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State of the Rebel Squadrons Address

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Dec 18, 2002
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Greetings Members of the Rebel Squadrons,

       Welcome to the latest installment of the State of the Rebel Squadrons Address! The winter season is almost upon us once again, and although it is a busy time for many, the club energetically marches forward. Now, more than ever, it is safe to declare that by year’s end, the Rebel Squadrons is a better place than it was one year ago. Much has been accomplished in 2002, and because of the everyday contributions that our membership continues to make, our list of accomplishments will not only grow, but will propel the Rebel Squadrons to a new level of shared prosperity.

       Over the course of the past year, we have added a ninth Fleet, the Allegiance Battle Group; organized, competed in, and won the Inter-Club Melee; Fleet templates and Exec templates were designed to improve the professional appeal of our web presence, as well as new designs for the roster database and the RS BBS; RS uniform images have been automated; a second major overhaul of the Bylaws was completed; an RS Merit System was produced; a database for Cadets and Academy leadership was created; we have become actively involved in multiple Week of War competitions; and we have organized, and are presently competing in, the second Outer Rim War, in which we have already added the Elornia, Ockus, Hanguur, and the Demelin Systems to our growing list of territory. These past accomplishments are only the tip of the iceberg of the hundreds of changes and contributions that have been accomplished within every unit of the Rebel Squadrons and at every level of command. Therefore, I would like to thank each and every member that keeps this club’s spirit and wheels turning!

       Moving our eye to the present, the following is a listing of the most recent noteworthy news items:

Bylaw Revisions Completed -

- In October, High Command completed the latest overhaul of the Rebel Squadrons Bylaws. To view the new Bylaws, please visit and the above URL for more information on this announcement.

New Foreign Policy and Alliance Policy -

- By approval of High Command, the Minister of External Affairs and I have updated and improved upon this club’s Foreign and Alliance Policies. These policies outline the guidelines for our diplomatic relations. As such, they may be viewed at the above URLs.

New Fleet Commander’s Website -

- The new web design of my FC site was created by Fleet Admiral Dev, but I have added a wealth of content about my RS character, High Command, the Executive Staff, and information about the Rebel Squadrons Flagship.

New Rebel Squadrons Flagship -

- Going along with the above, the Rebel Squadrons is now sporting a new class of flagship, but with the same name. Please view the above URL for more details, but the new flagship is the Home-One Class Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Rebel Spirit. This should be recognized in all future ITODs and writings that may want to use this ship.

New Rebel Squadrons Internet Officer -

- With Fleet Admiral Dev’s retirement from the RS IO position, I have appointed Lieutenant General Deltan Saviri (>) to take his place. Please visit the above URL for more details on this announcement. Congratulations, LGN Saviri!

Atlantic Shipyards –

- Formally known as the Starfighter Paint Division, the new Atlantic Shipyards is being reformed under the direction of Atlantic Industries (also formally known as Rebel Squadrons Multimedia). To request a customized starfighter on your RS Database Profile, please make a request at

Star Wars: Fleet Command –

- If you have been keeping up on the RS BBS, you would know that the Strategic and Tactical Command is now ready to open its doors to Star Wars: Fleet Command players. A unit has been setup for this Armada II mod, and if you are interested in joining, then please contact Lieutenant General Harley Quinn ( and/or Commander Rode Mitchell ( See the RS BBS for further details.

Uniform Sash Additions Completed –

- All graphics and layout for sash additions on the automated uniform are done. Please login and visit your personal RS uniform on the roster database and note the new sash additions (where applicable). Each Fleet has a unique pin, and therefore, each Fleet that you are a member of will be displayed on your uniform’s sash (with the exception of your Primary Fleet because the color of your uniform already signifies that).

New Patriot Battle Fleet Commanding Officer –

- With LGN Slyder McGrath’s recent retirement from the Rebel Squadrons, I have appointed Major General Spokes to succeed him as PBF Commanding Officer. As such, MGN Spokes joins the voting membership of High Command and joins a long and proud history of PBF Commanding Officers. Congratulations!

Office of the Fleet Commander Report
Admiral Rahj Tharen, Fleet Commander

FC Website -
FC E-Mail -

       As always, the Executive Staff is involving itself in a plethora of projects to not only keep the day-to-day operations of this club continuing, but to improve every fiber of the club. Specific details about each can be found within the reports of the respective Executive Offices, but the following is a brief summary of what is happening:

• Rebel Squadrons Order of Battle Database
• New RS Orientation/Op Manual
• NR5F and UCFP Alliances
• Recruitment and Advertising Initiatives
• RS Fictional Timeline
• New RS website design concepts

Note: Some of these ideas are in their conceptual stages, so if you would like to hear more on any of these projects, please email

       Next, I will be taking a Leave of Absence starting December 21st and until December 30th for both my birthday and the upcoming holidays. For those two weeks, Admiral Shikkie Kaaran will serve as the Acting Fleet Commander once again. Therefore, I would like to ask of everyone to cooperate and support Shik, as well as to direct any questions or problems to him during this time that would otherwise need my attention. Please contact me before the 21st if there is any kind of RS business you would like to finalize before my departure.

