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Sentinel Wing NL 10/02/02 - Corran's Last Sentinel Wing NL

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Wing NL, Oct 02, 2002
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Sentinel Wing NL - October 2, 2002 - Corran's last NL

R2F 705
R2F 705 is now out and can be downloaded at

Mission Reports and Pilot files are due to by 11:59 pm EST October 31, 2002.

Sentinel Tour of Duty 7 - "Imperials, Pirates and traitors oh my"
Licah Fox/83/52247/Skull/3
Menshk Vrei'Sik/59/45103/Skull/2
Matt Brown/29/26519/Skull/1
Tech Krill/9/12281/Hydra
Sean Wingrider/7/10170/Hydra/1
Rode Mitchel/5/9849/Shadow/1
Ste T/0/0/Hydra/1
Corran Horn Jr./0/0/Hydra/3


---703 - "Outpost of Despair"---
Licah Fox/39/9188/Skull
Trev Firstorm/0/0/Hydra


---704 - "Operation Seiz Part 1"---
Mission Reports, Pilot Files and Narratives are due to no later then 11:59pm EST Friday October 11, 2002

You can download the mission from the ITOD files section of the RS Roster Database


The room was filled with department heads from all the ships, and all of the squadron leaders in the Sentinel Task Force. They were all reading over the intelligence raped from the computer core of the Outpost in the Shainaka System. Each of them trying to come up with a plan of action on how to keep their areas of their ships safe and still eliminate the pirate threat and get the information on the Imperials that are needed. Argon looked around the room and was wondering what could Corran possibly be talking about with General Fene.
Corran looked at the images of General Fene and Admiral Tharen like they each had three heads. "General Horn, you like you saw a ghost"
"Sorry sirs, but this is still very interesting and unusual."
"Corran, it's a big step in your career, and a big step in my happiness."
"I understand that General, but it is still unusual. You going back to flying, and me leaving the Liberator. It's been my home since I graduated the academy. I was never able to think about life anywhere else but here."
"General Horn, I felt the same way when I had to leave Night Spire, and I am sure General Fene felt the same way when he left the Emancipator. But my time is short as is your I would presume, so we need an answer. Will you accept?"
"Yes, I will"
Corran watched the images fade away. "Well, there's something I definitely did not expect." Corran said in a low whisper. He pulled out his comlink and flipped it on.
"Captain Brown, please report to my office"
Captain brown waited outside the office for Corran to arrive. He couldn't figure out why Corran wanted to see him, and at all times, now. They had to plan and execute a semi major assault, and quickly. He could not figure it out. When Corran finally arrived the two of them stepped into the office.
"Matt, go sit in my chair for a second."
Matt looked a little confused, but did as his commanding Officer said
" How do you like it?
"It's more comfortable then the chair in my office."
"If you want, you can have it, as well as the office itself."

...A little while later...

