Rebel Squadrons

ABG NL Nov, 30, 2002

By COL Kelron Jevix
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Fleet NL, Nov 30, 2002
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Its that time of month everyone - NL Time. This one is for the Month of November so lets get started.


CSDB - Okay...yeah, this is yet another topic in the NL, after discussing things with my command staff and my confidants, and Shik. I have had a minor change made to the ABG CSDB, basically I have a set of 12 trusted admins (who I have not picked yet) that will have access to edit the character sheets. If you are NOT one of these admins, there is a reason. It isn't because I don't trust you. Honestly.

ABG Store - Not quite done yet ::gulps:: sorry, RL been keeping me busy. However, I will start opening it during the Sunday Upgrade Sessions.

Rules - An interesting question came to me today - how does one character defend another in a sim. So its time to clear this one up. If you want to defend another character your roll must match or beat that of the attackee. Example:
GM: Stormtrooperse fire at Cay rolling 15
*Kelron leaps in front of the bolt rolling 15
GM: the shot hits kelron instead.
If my roll would have been 14 or lower, cay would have been hit.

Attitudes and Arguments - Well, you've all been getting a good bit better and I'm damn proud of each one of you. There are a couple of e-mails floating around the ABG right now and I don't have a problem with them, express yourselfs in a productive manner and we'll all be happy.

#Allegience manager - Well, some of you may have seen the topic and honestly...I have NO idea what I'm doing on this one, I'm running on the assumption that Kyle was the old manager and after he gets back I'll talk to him about it. worry not younglings.
**Sim Times**

Check your local Commanding Officer for sim times.

**Awards and Promotions**

None at this time.


Well, the NL is a bit light this month cause there isn't too much different to report from last month. Just have a Happy Thanksgiving etc etc etc. December is coming up soon, so you know what that me presents. No seriously, enjoy yourselves and whatever holidays you all celebrate (Be you Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic...good luck to all of ya!)

Colonel Kelron Jevix (Yes, name change)


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