       Like in all SotRS Addresses, you will find a report from every office in the Executive Staff. These reports should give every member a fairly good insight into the day-to-day operations and happenings of this club. With that said, congratulations to those pilots and commandos that received medals!

Office of the Executive Officer Report
Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RS XO

XO Website -
XO Email -

       Currently, I am working on the coding for a new Rebel Squadrons Order of Battle Database. This database will be a comprehensive and organized listing of every official ship in the RS’ arsenal, along with specific ship class information and the RS units that call the ship home. Also, the database will have options to add, delete, and edit current ships and for Fleet Commanding Officers to request new ships. This is a project that will more than likely take some time, so stay tuned for future developments on this one.

Internet Office Report
Lieutenant General Deltan Saviri, Internet Officer

IO Website -
IO E-Mail -

Current Projects:

Domain Standardization: Python and I are looking to more forward and create a general set of guidelines on where domain level functions reside and programming standards. This will allow future IO staff to easily learn and manipulate the website.

Online Storyboard: This project is primary for the IBG but nearly all fleets can benefit. I am going to be creating an online forum for the linear posting of interactive stories. No estimated date of completion as this is my 'learning PHP' project.

Workflow: The RS Internet Office will shortly be requiring for all support requests to come through the support form on the RS IO page ( ). This will better allow for the IO team to track, respond and assign work tickets ensuring that member requests are responded to, tracked and eventually cleared.

Accomplished Projects:

       None. Still new to the job. :P I have been able to successfully respond to many RS members requests and resolve their issues. There are several that are still in queue.

Operations Office Report
Brigadier General Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon, Operations Officer

OO Website -
OO E-Mail -

1) As always, the Outer Rim War II competition continues every Saturday at 2 PM EST in channel #OuterRim against the Emperor’s Hammer, Star Vipers, Imperial Order, New Republic 5th Fleet, United Confederation of Free Planets, and the Vast Empire. More information for this event can be sought at and from the usual ORW II Newsletters.

2) Also, the Week of War tournaments for X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and Galactic Battlegrounds continue. Currently, the GB WoW is in progress until Friday, December 20th and the next XvT WoW will start on that same day. The XWA WoW will start the following week on Friday, December 27th. All of these events remain premier opportunities to gain multiplayer practice and experience in one of the largest events of the SW online gaming community. Be sure to join in on the fun!

3) As always, RS Merit points and combat awards will be available to those that participate in the above events.

Department of Internal Affairs Report
Admiral Rensal Darklighter, Minister of Justice

MoJ Website -
MoJ E-Mail -

       For the most part, the Department of Internal Affairs has been fairly quiet for the last few months. As MoJ, I am proud of the way the majority of our members are presenting themselves to each other and to the other clubs on the net.

       In the meantime, this Department has redirected a couple minor complaints back into the Chain of Command and is currently investigating a case involving crude behavior by RS members in channels of the Emperor’s Hammer. Therefore, let us all remember H.I.E.R. and show the rest of the internet the Honor we all carry inside us.

Medals Office Report
Major General Ben Jyzner, Medals Officer

MO Website -
MO E-Mail -

       Projects completed: All graphics and layout for sash additions on the automated uniform are done. Please login and visit your personal RS uniform on the roster database and note the sash additions (where applicable). Each Fleet has a unique pin, and therefore, each Fleet that you are a member of will be displayed on your uniform’s sash (with the exception of your Primary Fleet because the color of your uniform already signifies that).

       Website: Website is current and all links appear to be valid.

Distinguished Service Cross
Recipients: GEN Adam “Vender” Fene

Fleet Commander’s Medal of Excellency
Recipients: MGN Patrick “Blaster” Blastfire, ADM Rensal Darklighter, FA Dev

Excellency of Duty
Recipients: LCM Jan-lo Sunner, BGN Garrik 'Face' Loran

Alliance Dagger
Recipients: LCM Dev Azzameen, LCL Licah Fox, LCL Han Suul, BGN Topachea Nabbirie (2), BGN Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon (3), LGN Corran Horn Jr., VA Kaz Falcion (3), ADM Rahj Tharen (4)

Combat Medal
Recipients: 2LT Tek, LCM Dev Azzameen, CMDR Chris Earthkeeper, LCL Licah Fox, BGN Topachea Nabbirie, BGN Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon, MGN Spokes, GEN Gavin Cantorph Kravis

