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By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Alliegiance Battle Group
Basic Announcement, Dec 08, 2002
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It's a little early for an NL, so don't panic. For those of you who are living in a cave, I have returned from my LoA and am quickly getting back into the rhythm of things. I have a few announcements to make, so read on to find what is and what will be happening.

First up is something totally new, an ABG tournament/challenge. Players can test their characters in combat against increasingly difficult NPCs. The entry cost is 500 C or 4 CP, and there are many prizes to be won, including some you'll never likely find in a store. This event has been thought up and will be run by Captain Michael Raven. The following are details provided by him:

"Welcome to the first ever ABG Non-player Character Tournament. This tournament was created in order to promote activity, give another way to have characters advance, and especially and primarily to have fun. The following are special rules added to this tournament in order to make it more interesting and fun for everyone involved. Unfortunately, due to possible time constraints and other factors, only a player's real character (PC) may enter the tournament, no player NPCs allowed.

How the Tournament works:

The tournament has thirty rounds of NPC opponents, all players start at round 1 and work their way up. Each enemy has a specific point value, and when killed OR stunned the point value of that enemy is awarded to the player.

For example:

Kelron is up against 3 Normal Stormtroopers (4 Points Each) he stuns one and kills the final one, Kelron earns 12 points toward his total for the tournament.

If for any reason you are killed or stuned in the tournament and cannot be awakened/healed in that round, the round is over for you. You will then loose points equal to the following equasion: .5*(Point Value of Enemy)*(Remaining enemies)+1 point, rounded down.


Spyder is up against 3 Normal Stormtroopers (4 Points Each) she bombs the whole match and gets killed by a lucky first hit, she would loose 7 Points (.5*4*3+1), and those points would be subtracted from her total to this point.

Each round, the Game Master will take into account skill of the player, Force Sensitivity, character statistics and a Random factor (1-6) and choose a proper Terrain from the bracket that the character falls into.


Player A is a 3 year veteran, a Jedi Knight, has 4-5D in all skills and gets a 4 Random factor. They would be placed in a 10x10 meter arena with little or no cover to aid them.

Player B has been a member for 1 month, is not force sensitive, and has maybe 3-4D in a few attributes, Random factor of 3. They would be placed in a 50x50 meter arena with heavy terrain modifiers.

Note: You MAY skip a round if you wish, you will incur no penalty, but be put into the next round.

After Round 20, all players will be shown their rankings, depending on the amount of players present the top 50% will be able to pick a partner from the lower 50% of the bracket listing. So lets say we have 10 people, the first 5 (1st through 5th Place) will pick one person each from the second 5 (6th through 10th place) to be their partner. At this time, they must finish the tournament as partners and win as partners. If there is an odd amount, the one player left over will be able to join the team of his/her choice, and they must switch out 1 player every round so that it would be fair. (Round 21 players A+B may fight, round 22 Players A+C may fight) They must however know who will be fighting when it is their turn, or they will be disqualified for that round.

Special Note: A team must have AT LEAST one (1) NON-force sensitive character in it. This is to prevent stacking a team with a character like Kelron paired with a character like Randy. A team MAY however be made of 2 non-force sensitive characters. If appropriate, the Game Master may make a special exception.

At the end of 30 rounds, or when you withdraw from the tournament, your team score will be tallied, divided in two, and distributed to both partners.

EX: Team A has a player with 60 points and one with 70 points, since combining they have earned 40 points. That 40 points is divided and two and distributed. Now one player has 80 points, the other 90 points, and they may trade the points for the kick-ass items below.

Entrance fee and prizes:

Due to this being a tournament where you can get kick-ass prizes...and nothing is EVER free, the tournament will cost a character 500 Credits OR 4 Character Points.

