Rebel Squadrons

ORW II Starting!

By BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Oct 22, 2002
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Greetings ":

It is my pleasure to announce that after months of production, the Outer Rim War II will be commencing this Saturday from 2-10 pm EST.

As of now, the following clubs have accepted their invitations:

The Star Vipers
The Vast Empire
The Imperial Order
The New Republic 5th Fleet
The United Confederation of Free Planets
The Rebel Squadrons

The Galactic Empire

The Emperor’s Hammer

There is a working website (, channel (#OuterRim on the Undernet), and bot (courtesy of ADM Shikkie Kaaran, RS XO) to administer the competition. There are a few elements of the website that have yet to be completed, but it will all be finished in the near future.

Before the competition starts, everyone needs to know these things:

1) Rules =
2) Player Signups =
3) Storyline =
4) Every Saturday in channel #OuterRim of the Undernet, 2 PM to 11 PM EST.

The Rules and the Player Signups are probably the most important items every participant should be fully briefed in. Every player will need an ORWII account and PIN # for the bot, like last time. However, if you have already participated in the Inter-Club Melee, then you will have the SAME pin number and password for this event. You will NOT need to signup again for an ORW II account.

That's about it. Be sure to show up to the first battle for the Elornia system. It is imparative that ALL Rebel Squadrons members with MP games attend this event to support the RS. This one is the BIG event!

Until then, lock and load, and good hunting.

LCL Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
RS Operations Officer


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