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Sentinel Wing NL - September 18, 2002

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Wing NL, Sep 18, 2002
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Sentinel Wing NL - September 18, 2002

R2F 704
R2F 704 is now out and can be downloaded at
There is a laser cap, I do not know what it is

Mission Reports and Pilot files are due to by 11:59 pm EST September 30, 2002.

Sentinel Tour of Duty 7 - "Imperials, Pirates and traitors oh my"
Menshk Vrei'Sik/59/45103/Skull/2
Licah Fox/44/43059/Skull/2
Matt Brown/29/26519/Skull/1
Tech Krill/9/12281/Hydra
Sean Wingrider/7/10170/Hydra/1
Rode Mitchel/5/9849/Shadow
Ste T/0/0/Hydra


---702 - "Diploamtic Escort"---
Menshk Vrei'Sik/29/17554/Skull
Licah Fox/12/12801/Skull
Tech Krill/9/12281/Hydra
Rode Mitchel/5/9849/Shadow
Ste T/0/0/Hydra


---703 - "Outpost of Despair"---
Mission Reports, Pilot Files and Narratives are due to no later then 11:59pm EST Friday September 27

You can download the mission from the ITOD files section of the RS Roster Database


Argon walked into the office and was amazed how much paperwork was sitting on the desk. He couldn't even see Corran's head behind the stacks datapads sitting on the desk. "Sir?" Argon said more as a question then as a statement to grab the General's attention to see if he was the office. All of a sudden the stacks of datapads flew off the desk making Argon jump back a few steps. All he saw was Corran giving the fallen datapads dirty looks and growling evilly at them. Corran looks up at his XO "You know, I hate going over all of these reports. I got maintenance reports, security reports, intel reports and probably reports on the god darned bathrooms if I looked hard enough. And of course they all get here on the same day for me to go through. But enough about this stupid idiocy, what did you want to talk to me about?"
"Well sir, I hate to do this to you, but I just finished debriefing Skull squadron on their escort duty of that Nannian supply convoy and wanted to hand you the report." Corran rolled his eyes and then stood up and leaned over on his desk and giggled a little bit then stood straight up. He started to walk around the desk and towards Argon. The sounds from his comlink stopped just short of reaching argon. Corran reached into his pocket and flipped on the link. "Yes Embassador?"
"I was just in contact with my government and was wondering if I could speak to you and Commander Viper in my quarters."
"We're on our way Embassador."
As Corran flipped off his comlink he looked up at Argon"You were saved by the bell, cause I was just gonna pass three quarters of these datapads over to you to go through" Argon wiped the brow of his head and gave a slight sigh of relief. "Sir, if you ever want to give me some of the paperwork, please just shoot me first, it'll be so much easier for me" The two Officers laughed at the comment as they walked out the door.
Just as they got to the Embassador's quarters the door opened and the Nannian embassador welcomed them in and offered a drink to each. After the pleasantries Corran got straight down to business. "So embassador, what did you to see us about. Did your people find out anything on the imperial ships or a main hideaway for the pirates?"
"Maybe yes, maybe no. But before you ask your next question let em explain. A few months ago we opened up a new outpost in the Shainakka system. No problems up until last week. A supply Ship that was heading out there never made it back home. We sent in a military convoy to search for the Ship, or at least it's wreckage. The military convoy reported that it was heading over to the outpost and was not heard of again. Then one of our intelligence operatives did some research and found a possible connection between the outpost's chief of security and the pirates. Unfortunately we have not been able to contact the outpost for 2 days now. We believe that the pirates have taken control of the outpost within the past few days. If they did, that means they have a great deal of ships cause we had several squadrons there to defend the base plus a mine field. We would theorize that these imperials you are looking for probably either helped the pirates capture the base, or took over themselves."

Command Changes
Colonel Vykk Tharen has been given command of Shadow Squadron

New Members
Please welcome to Sentinel Wing

No New Members

Retiring Members

Tech Krill has been promoted to Lieutenant COmmander

Recommendations for Promotions
Because the Primary Fleet of the below member's is not the Retribution Fleet I can not promote them. But I have/will be sending out a letter to the members CO's of their Primary Fleet recommending them for a promotion

Medals (and nominations)
Congrats to all and you can help those who were promoted or awarded a medal cause you get to pay for the bar bill

Things you may want to know about
R2F Intelligence (not an oxy moronic statement) is a group of R2F members who take new and innovative ideas and put them together to make them work thus improving the Fleet. If you are interested in joining please contact Colonel Nichos Katarn at

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General Reminders(Please look, even if you know all of this already)
-Squadron Leaders and Executive Officers, Please make sure all members of your squadron have received this

-Sentinel Wing Website is located at

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Lieutenant General Corran Horn Jr.
Sentinel Wing Commanding Officer
Retribution Fleet Second Officer


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