With an entrance fee, you must have a prize. You may take as many items as you have points for. Well Kyle and I have compiled the following list of prizes that you can spend your nice points on:

1 Point - ???

5 Points - 10 Credits

15 Points - Synthetic Gloves STR+2

20 Points - 4 Blaster Packs to any type of weapon

30 Points - Combat Knife STR+1D

40 Points - Celtic STR+1D+2
40 Points - Kriss STR+1D+2
40 Points - Wakizashi STR+1D+2

50 Points - Blast Helmet +1D/+1 RST (Head)
50 Points - Blast Vest +1D/+1 RST (Torso)

65 Points - Katana (STR+2D)
65 Points - Vibroblade (STR+2D)

75 Points - Blastech DH-17 Imperial Blaster (4D)

100 Points - 1 Character Point
100 Points - E-11/M Blaster Rifle (5D)

125 Points - SoroSubb Controller Force Pike (STR+2D)

150 Points - DL-87 Deck Clearing Blaster (5D, See Special rules in the ABG Store)

175 Points - Stormtrooper Armor (+2D/+1D all Areas -1D Dex) + MFTAS Helmet

200 Points - Arakyd Aeordynes, Inc. Hush-About AJP-400
200 Points - Secret Grab Bag! (5 Random items, some may be good, some may be crap, depends on the dice)

210 Points - Stormtrooper Commando Armor (+1D/+1D all areas, no Dex penalty, special bonuses to search+hide) + MFTAS Helmet

250 Points - Blastech Light Repeating Blaster (5D+1, see ABG Store for more information)

275 Points - T-21 Light Repeating Blaster (6D)

300 Points - Wrokix Works' Deluxe Boarding Armor (+2D/+1D, All Areas, -1D Dex. Closed air supply for 5 hours)

350 Points - Free +2 Pip DMG upgrade to any weapon of choice (Except Lightsabers)
350 Points - Magnonian Industries' Type 4 Surgical Beam Emitter (For Force Sensitive characters)

400 Points - Force Point
400 Points - 5 CP (Non Force-Sensitive characters ONLY) + 1 Ewok Doll

435 Points - T-27A2 "Blackjack" Riot Suppression Rifle (5D+1, see special rules in the ABG Store)

460 Points - Choice of 1 type of Lightsaber Crystal (Jedi Only)
460 Points - A Goat
460 Points - Anti-Personnel Rifle (5D+2 DMG, Non Force Sensitive characters)

500 Points - ?
557 Points - ??? (Force Sensitive Characters)
557 Points - ??? (Non-Force Sensitive characters)

The highest scoring players each day will receive a 100 credit bonus. The lowest character at the end of the tournament gets a 50 credit bonus.

Special CP/FP/Item rules.

Any CP or FP spent will be returned to the character, however, half of the amount will be lost, as this is a competition, and any usage of FP and CP is In-Character. This total is rounded up, so if you spend 7 CP, you will get 4 back, 3 FP, you will get 2 back.

Items used/broken in the tournament will be lost and removed from your character sheet if you do not have a physical connection with it at the end of the round.

You are only limited to use what is on your character sheet, you can use any item that you own.


As of now, the tournament will be held SATURDAYS at 2:00 PM and SUNDAYS at 7:00PM in channel #ABG_Tourn.
If for some reason you cannot make it, inform the Game Master and he will try to fit you in some other time."

And yes, we go on. As promised I hope to take time to work with each of you a little closer from now on. One idea discussed while I was on LoA was to have meetings, this would be used for announcements and then for general discussion. You might say that pretty much happens already, but it will be more formal and have a specific time to suit the majority. Please get back to me with your best days and times each week.

Out with the old, in with the new. I'm tired of X and I'm even more tired of our misspelled channel. In the blink of an eye we switched channels to #Allegiance (Note the correct spelling!). Currently Randy keeps the channel flowing with bot and script, however if you should happen to appear when no one is around please be sure to op all appropriate persons that follow you.

As you know, Poc worked out a system to allow more admins for the character sheet database. Positions on the admin list will be given to all who earn the Advanced Game Master Patch. With this new order it is my pleasure to welcome Sienn Sconn and Los Bennett onto the admin list. Congrats, you have power!

Speaking of power, Randy Starkiller proved just how effective an SO he can be over the course of the past month. I have decided once again to utilize the SO position permanently, and Randy has secured this spot. Thank you a million times over Randy, for all your hard work.

Finally the manual and Library are my continuing projects. I hope to get the Library knocked out as soon as possible. As the manual is redone expect new regulations. These regulations will be announced before they come into effect, and may even be tested by certain squads first. For the most part however, new rules will affect starting characters as well as benefits for Non-Force Sensitive characters. I'll keep you posted. Until the end of the month (Or like typical me, January 2nd) that's all from me.

General Kyle Tobarn
Allegiance Battlegroup CO (You should know this by now)


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