Rebel Squadrons

RS Academy NL, 10 November 2002

By RA Matt "Stallion" Williams
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Nov 10, 2002
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CC: HC/FC/Rest of RS


Academy Fleet CO - LGN Matt Williams
Academy Fleet XO - CDR Lozza McG
Academy Fleet SO/IO - CPT Mystic Warrior

Hello to everyone in the academy! I must apologize for the lateness of the NL, I wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything and we had a few last minute staff changes. Anyway, enough excuses, read on!

----- I. Latest News -----

Staff Changes:

:::::FROM: General Gavin C. Kravis, Outgoing UGCO:::::
Fellow Pilots and Instructors of the Rebel Squadrons' Academy,
       Today is a rather sad day for me. As of Sunday, November 10th I will no longer remain as the RS UnderGrad CO. I have been on the RS UnderGrad Command Staff for over two years now, and have been CO for roughly one and a half years. This has been my home for a long time. I joined the XvTUG nearly four years ago under then XvTUG CO Captain Jack Stewrt. Over the years I've seen a number of COs come and go and alot of changes in this system, mostly for the best. I've tried to do my very best in furthering that ideals of the RS through it's UnderGraduate system and hope I have not failed you. At this time I would like to officially turn over command of the RS UnderGrad to MGN Spokes, with CMDR Earthkeeper as XO. Stallion is going to work you boys hard, but I think you have what it takes. Good luck to you all and may the Force be with you.
~Gavin C. Kravis
-RSUG CO (retired)
:::::End Transmission:::::

- The new CO of the Post Graduate Division is Colonel Sig Pillar.
- R2F Undergrad (Red Hand Squadron) has a new CO, Brigadier General Garrik Loran (
- The new CO of Vigilance UG is LCM Kale Petosky.

UG Reports:

Attention all Undergraduate COs! MGN Spokes wants a report on your UG Division at the end of EVERY MONTH. Your first report was due at the end of last month, October. His e-mail is


All departments of the RSA need to be updating their websites regularly!!!! This includes undergrad and postgrad divisions. Assign an IO if you do not have time to do this yourself.

----- II. Classifieds -----

- Instructors Needed

Instructors are being sought for the 'STC' and the 'RSCD' academies. If you are in those fleets or play the games, and are willing to pass on your experience to new recruits, then contact MGN Spokes.

- Internet Officers Needed

IOs are also needed in the Undergraduate Division. Contact MGN Spokes or Capt. Mystic, RSASO/IO, if you are interested.

- Mission Building Academy CO needed

Anyone interseted should apply to Colonel Sig Pillar, Post Graduate Division CO ( and be sure to CC me ( in the application.

----- III. Promotions! -----
(remember, the Academy must be your primary fleet in order for you to recieve a promotion from me)

Commander Lozza McG, because of your amazing work while Acting RS Academy Fleet CO and your current excellent work as RSAXO you are herby promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel, congratulations and thank you for all your efforts.

----- Medals and Goodies! -----

For contribution above and beyond the call of duty to the RS Academy, the RS Academy Medal of Honor is awarded to the following officers:

General Gavin Kravis
LGN Corran Horn Jr

For outstanding service on behalf of the Rebel Squadrons Academy, the RS Academy Commander's Medal of Excellence is awarded to the following

None at this time.

For outstanding service on the command level of the RS Academy, the RS Academy Command Staff Medal is awarded to the following officers:

None at this time.

For outstanding service on the senior level of the RS Academy staff, the RS Academy Senior Staff Medal is awarded to the following officers:

LCM Tech Krill, AFACO

For outstanding service on the junior level of the RS Academy staff, the RS Academy Junior Staff Medal is awarded to the following officers:

None at the moment

For outstanding service as an Instructor in any department in the RS Academy, the RS Academy Instructors Medal is awarded to the following

None at the moment

For having the best page in the RS Academy for the previous month, the following IO is awarded the RS Academy Internet Officer Citation:
= \+*RSA-IO*+/=

None at the moment

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any concerns at all!

Lt. General Matt "Stallion" Williams
RS Academy Commanding Officer


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