Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL 1-6-03

By VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Jan 06, 2003
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Hey Pilots,
      I'm going to keep this real short sweet and to the point, because I myself am still getting caught up from over the Holiday season. I hope everyone had a great break, new years, and bowl games :P. My Gators lost, but that wasn't something that I had predicted otherwise. Oh well.


This month's WoW begins on the 17th of January and ends the following friday on the 24th. Lets see a nice turnout!

My appologies for those of you who attempted to join our BSC club for the last WoW and were not able to gain entry. I did not have access to the club options at that time and couldn't add you. I do now, so no worries.

<<<<<-New Policy from BSC->>>>>
I forwarded the information that I recieved from the Grand Pubahs of the BSC to the fleet. The general gist is that you're Zone nick must be uniformal. ie: my zone nick is RS_Executer and not merely Executer. To fly for the RS you need the RS addition.

Also, through their infinite wisdom the BSC staff has decided to change the minimum number of matches (that add to a club's score) to 10 instead of the previous 3. So unfortunately that means that our members will have to fly more to help the club. I don't like it, and we're seeing what we can get out of the BSC, but don't get your hopes up.

The ITOD and IOTOD will be out shortly. I know that Licah's is already finished, and I believe Giz is ready as well. Correct me if I'm wrong fellas. Keep glued to your mailbox for the release.

<<<<<-Exodus Signups->>>>>
We're currently at half strength, so if you want to join the RgF Elite then let myself and Lamin know.

<<<<<-Fictional Writing->>>>>
We're working on a fictional writing group that will revolve around the mission storyline. Sorta like a combination of the RgF and AF. Sconn will follow up with information as it becomes available. See him for details.

RFI is back on the table boys and girls. The results from previous months have been tabulated by Dex (thanks!) and will be up on the Tacops website soon (I'll award medals once I get the results emailed to me, *wink wink*). To report RFI (Renegade Flats Imperitive) go here: and follow the steps. Any MP match counts for RFI. We may be making some changes in the future, but as of now it's the same.

<<<<<-SP Mission Bank->>>>>
We're going to have a competition similar to RFI soon, but for SP instead. Everything is still being tossed around, but it should be out by the end of the month or so.

I'm going to be getting some various information out to the fleet later this week once it is fine tuned, including a new activity policy, personel system, and promotion policy. Stay tuned.

@@@@@@@@@@-Event Results-@@@@@@@@@@

Not bad for an ITOD over the holiday season. You guys continue to impress me :). Corran, you've finally taken the Top Ace award back! Congrats buddy. And once again, Jedi beats us all into submission :P. Congratulations people. I'll get the medals promptly

In the December WoW we managed to pull out of last place! This is very good news seeing as how we are largely up against Zone-only clubs. Good job to the 13 who flew!

<<<<<-Winter Mayhem->>>>>
This was another, not as heavily advertised, war that we entered, but met with little use. I thank Licah for this 10 matches that he flew for us there.

This is every Saturday, so make sure you get out and fly. It's pretty much us versus the EH, at least for XvT that is. Last week we tired for first at 4-4. Overall we have 249 points, with the EH trailing us at 157. Not too shabby. Needless to say, if it wasn't for us picking up the IBG we'd be losing the space battle. Keep it up!

This isn't yet over, just a reminder that the end of this mission is the 17th! Make sure your reports are in by then. Looks good so far though.

@@@@@@@@@@-Positions and Additions-@@@@@@@@@@

<<<<<-New Guardian Wing XO->>>>>
LGN Doth Raandu has returned to us with a ferver ready to kick some tail into gear. He's been placed as Guardian Wing XO to assist there. If anyone in Guardian has any ideas to boost activity there, see Doth and Rekio ASAP.

<<<<<-Roster Additions->>>>>
We have three since my last NL. The first two are in RZA: Millardo Daikun and Cujo Haln. The third is Bria Tharen, who is currently in Griffin (for NL purposes) until her locale is approved. Welcome all of you, I hope you're ready to have some fun. Oh and Bria, you may want to look to changing your name to one that isn't straight from the books...or if for no other reason, so as not to be related to Rahj :P.

@@@@@@@@@@-Promotions and Medals-@@@@@@@@@@

These are the holiday promotions. After these promotions I am going to cut back on awards and promos, because they seem like candy at the moment. If your promary is not the RgF, then this is pending approval from your Primary Fleet CO.

The first three are for graduation with honors from the XvT Academy. Please step forward and recieve the rank of 2nd Lt:
Cujo Haln
Milliardo Daikun
Bria Tharen

For leadership and amazing enthusiasm to better the RgF, please step forward and accept the rank of Captain:
Dex Bogart

For leadership and going above the call of duty in furthering a Wing, please step forward and accept the rank of Commander:
Tech Krill

For outstanding dedication in furthering the RgF through flight (ITOD, IOTOD, WoW, ORW, and Winter Mayhem) as well as taking the reigns of one of our staple events, please step forward and accept the rank of Colonel:
Licah Fox

For being my right hand and furthering this fleet ubove all else, please step forward and accept the rank of Major General:
Sienn Sconn

For throwing herself against the onslaught of the WoW pilots, and still striving forward I present the RgF Medal of Courage to:
Triani Sovak

For taking the battle to the enemy I present the following pilots with the RgF Medal of Valor:
Sienn Sconn
Spokes (even if he isn't in the RgF)

For dedication and service to the RgF I present the RgF Medal of Service to:
Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle
Wes Belden


@@@@@@@@@@-Closing Remarks-@@@@@@@@@@
Hmmm, well this was supposed to be least it was organized :P. Have fun out there pilots, thats the name of the game. We're here to have fun and promote fun. So if there is something that you think might be a good idea, bring it to one of the Fleet CS and we'll try to implement it. I urge everyone to try out the different avenues of activity in the RgF, even if you generally don't like the Zone or MP or SP. Just give it a shot and see if you like it. If you don't, no loss. Well if Sconn or Ent have anything to add, it will be following this NL.

~Gavin C. Kravis


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