Rebel Squadrons

RSCD NL 11-19-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Nov 19, 2002
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RSCD NL 11-19-02

Command Positions Available-

We’re currently in great need of volunteers willing to take on command positions within the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division. Anyone who feels they have the time to maintain a website, write a NL or just promote activity are encouraged to contact the RSCD CO at their earliest opportunity.


ITOD News-

I finally got a website up for the Interactive Tour of Duty. For now you’ll need flash to view the site, but at the moment it’s the easiest format for me to update. From the site, you’ll be able to read the latest developments in the RSCD’s fight against the invading forces, and see the current missions available. The website can be viewed at



We’re continuing to make a strong showing at the second installment of the Outer Rim War. The EH managed to take the space battle this past weekend, but thanks to Rahj and Dragon we were able to continue dominating the ground battle and take the Ockus System. Id like to encourage everyone to attend the ORWII battle each week if they can, even if you don’t have time to play. For those who don’t know yet, ORWII takes place each Saturday from 2pm – 10pm EST in #OuterRim on any UnderNet server.


House Points-

I’ve been in the process of updating the House Rank Points on the roster over the past few days. The new system looks slightly odd right now due to the Commando/Jedi seperation, but it’s a temporary solution for now. I’d like to remind everyone that I have in fact been keeping a running total of points while trying to figure out how to display them accurately with the roster database. In the future (*hint* When the ITOD’s finished *hint* *hint*), these points and House ranks will be playing a big part in a few events, . so for those who’d like to earn more, now’s the time to participate and do so.



Short NL this week, but I’m worn out from work and working on the ITOD storyline, so this is what you get :P So till next week,

VA Kaz Falcion


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