: House Leader- Kalran / Dragoth

Duties: Overseeing daily House activities, maintaining communication within a House through timely AWOL checks, posting House NLs when necessary, reporting to RSCD CO with monthly status reports.

Notes: The equivalent of a Wing CO, House Leaders are to be considered the most important officers within the RSCD under the Fleet CO and XO. As such, anyone applying should be sure they have the kind of dedication such a position requires. Good communication with House staff is a must, and as such House Leaders will need to have enough free time to write at minimum of two NLs a month. Since chemistry with others plays a big part in being successful, the new House Leaders will be able to assemble their own staff of COs and XOs within reason. As far as other skills, being proficient in designing and maintaining a House website would be preferred, but is in no way necessary.

I'd also like to say that while it may seem like a lot of work, it's been my intention since coming up with the House System to make the job of House Leader be a totally unique and fun experience within the RS. For anyone who's ever wanted to really make a name for themselves in the RS, this is a chance to do so.


Melee / InterClub Melee Reminder-

Melee matches can be played against another member at any time night or day in JK/JO between Monday-Saturday of each week. Once completed, send a result of the match to so that it can be recorded.

The InterClub Melee is still taking place each Saturday from 2-7pm EST in #OuterRim on the Undernet. This is a great chance to get into competition with members of other clubs, and it's a great way to practice before the next incarnation of the ORW comes along.

Merit points will be recorded for each match played, and medals are awarded at the end of each month for the most active members, so there's plenty of incentive to get out and play. Lately, we've had a problem with participation at both events, but as everyone should be settled into school by now we can hopefully get things back on track.



Play matches, respond to the AWOL check if you haven't, win fabulous prizes! Well....mabye just tickets to the illegal street races HC holds, but still. Part 2 of the NL will be out Saturday, so if you get a chance to play before then please do so.

VA Kaz Falcion


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