Rebel Squadrons

RSSTC Newsletter for December.

By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Dec 12, 2002
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It's true, I'm back. After my short mental breakdown :P, I have returned to the big swively chair. Many thanks to Ben for holding down the fort in my absence.

We have a new XO. Congratulations to Capt. Eric Wunderlin for his appointment. I am now throwing open applications for Wing SO. Anyone interested, please email me at with a breakdown of previous and current command posistions, why you would like the job and the dollar amount of any very large bribes you would consider paying me :P.

We have a new division starting up very shortly ini the STC, catering to the Star Wars:Fleet Command mod for Star Trek Armada. Rode and I are looking to fill two squads for this most excellent game, so contact either myself or Rode to put your name down. For those who don't have it, or don't know what i'm talking about, check out: for details.


I know Rebellion has been a bit 'quiet' for some time now. However, work is now underway on a MP scenario that will cut down the length of time it takes to play an MP game, which will in turn hopefully boost Rebellion activity. I will let you know more as the project nears completion.


Groundhogs has been reopened (again) and another attempt is being made to get some numbers and activity into Groundhogs. Anyone interested in playing Force Commander in the STC should contact Groundhogs CO, Capt. Makusier.


There is a WoW this month, however it starts in a couple of days, and people are busy with exams and whatnot, so the RS is not entered in this one. However I will be entering us in the January one, so be ready.

I'm running a Death Match tournament to start in January. Anyone interested contact me to put your name down. This will be a Round Robin style tourny (everyone will play everyone else once in the first round before deciding on semi-finalists).

I am also ironing the kinks out of a Squad vs Squad competition for early next year, I will keep you posted.


The ladders will be back in the new year, changed slightly to run on 1 month cycles instead of 3. More details next month.


It is good to be back and it is good to be King :P. Until all the action starts, get some games in, recruit some new members, and have a very Happy Hannuka, Qwanza, Christmas or whatever else you may celebrate, and don't get too sober at New Years.

LGN Harley Quinn,


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