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Sentinel Wing NL - November 11, 2002

By MGN Mat Bizegar
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Wing NL, Nov 12, 2002
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Sentinel Wing NL - November 11, 2002

Narratives (by Maj. Ryan Coburn)
Location: RSSD Liberator
Status: Prepairing for Battle
Shipboard relative time: 0850 Hrs
Coruscant Standard Time: 2150 Hrs

Coruscant Standard Time: 1950 Hrs Ryan sighed and adjusted the collar of his flight suit as the lift opened onto the bridge. He had just received orders earlier today to report to the Star Destroyer Liberator for a new assignment, orders that had cut his weekly sabacc game short on board the Interdictor Chains of Justice, Shadow Squadron’s home ship. He was still a little unsure as to what his new assignment was, but was reluctant to leave his squadron mates and his ship. He chuckled a bit at that thought. The Chains really was his ship in a way. He had personally lead the assault force to capture the Chains, then called the Purgatory, during his time as the CO of Sentinel Wing. The debacle that had followed had cost him his command and his commission as a Colonel, bumping him back down to major and unfit to command even a squadron. He had come a long way since then, ordered to reform Shadow Squadron. He later gave up that command, but had remained with the squad. Ryan was shaken out of his thoughts as someone called his name.

"Major Coburn, welcome aboard the Liberator. I trust things have not changed too much since the last time you where on this bridge?"

Ryan looked over to the command pulpit and the tall burly man standing there. "Not at all Captain Zorbrek. Everything is exactly as I remember it. My orders where to report to the bridge, so here I am. Any idea what this is all about?" Ryan replied.

"Actually Major, you where called here because this is your new assignment. You’re the new XO of Sentinel Wing." An authorative voice resonated from behind Captain Zorbrek. Ryan looked to the other side of the command pulpit and took an apprising look at the young man standing there.

"Major Brown. My congratulations on your promotion to command of the Wing. When Corran went up to Fleet CO I was hoping they would pick a competent commander to replace him." Ryan replied as he walked over the stairs up to the pulpit and climbed up to the raised deck.

"I take it you where not a fan of Lt General Horn’s command of the wing?" Major Brown replied, raising his eyebrow in question.

Ryan chuckled. "No, not at all. Corran and I where wing mates in the Black Knights, and have served in this wing since his posting here right out of the academy. I respect him and his command skills. Quiet, but a good man. One question though, why was I chosen as the new XO for the wing? You’ve had to read my record, and the restriction on commanding anything bigger than a squadron."

"Yes, well, those higher up in the chain of command recommended you. You used to command this wing, and several squadrons since then. In fact, you’ve been with this fleet longer than most of the ships and crews have been. You seemed the logical choice. You’ve had time to review the battle plans?"

Ryan nodded, "Yes sir. The pirates we’re after are currently believed to be in the Telmassa system. Jumping the Liberator in system should catch them by surprise."

Major Brown nodded, "Good, then lets proceed."


Location: RSSD Liberator
Status: Standing Down
Shipboard relative time: 1415 Hrs
Coruscant Standard Time: 0315 Hrs

Ryan leaned on the control panel and took a good look out the bridge view ports at the sector of space around them. A quick check to his scanners told him exactly what he had seen outside. The enemy threat in this system was now non-existent. The Liberator had dropped out right in the middle of the enemy re-supply and caught them by surprise. The enemy frigate Quadrickian was a smoking hulk that may or may not be able to be salvaged. The enemy fighter cover had been completely destroyed, still no word on their own losses however. Ryan looked over to Major Matt Brown, the new commanding officer of Sentinel Wing, "Scope shows we’re clear sir. The other 2 ships that we tagged as the Noctual and the Xenoic where able to hyper out. We’ll have to wait until we review flight data from our fighters to evaluate the exact damage we did to them. Hopefully its enough to soften them up for our little surprise."

Major Brown smiled and nodded, "Excellent. I had hoped to catch all 3 of those ships and destroy them, but luckily we’ve got the Chains in position to catch them and Shadow will have their go at them."

Ryan frowned a bit and looked over at Major Brown, "Sir, I should be with them. That’s my squadron out there. Even if I can’t fly, I should be out there with them. I request permission to transfer back to the Chains at the first opportunity."

Matt shook his head, "Permission denied Major. You’re the XO of the wing now; your place is here on the Liberator."

"But Sir, my place is with my men, I need…" Ryan started

"Major Coburn! Ryan. I understand your frustration. I’d much rather be out there flying with Skull then here on this bridge. But we’ve got different jobs to do now. Listen, after this is all over, we’ll re-evaluate the wing and we’ll see about getting you back on the Chains. But right now, the wing needs you here. I need you here. Are we clear Major?"

Ryan sighed and ran a hand threw his short-cropped hair, and nodded, "Yes sir. I understand. I don’t like it, but I understand it. I’ll go start the pilot debriefings and assess the damage to the Liberator and get those numbers back to you. It’s all in the hands of the Chains and the Hammer now." Ryan saluted quickly and headed for the lifts.

Matt looked back out the view ports and nodded. "Yes, Its all in their hands now. May the force be with them."


Not much has been happening latley, but we've had some command changes
LCM Dev Azzameen has been appointed Skull Squadron XO
Maj. Ryan Coburn has been appointed Sentinel Wing XO

Drinks are on you! ;P

Hydra and Shadow still need XOs, any takers? Or do I have to 'volenteer' someone myself?

Current Mission: R2F 7.06
Due: 30/11/02 11:59 PM EST

Sentinel 7.05: Operation Seize Part 2
Due: 1/12/02 11:59 PM GMT (My wing, My timezone!)

I'll be sending out S7.05 as soon as I get it!

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Major Matt Brown
Sentinel Wing Commanding Officer
Skull Squadron Commanding Officer


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