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RSCD NL 10-08-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Oct 08, 2002
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RSCD NL 10-08-02

Welcome to everyone's favorite source of Commando News, and the first edition for the month of October. All things considered, this should turn out to be a fairly interesting month for the Fleet. There's a lot of current and upcoming events I'd like to remind everyone of this week, so here they are in no particular order.



I'm excited to say that the RSCD will very shortly be having something it's never had before, an Interactive Tour of Duty. This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile since JO came out, and I'm very happy that it's now possible. The ITOD will of course involve JO gaming, but the main focus will be different than what we normally do in competitions. The RSCD ITOD will be similar to those in other fleets, with emphasis placed on fiction writing as well as gaming. In addition, there will be a single player element included in the event, to allow those who lack the internet connection to play against others. I'll have a website up later on in the week with a full list of details, but rest assured this'll be a completly unique experience.


Inter-Club Melee

For those who may not have yet heard, the Inter-Club Melee is now officially over. To replace the ICM, we'll soon be competing in a new version of the Outer Rim War, which has a few changes that should make the competition a bit more interesting. For more details on ORW2, please visit the official site at If you didn't get to enjoy the fun of kicking EHers around during the first ORW, I'd encourage you to get the practice rounds in now so you'll be ready to play.

In addition, I'll be recognizing those members who really stood out in the ICM with a special awards section later on in the NL. Overall the RSCD did extremely well for itself throughout the ICM, and I'd like to thank everyone who came out during the course of the event to participate.


RSCD Melee-

As always, melee matches can be played against another member at any time night or day in JK/JO between Monday-Saturday of each week. Once completed, send a result of the match to so that it can be recorded by our ever vigilant XO :) I realize some may be tiring of this format, but that's what the next paragraph is for.


Jedi Outcast Week of War-

Currently running until this Friday (Oct. 11th), the JO WoW is a large ladder based competition which the RS is involved with. To be able to participate, you'll need to first visit and make sure that you've created an account, and then join the Rebel Squadrons group. A full list of rules for the event can be found here: but if you have any questions I'll do my best to help get them answered. So far we haven't gotten many RSers playing in the JO WoW, but I'd like to see us make an effort over the course of the next five days.



2Lt. Creelo Ne'Raki, for the dedication you've shown in stepping up to the XO posistion, and for the way you've handled your duties since then, you are hereby promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Congratulations Creelo.



With the completion of the Inter-Club Melee, it's time we take a moment to recognize the following RSCD members who had high activity or showed great skill during the competition.

Second Lieutenant Zephirot Teewak- 2-2-0 - Zephirot only had a handful of encounters during the ICM, but even so he did his part to help our standings, and such has been awarded 2 merit points, and an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon.

Commander John Leelsabs- 0-2-0 - While his appearance was brief, the Talon CO nevertheless helped the RS in it's quest to continue it's dominance in Inter Club competition. For his participation, John is hereby awarded 5 merit points and an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon.

Lieutenant Commander Arill Wiltker 1-5-0 - Arill saw a lot of tough competition during his ICM run, but despite the odds he never gave up, always managing to keep his matches close and even pulling off a win in his last appearance. For his participation, Arill is hereby awarded 10 merit points and an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon.

Lieutenant Creelo Ne'Raki- 0-3-4 - Our very own XO did his part in the ICM, even though he was fairly new to the RS. Despite his newness Creelo did well for himself, and his skills should only improve with time. Lieutenant Ne'Raki is hereby awarded 5 merit points and an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon for his participation.

Major General Patrick Blastfire- 4-1-0 - A participant on both the ground and in space, Blaster did very well for himself during the ICM, and for his contributions Blaster is hereby awarded 10 merit points as well as an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon.

Admiral Rahj Tharen- 4-0-0 - Even our FC saw limited action during the ICM, going unbeaten during the weekends he played. For this, Rahj is hereby awarded with 10 merit points, and the RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon.

Lieutenant Colonel Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon- 10-0-0 - Though unable to participate for most of the ICM due to his computer, Dragon made up for it through the last few weeks putting up a perfect record. For this, Dragon's been awarded 15 merit points, an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon, and the RSCD Endor Crescent.

Lieutenant Colonel Han Suul- 13-0-0 - Even though his matches were all fought in space, Nate's been an RSCD member at various times including the present. For his impressive 13-0 record, Nate's hereby awarded 15 merit points, an RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon, and the RSCD Endor Crescent.

General Boid "Gambit" Reaves- 32-0-0 - Even though he's no longer with us, Gambit's streak of 32 wins was impressive to say the least, and bears mentioning. To commemorate this and the other acheivements Gambit accomplished during his career, he's hereby awarded the RSCD Honorary Membership Award.

Congratulations to all of those who were awarded, and thank you for your participation during the Inter-Club Melee!


As I said at the start, there's plenty of events for everyone to participate in at the moment, as well as the ITOD coming up so there should be something for everyone. With everything going on, I really hope to see our activity levels increase over the course of the next month. It should be a fun time for everyone, so stay tuned.

VA Kaz Falcion


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