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[RF] New Div: Xaver Guard

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Basic Announcement, Oct 28, 2002
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It's that time again! Redemption Fleet has given birth to a new division, which is to be known as the Xaver Guard. Xaver is much too complicated to be fully explained in this email, so I'm afraid I will only be able to give you all a cursory description of what exactly this unit is all about.

To quote the unit's CO, General Adam "Vender" Fene:
"The entire purpose [of Xaver] is to train better officers both in skill and HIER. The Xaver Guard takes more of a strict militaristic approach. It's meant to encourage a lot of activity, development of new skills or ideas. It's also a place the above average pilot may find some challenge to, not just for flying, but for building missions as well."

Xaver will emphasize high levels of activity, more official in character interaction between members, and will develop skills and leadership ability in its members.

It is most important for you to read the exact information on the Xaver Guard webpage if you are interested. Please see the webpage here:

For further information or to join, contact Vender:

Xaver looks like it will soon be the cream of the crop, so I urge you to consider joining today!



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