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RgF NL 12-3-02

By VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Dec 03, 2002
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Greetings Pilots,
Well its about time I got a NL out to you guys. A lot has happened in the two months since my last NL. Yes I said two months :P. I will keep this one short, because I know how monotonous these get. Well let’s get on with it.
The first thing that I’m am very excited about is that our numbers are back over 60! We’ve gained former pilots Harley “Jester” Quinn and Ginger Pollard back from an extended departure from our ranks. Welcome back! On this note I would like AWOL checks that will be due December 20th. Remember to email AWOL and LOA pilots constantly in the hopes that they will reappear from the dead.
The second thing is quite somber for me to report. It is my sad duty to report to you that LGN Trate Daxson, long time member of RgF and XO for the duration of my command has resigned his commission as RgF XO in order to devote more time to his family and job. This is something that was very hard for him to do, and for me to have to accept. He also told me that he doesn’t check his AOL mail much anymore, so if you send something to him don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get it. He has asked to remain as a reserve member until such time that he can return to active duty. For his actions I would like to present Trate with the RgF Medal of Service and a recommendation for the Excellency of Duty Award. Thankyou for over a year of devotion to this fleet!
Because Trate has had to step down some command changes are in order. Taking Trate’s position as RgF XO and my right hand man is going to be BGN Sienn Sconn and to take his place as SO will be BGN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle. Congratulations to the both of you!!! I see some good things coming the RgFs way :).
Well let’s now get into the meat. The last WoW was something to be proud of and yet disappointed at the same time. I’ll hit on the disappointments first. Out of the ranked clubs we wound up dead last. That’s 16th of 16 ranked clubs. That’s not too good considering that we have an abundance of extraordinary pilots in this club. The second disappointment is that participation is continuing to drop from previous WoWs. This WoW we managed to have only 7 participants, 5 of which had the minimum 3 matches to be counted towards our club ranking. We need to turn this around! I know we can do much, much better than this. I mean heck the EH beat us by two spots. Please don’t misinterpret me in that I do not appreciate the participation of those that did, because I definitely do! Thank you all that participated. What I am most especially proud of is the extreme devotion to flying that one of our own demonstrated. Chris Earthkeeper managed to fly 45 matches in the past WoW! He promised me 70, but hey 45 ain’t too shabby. For his efforts I present him the distinguished RgF Medal of Courage for “sticking it out to the end of the melee, and continuing to fly despite overwhelming odds against him”. Congratulations! There isn’t a WoW for December that I know of, but once January rolls around we’re going out to kick some serious arse!
The ORW I am especially proud of! We have consistently whooped up on the other clubs present, most notably the EH. I am a very happy man whenever we beat the EH :). Keep up the work here, everyone is doing fabulously!
Now we’re down to the ITOD…HURAH! We had 25 reports for the last RgF! I can’t remember the last time we had that large of a turnout. That’s nerely 1/2 activity, not counting AWOLs and LOAs, which means that the percentage was even higher. I bow to your devotion. Now to the awards :).
If you have visited the killboard you will have noticed that Topachea managed a score of over a million points and 911 kills. This is astonishing. The only problem is that this score was the result of exploiting a mistake made by the mission maker. However, because Top did spend an exorbitant amount of time not only refining his technique, but in each trial, I have decided to create a new medal in Top’s name for his devotion. The medal is as follows: “The Topachea Naberrie Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence is awarded in honor of Topachea "T" Naberrie, who, at the Rank of Brigadier General, in the month of November, 2002, scored over 1 million points on the RgF Sub for Mission 206 (RgF_102.tie). It is awarded to a pilot who exploits a mission mistake to his own benefit without technically cheating. It is also awarded to a pilot who takes the time to fly RgF_102.tie and get a score greater than 1 million. This award is given by the Renegade Fleet Command staff, by consensus, to a pilot who dares to follow in the brave and enthusiastic footsteps of "T". It may only go to one pilot per year. Past recipients include: Topachea Naberrie (2002).” Congratulation Top, keep up the good work…try to make it legal this time :P.
Because Topachea’s report is not being considered as a legal report, it changes the killboard slightly. The Top Ace for the month of November is thus Talmer Krablaad with a score of 57, 412 and 46 kills. In first place for Top Squad I hereby present the Top Squad Medal once again to Jedi squadron with a score of 234, 302 with 87 kills from 8 reports. This is excellent activity! However, a true test of the activity of a unit is the top wing out of this ITOD, none other than DOW with 14 reports! This Wing only has 20 members, so they achieved nearly 75% activity. This is outstanding!!! Keep up the good work guys!
And Finally I’m down to the Medals and Promotions section. I’ve already awarded a few medals, here are the rest:
Talon for extreme leadership I hereby promote you to Commander!
Talmer for extreme activity I hereby promote you to Captain!
Dex for extreme activity and enthusiasm I hereby promote you to 1st Lt.
Durren for amazing activity for a LJG I hereby promote you to 2nd Lt.
Well that’s it for promos. Thought I had a medal as well, but I guess not. Oh well.
Finally we are down to the news! Both the ITOD and IOTODs are out for the month of December. I already have one report in for the ITOD, good job Jester :). The ITOD is due at the end of December while the IOTOD is due the 17th of January. I urge you all to fly as soon as possible and not wait till the deadline, or after it. Lets see how many reports we can get in before the AWOL reports are due.
We are looking for an RFI officer. So if you can work with at least HTML, preferably PHP, as well as spreadsheets and can devote a large amount of time on the net, please get with me ASAP.
I believe that is all. If I forgot anything, I’ll post addendums. Have an Excellent Christmas season pilots, let’s ring in the new year with some awesome activity!!!

~Gavin C. Kravis


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