Rebel Squadrons

Control of Character Sheet Database

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Basic Announcement, Oct 13, 2002
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Due to a need to increase communication between the various leaders and myself, as well as to ensure that all activity is monitered the abilites section of the CS DB may now only be edited by myself, Col. Kirvan Vax, and Shik (necessary for testing). All wing and squad leaders will be required to send me an email. The body of the email must include all items, CP, FP, DSP, and LSP obtained by each attending character. Also, a log of the sim must be atached. Failure to provide both will result in no updates to anyone's character sheet who attended. Any discrepencies found will be judged by myself and Poc, anything cleared will be updated. From the time that the email is sent to the time everything is updated should take no more than two days. Kirvan is to be CCed and in the event that I am not available or have not added or rejected material within 48 hours he will do so.

This shouldn't take more than five minutes out of your days. However, leaders who fail to turn in these emails will not only be dissapointing those who they are in charge of, but may be subject to replacement for neglective leadership.

General Kyle Tobarn
Allegiance Battlegroup CO


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