Valiance Combat Citation
Recipients: 2LT Tek, 1LT Feak Duran, 1LT Joel Lance, LCM Dev Azzameen (3), CMDR Talon Starblazer (3), CMDR Chris Earthkeeper, LCL Licah Fox, LCL Han Suul (2), BGN Topachea Nabbirie (3), BGN Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon (4), MGN Ben Jyzner, MGN Spokes, LGN Corran Horn Jr. (2), VA Kaz Falcion (3), ADM Rahj Tharen (4)

Merit Commendation
Recipients: CAPT Dhruv Kalra, LCM Dev Azzameen, COL LiveWire, ADM Rensal Darklighter

Veteran Service Medal - 3 Years
Recipients: CMDR Nils Omar ad Handansira, LCL DashClone

Veteran Service Medal – 4 Years
Recipients: MGN Tyrin Drax

Veteran Service Medal - 5 Years
Recipients: LCL Stalker, MGN Patrick “Blaster” Blastfire

       As always, congratulations to all of the pilots and commandos that have earned these medals!

Office of External Affairs Report
Major General Lamin Zykara, Minister of External Affairs

OEA Website -
OEA E-Mail -

Alliances Pending: NR5F, UCFP.
Negotiations Pending: Red Squadron, Blue Squadron.
# of RS Alliances: 1
Current Allies: The Star Vipers

       Currently, the Office of External Affairs is pursuing a forum of discussion with the UCFP and the NR5F. I have high hopes that we will be able to establish a working alliance with them. In addition, our newly updated policies have been forwarded to the commander of the Star Vipers. Once they have been examined and agreed to, I will file a newly signed letter of alliance for them.

       Several RS officers committed a “diplomatically unpleasing” act of late that has caused some strain between the Rebel Squadrons and Emperor’s Hammer. I have elected to refrain from any official diplomatic response until the Minister of Justice and the Department of Internal Affairs completes the investigation into this matter. At that time, I will take what action I see necessary.

       In addition, the Recruiting Directorate has become active; the report is below.

Summary of accomplishments:
-New policies approved by High Command
-Offer of negotiations extended to NR5F and UCFP
-Recruiting Officer / Recruiting Directorate functional
-Contact with Red and Blue Squadrons, two squadrons in an online alliance of XvT players
-OEA Reorganization (see below report)

Upcoming goals:
-Alliances with all major clubs involved in Outer Rim Wars II
-Creation of a document template for our letters of alliance
-Further relations with Red / Blue Squadrons

Recruiting Directorate
Colonel John Gonzalez, Recruiting Officer

       Here is the report from the Recruiting Office:

• HTML Invitation Letter has been completed, and is ready for distribution.

       If a member is using MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express, they can send a copy of our letter via email through “Message” >> ”New Message Using…” >> “Web Page…”

• A recruitment diskette is in the works that would include general info on the club, and links to the various related pages. A CD design will include demos of the software we support.

       The following are in design and can be expected to be released a few weeks:

• Business card templates
• Brochures
• Flyers
• URL Banners

       General recruiting (i.e., scouring the Net for message boards, and contacting certain people for recruitment) will commence in a few weeks.

       Basically, after finals and papers are done at school, I’ll be able to fully devote all my remaining energy on the projects discussed. I will send a weekly report on the progress of any work. Of course, any questions feel free to ask!

COL John Gonzalez

Office of Historical Records Report
Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Historical Officer

OHR Website -
OHR E-Mail -

       There is now an RS Timeline available to be viewed on the "RS History" tab of the Office of Historical Records webpage. The first member-submitted article is also up under the "Articles" tab: a short history of Wildcard Squadron. Finally, the old RS Bylaws are available to view under the "Files" tab.

       Once again, I urge all members to help in the OHR by writing or contributing information if they can. Aside from Face’s history of Wildcard Squadron, I have got little-to-no support from the membership. Thus, the OHR has pretty much continued at the pace of my own submissions. Fleet, Wing, or Squadron histories of any unit would be greatly appreciated, especially if you already have them on hand. Please send all submissions to


       In closing, I would like to challenge our membership with some new attributes to think about. I challenge every member in this club – from cadet, pilot, and commando up to the Fleet Commanding Officers - to ALWAYS keep the following things in mind while enjoying the Rebel Squadrons: HIER, communication, and how you can contribute to the betterment of your unit and your squadmates.

       It all starts with every individual member, and without people like you, this club could not possibly exist. Therefore, keep the concepts of HIER (Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, and Respect) close, and strive to cultivate an atmosphere of respect in all of your actions. As for communication, I dare every person in this club to take more initiative and to keep your fellow members up to date by writing more emails and by forging a powerful bond with the members of your Squadron. Those that can do this may realize an esprit de corps that stems from your unit. Strong communication and interaction is the lifeblood of every unit! Lastly, stop and think about how you can make this club a better place. After all, as a member of this club, it is up to each of us to make the RS experience as enjoyable as possible for you and for your fellow members. While we are here, we might as well make it great. With these challenges in mind, not only does the future look brighter than ever, but we can make this club what we want it to be – together.

       May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Respectfully submitted,

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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