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Sentinel Wing NL - 2nd December 2002

By MGN Mat Bizegar
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Wing NL, Dec 04, 2002
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Sentinel Wing NL - 2nd December


It's newsletter time again. And I've got a whole bunch of requests today...

1) News Groups - I'm assuming that Hydra and Shadow have newsgroups. Could someone please add me so I'm kept up to date?

2) Passwords - Does anyone out there have the passwords for the Skull and Sentinel webpages?

3) Helmets - You guys in PBF Fireclaw, do you have any blank helmet designs?

4) XOs - We still need XOs for Hydra and Shadow, Dash, Vykk can you get on it?

5) Mission Reports - Can everyone please Cc their mission reports to ME, right now I have absolutely no idea of participation outside of Skull...

IMPORTANT: Anyone who did NOT fly the mission MUST participate in the Run-on or face being marked AWOL!!!

As far as I can tell the killboard looks like this:

Dev Azzameen - Skull 5: 26,712
Licah Fox - Skull 6: 25,583
Xtremegene - Skull 9: 21,613
Koral - Skull 10: 20,451
Matt Brown - Skull 1: 18,447

All Skulls, I don't know what's happening in Hydra or Shadow, which is a problem, because right now I don't know if it's just a communication problem or a more serious lack of activity.

General Reminders
-Squadron Leaders and Executive Officers, Please make sure all members of your squadron have received this

-Sentinel Wing Website is located at

-If you want to talk to others members of your squadron, wing, fleet or the RS please log onto the Undernet IRC servers ( and got to channel #retribution_fleet and/or #RS_Bar_and_Grill

Things you may want to know about
Tie Fighter Mission Building Academy teaches you how to develop and build missions for the Tie Fighter Gaming platform. if you are interested in learning how to make missions for yourself, your squad, wing or fleet please go to for more information.

Anyone interested in R2F Intelligence, currently working on updating the R2Fs planets section, should contact LCM Dev Azzameen at

Major Matt Brown
Sentinel Wing Commanding Officer
Skull Squadron Commanding Officer


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