Rebel Squadrons

RSCD NL 12-17-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Dec 17, 2002
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RSCD NL 12-17-02

Welcome back everyone. This week I’ll be giving out the usual event reminders, updating everyone on the ITOD story to date and welcoming a couple of new members to our ranks.



The website’s been updated with the latest selection of missions, and the most noteworthy result from the previous assignments. I’d like to once again urge everyone who hasn’t had a chance to play to give the website a look and try out a mission. Remember, you don’t have to own JK or JO to participate. As for the current progress of the story, you can find that below:

As you walk slowly into the makeshift briefing room, you can’t help but notice the change that’s occurred since the last meeting. All around you are commandos wearing grim but determined faces, a far cry from the fearful, confused looks of only days before.

A string of successful operations over the past week had slowly begun to turn the tide of battle against the invading force. RSCD patrols armed with recovered heavy weapons were sweeping through the lower levels, proving the dark armored troopers to be anything but immortal. The base was slowly starting to fall back under RSCD control, and each day you and the other commandos were feeling more and more confident that victory could be achieved.

As the RSCD commanding officer steps to the front of the gathered crowd and prepares to speak, you notice his grave expression seems to be a stark contrast to the Division’s recent successes. Looking out over the assembled soldiers, Vice Admiral Kaz Falcion begins his briefing.

“I know that by now you’ve all heard the news of our recent success, and while I’m glad to see everyone in a better mood…..I’ve got some distressing news to share with you all.”

“About half an hour ago, Lieutenant DashClone returned after successfully accessing the Knight Spire computer network. The data he found indicated that our communications system was not destroyed in the attack as we first thought. In fact, from what we can gather, both communications and base defense systems were manually deactivated from inside the base just prior to the enemy assault. It would appear,.that we’ve had a traitor among us.”

Attempting to ignore the concerned murmurs passing through the room, the Vice Admiral motions for the crowd to quiet before continuing to speak.

“With the situation we’re in right now, we can’t afford to be suspecting everyone around us of being a traitor. However, we also can’t afford to suffer anymore setbacks like this……so stay alert, and report any suspicious activity to me immediately.”

Shocked by this latest news, you begin looking around the room, wondering who among your peers could be capable of sabotage, and wondering if they may even now be sitting somewhere close by. All around you are commandos casting their own suspicious glances towards their neighbors, obviously having the same thoughts as you. As the room settles down once again, you turn your attention back to the CO as he prepares to wrap up his speech.

“On the bright side, the data recovered has shown a few weak spots in the enemy’s plan which we should be able to take advantage of in the next few days. All commandos interested in volunteering should stop by my office as soon as they get a chance. That’s it for now, dismissed.”

As the Admiral exits the room, you step away from your place by the wall, wondering just what the recovered data contains.



While the RS continues to come out on top each week, I still need to stress how important it is that all of us make a strong showing. I know from the past that momentum in these events can quickly switch if you underestimate the other clubs or quit showing up altogether. We all know how much fun it is to hear other clubs gloat over beating us, so let’s make sure they never get a chance to. Remember, each Saturday from 2-11pm EST in #OuterRim on the Undernet.


New Members-

Let’s give a big welcome to Lieutenant Junior Grade RojerRamJet, and Captain Dhruv Kalra, who both joined our ranks since the posting of the last NL. Good luck to both as they begin their careers in the Commando Division.



It’s that time of year once again. As we enter the holiday season, I’m sure all of us will find that our free time usually reserved for the RS is being taken up by other more important tasks. While it’s perfectly understandable to lower your RS activity levels in order to spend time with family or just relax and enjoy the holidays, it’s also important to make sure we’re all ready to go again after the first of the year. With that said, try to do your best to participate now with what time you have, as that’s all I can ask from anyone. Until next week,

VA Kaz Falcion


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