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IBG News Update (10/30/2002)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Oct 30, 2002
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Pilots of the Intrepid Battle Group. I am General Adam Fene, better known as "Vender", Commanding Officer of the Intrepid Battle Group. I will be writing today's News Letter.

In IBG News Updates I will briefly cover current news, and the Killboard as well as mission information.

- Contents

I. News
II. XWA WoW Info
III. R2F/IBG 1.05 Mission Statistical Breakdown
IV. ITOD Information
V. Sign Off

I. News

1) The XWA Week of War at is starting up tomorrow, October 25th. It's encouraged that to all members interested to participate, though is not required. Participating in this event can earn you RS merits, awards, not to mention gaining Multiplayer experience in XWA. Other information about this can be located in this News Letter below in the section entitled "XWA WoW". I urge many pilots to play in this competition, and if not fly, at least go there and recruit people to the IBG.

2) I will be extending the deadline on the current IBG/R2F mission to November 30th. This is to give me a little time to organize things. Trust me, it's to everyone's benefit. I repeat, NOVEMBER 30TH.

3) A CO for the Domination League is needed after Wes's disappearance. Applications are to be sent to the whole Fleet CS, that is, and Remember to include your curriculum and experience in the RS, any interesting skills and the usual stuff.

4) Draco Squadron has no CO or XO, Draco Squadron has been contacted on the matter. Suitable candidates are being searched for within the squadron until we start looking outside of it first.

II. XWA WoW Info

Again, all those interested, here is a little more information. If you have already signed up at in previous WoW's, no need to sign up again.

Sign Ups:
Play At:
Information on reporting can be located at:
*Note: You need to sign up at first to be able to report any matches. To sign up, you must have an e-mail address hosted by someone besides yahoo or hotmail.

XWA WoW Starts: Friday, October 25th 2002
XWA WoW Ends: Friday, November 1st 2002

III. R2F/IBG 1.05 Mission Statistical Breakdown

[Reports] Six reports have been received since the last NL for a total of Eight. Thanks to recent reporters: Corran Horn Jr, Spokes, Himm, Talon Starblazer, Daron Lochek and Kyle Tobarn.

[Killboard] The official Killboard is updated and located at:

[Progress:] As you can see, Dagger Squadron is just doing an excellent job so far this mission! Outstanding work you guys, keep it up. :)

[Individual Standings]
Rank Pilot/Commando Kills Score Squad

1. LGN Corran Horn Jr. - 11 - 3,721 - NightWolf Squadron
2. Maj. Chris Horn - 17 - 3,638 - Wildcard Squadron
3. MGN Spokes - 6 - 3,004 - Dagger Squadron
4. Gen. Bluejay Farscape - 7 - 2,297 - Dagger Squadron
5. Maj. Himm El-Syna - 7 - 2,184 - Dagger Squadron
6. LCM Talon Starblazer - 7 - 2,025 - Wildcard Squadron
7. CMDR Daron Lochek - 12 - 1,498 - Dagger Squadron
8. Gen. Kyle Tobarn - 0 - 974 - Stinger Squadron

[Wing Standings]
Rank Wing Kills Score Reports
1. Titan Wing - 35 - 9,384 - 3
2. Chiin'Tal Wing - 32 - 8,983 - 4
3. Talon Wing - 0 - 974 - 1

[Squad Standings]
Rank Squad Kills Score Reports
1. Dagger Squadron - 32 - 8,983 - 4
2. Wildcard Squadron - 24 - 5,663 - 2
3. NightWolf Squadron - 11 - 3,721 - 1
4. Stinger Squadron - 0 - 974 - 1
5. Draco Squadron - 0 - 0 - 0
6. Phalcun Squadron - 0 - 0 - 0


Mission Due: November 30th, 2002 (Extended)
Report At: (Post it there, remember to login.)

Mission Rules/Info:
*Note: Remember, the Top 5 scores must have screen shots available.

V. Sign Off

That's all for today, until next time. I'm gradually going to get comfortable with commanding IBG, so just a little bit of patience is asked for.

General Adam "Vender" Fene
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer


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