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[RF] Newsletter 120702

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Dec 07, 2002
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Welcome to the December edition of the Redemption Fleet Newsletter (and more importantly, my first fleet newsletter)! We are a little light on the news side this month, but we're hard at work trying to get another new division started.

In current division news, I am stepping down as the STC CO so that I can devote more time to the position of RF XO and school. Replacing me will be MGN Harley "Jester" Quinn. He has proved himself time and again to be capable of running STC to the utmost of perfection. Congatulations, Jester.

In future division news, a new division is in the works to bring the modified Star Trek: Armada to the RF. Interested members should contact CMDR Rode Mitchell. In the mean time, you can view the discussion about the mod at .

"The Turkey Snatch, while not exactly a smashing success, was a fun little experience. Attendance topped out at 20 people, with about 15 or so in the room at any given time. Of this number, only about half or perhaps a little less actually played games. Hats off to Kalra, Tay, and a few others who enjoyed some nice games of Starcraft. Talon, Kev, and I tried to get in a match, but it seemed that circumstances and our connections were conspiring against us. Those of us that didn't play chatted it up in the channel and generally had a nice Thanksgiving."
-The Raptor Chronicle

The webpage is currently up-to-date, with updated member totals on the Divisions Page.

There are no promotions for the CS this month.

Thanks for reading through my first Fleet NL and I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and have a great Hannukkah, Christmas, and New Years!

"Involvement and commitment can be likened to a ham and eggs breakfast. The chicken was "involved," but the pig was "committed"."

MGN Ben Jynzer
Redemption Fleet XO


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