Rebel Squadrons

ABG NL Oct 29, 2002

By COL Kelron Jevix
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Oct 29, 2002
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Its that time of month everyone - NL Time. This one is for the Month of October so lets get started.


CSDB - Many of you have seen the changes first hand that have been done to the CSDB, and as our LOA-CO has stated, its been done for a reason. I'm not going to go into this any more than that, but...the Fleet being reminded is a good idea.

ABG Store - well, the one thing many of us have been waiting for has arrived, the ABG Online interatcive store is up and running...mostly. I still have a little bit of things to add to it, but it should be done before the Holiday Rush. Its programmed so only those holding the seats of: ABG CO/ABG XO and ABG SO can turn it on or off, and only do so when its required.

Rules - I just thought a refresher on a few rules would be a good idea - Squad CO's, you are only to ask me to reward people who particapted your sims -that are in your squad- I'm bogged down with work, and can't be checking every time of certain people are in your squadrons, so please help do your part and take care of this. Also, members of the ABG. We technically have a two squadron limit, its kind of loosly enforced, but I'd like the members to look at what squads they actually sim with, and either join/leave those squads so we can not only enforce the rules properly, but gauge how other squadrons are doing.

Attitudes and Arguments - as you all know I tend to be in #allegience quite a good bit, and I more often than not see some sort of argument going on because of a flared attitude, or someone said something wrong. I can tell you from personal experience that this sort of behavior drives people away and takes the fun element out of the Fleet. So I'd like everyone to kindly just watch what you say (remember: its not always WHAT you say, but HOW you say it) and be kind. We're -all- here for the same reason. To have fun.

**Sim Times**

Rapier - Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30pm EST
Sentinel - Wednesdays at 5:30pm EST
Jedi Wing - Sunday 3:30pm EST
All other squadrons did not inform either their Wing CO or myself of their local sim times, please check with the respected CO's of those squads for farther information.

**Command Personel Wanted**

*Wing Level*
Jedi Praxeum SO, please e-mail Commander Randy Starkiller and Colonel Kirvan Vax with a full resume if you'd like this sought after position.

*Squad Level*
Scarlet Squadron XO, please contact Commander Randy Starkiller and Lieutenant Commander Borsk Kun with a full resume to be the XO of this squadron.
Flagship Crew XO, please contact Major Marshall Briggs and Lieutenant Davin Igram Kabak with a full resume to be the XO of this ancient (in a good way) squadron.

**To The Squad CO's**
When you send myself, Kyle Torban and Randy Starkiller and e-mail from your squadron concerning CP awarding, I'd like it done in this fashion.

Name 1: CP Earned(2)/CP Spent(0)/FP Earned(2)/FP Spend(1)/LSP Earned(3)/DSP Earned(0)

With a log of the sim attached for refrence, its not that difficult, please keep the lables as I said for them. It'll make things easier on everyone.

**Awards and Promotions**

Commander Randy Starkiller, please step up. For your hard work and determination to your wing, and helping me personally through rought times, reviewing proposials for the Fleet and far too many other things than I can list here, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lientenant Colonel.

Lieutenant Michael Raven, please step up. For your hard work in creating the 'Envincer' campaign, running Lancer wonderfully and being a great help to all involved, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain.

Second Lientenant Spyder Anias-Kun, stand up please. You were thrown into the thick of command under rough circumstances, and have performed well beyond my own expectations - though your methods are a bit...unique you are willing to learn and are well overdue for a promotion. I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant.


In closing, I hope this NL will suit all of you, and that you learned a bit, Kyle before he left double-payed everyone so be thankful. My door is always open, and if you have ANY problem - be it personal or RS, I'll be willing to talk about it.

Colonel Kirvan "Apocalypse" Vax


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