Rebel Squadrons

Kaz's Retirement

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 02, 2003
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Members of the Commando Division,

       This is part of an email that I had previously sent to High Command before Kaz sent his retirement announcement to the Fleet. Please give it a read.

       I wanted to address Vice Admiral Kaz Falcion personally. As one of our mainstay Fleet CO’s, your resignation comes as an unexpected shock. However, I suppose sooner or later our real world responsibilities overcome our superfluous desires in each of us. I certainly appreciate the fact that you recognize this and are doing so in the best interest of the Commando Division…something you have always held true.

       For over two years, since November of 2000, you have faithfully and enthusiastically served as RSCD Commanding Officer. Through glory days and dark times, your name has become synonymous with the Fleet you serve. Your contributions, accomplishments, and influences have been too many to list. They can range from RSCD projects to Inter-Club Melee help to fighting for the Rebel Squadrons at every major club vs. club competition and much, much more at every level of command. But most especially, your commitment to the RSCD has been unwavering as the glue that has held the RSCD together at the seams for the past six months. Despite this immense burden, you have continued to give your best. Not only is that all we can ask for, but you will be sorely missed because of it. Without you, the RSCD will be a lot less and I can only hope that your successors can keep the proud traditions of the RSCD alive and well.

       For your outstanding service, numerous accomplishments in the RSCD, and contributions to High Command and the club at large, I think it would only be appropriate to express our deepest thanks to you. Therefore, I proudly bestow upon you the second highest rank this club as to offer for your outstanding service with a promotion to full Admiral. Thank you for all of your achievements and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors! Stick around in whatever capacity you can, but if you are also retiring from the RS as a whole, you will also enjoy Honorary Membership status. Nonetheless, you will always have a place in the Rebel Squadrons.

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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