Everyone stood as Corran walked into the room and did not sit till he sat. He clicked a button and a screen came up showing a map of 3 systems. They were the one they were currently in, New Trask, the site of a new base for the R2F, and the other two marked as hostile territories, Telmassa and Lucina systems.
"Ok gentlemen, I'm sure you have been trying to come up with plans of oyur own on how to tackle these pirates. Based on the intelligence we have gained from retaking the Shainaka Outpost the pirates have 2 Capital ships and one medium sized Cruiser, a Frigate, a Modified Frigate and a modified Corvette. They sit in the Telmasa system running the show, and never actually seeing battle themselves. They must be eliminated. Here's How were going to do it. The liberator will start eh assault with Skull Squadron in he Telmasa System. It's objectives will be to take out one of Frigates and disable the other two ships. Now they will probably try to run. The Liberator will be coming in through the Aquis Sector, so they won't try to run past us knowing it means there destruction, and the Eben tu Naan System will be patrolling there system with a fine tooth comb. That leaves them heading for the Lucina System.The Chains and Hammer of Justice will wait there with Hydra and Shadow Squadron to disable any ships that get there and capture them. We leave in two hours. Any questions?"
Captain Renard B. Caedo of the Hammer raised his hand."Sir, We've sitting here for an hour. If this was the extent of the briefing you could've just told us when we got here. We would already have been on our way."
"When you all got here I was in conference with General Fene and Admiral Tharen. Because of this I will not be leading the battle, or any more battles as the Sentinel Wing CO. Taking my place will be Captain, excuse me Major Matt Brown."
You could here a pin drop. The jaws of all the officers in the room dropped wide open. Then Argon spoke up.
"Where are you going Corran?"
"Both General Fene and Major General Leitbur have been transferred. Because of that I have been transferred to the Prometheus to take command of the fleet. And on that note, if there aren't any questions on the operation you are dismissed to go prepare for it."
Corran looked around the room real quick then got up and walked out. He wondered what he should do now. The wing protocol droid should have finished packing his belonging by now, Maintenance should have prepped Shooter, his Sleek Black X-Wing, for flight and Waldo his Astromech, should be ensuring his belongings are on the way down to be attached to the fighter for transport. He started strolling around the ship. Having flashes of memory from when he was a new pilot in Hydra even tot eh most recent. The good memories of his friends, wing mates, and the bad of those that had perished in battles. He strolled by the pilots lounge. No-one was in there but the bartender who went by the Jackel. He was a former republic pilot who retired when Coruscant was taken who came out here with he original members of the RS Fleet.
"So Corran, I here after all these years your finally leaving us"
"A couple of years ago I would have had other 10 to twenty minutes before you heard word."
"Hah, I think I should have gone into intelligence instead of becoming a fighter pilot."
"Maybe so, maybe so."
Jackel pulled out a large glass. "One last usual for the road"
"Yeah, I think a Quad-Flameout would do good right around now."
"You know I'm proud of you Corran, just like those who came before you, Defcon, Jim, Ryan and Dev just to name a few. You did good for yourself. I remember your first time in here. Kept drinking, and drinking. Defcon came in and accidentally bumped into you ad not realizing it was him cursed him out."
"I remember that too. Had to clean all the 'public' bathrooms on this ship for 3 months after that."
The two of them reminisced about some of the old times, and made fun of all the guys around now for a few more minutes. Then Corran left. "One more place to check go before I leave" Corran entered the bridge. He looked around and wondered where Captain Zorbrek was, but that didn't matter too much now. He was probably overseeing part of the operation. Corran Walked over and sat in the Commanders Chair. He gently rubbed the armrest. Having another flashback. He wanted this seat ever since the first time he was on this bridge as the Hydra XO. He can't believe he was willing leaving it. It's been his life.
"Umm, General"
Corran Looked up and responded to the lieutenant.
"On behalf of the bridge staff I would like just like to say it has been an honor serving directly under you. You will be missed"
"Even all the bad jokes"
The young lieutenant giggled "Yes even the bad jokes."
"Well, in hat case, I'll the bridge to you, well until Captain Zorbrek gets back up here and get ready to leave"
Corran got up and watched the Lieutenant sit down in the chair."Lieutenant,do you want that seat?"
"Better not answer that Lieutenant, cause the last time he asked that I became a wing CO"
Both Corran and Matt laughed
"Let me tell you lieutenant, if you want it, and ever get it, don't let it go. Don't let them promote you, or transfer you. Hold on to it, as long as you can. This ship has been good to me. The Liberator is the greatest ship not only in the RS, but in the Republic. Even if 98% of the republic doesn't know it exists."
"General, it's time to go."
When Corran and Matt got to the hangar a most memorable thing as there. All the pilots of Sentinel Wing, Captain Zorbrek and some of the others were all lined up in formation. Corran walked down the line. Shaking hands, and even hugging his comrades. It brought a tear to his eye. He walked up to his fighter and double checked to see everything was attached properly. He turned around and gave a quick salute to the people in the room and hopped into the cockpit.

Command Changes
Lieutenenat General Corran Horn Jr. has stepped down as Sentinel Wing CO. the NEW Sentinel Wing CO will be Major Matt Brown

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Lieutenant General Corran Horn Jr.
(Retired)Sentinel Wing Commanding Officer (Retired)
Retribution Fleet Commanding Officer


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