Rebel Squadrons

AFNL - January 2003

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, Jan 07, 2003
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Sorry about keeping everyone waiting. On to this pointless missive.

Fleet news –
~ Waiting on a post from someone who knows who he is to keep things rolling. Don’t worry, he told me it’ll be out ASAP. Just sit tight, have your characters grab quick meals and such, we’ll keep things going.
~ Trial of Alec Jaggers has been put on hold due to the current circumstances on Xenen. More news to follow.

Promotions/Medals/Roster Additions –
None at this time, although there will be some coming in the future, I’m certain – I haven’t had the opportunity to do my reviews yet. Squadron and Wing command staff, consider this your cue to do YOUR sweeps and figure out who YOU think deserves some special recognition.

Errata –
~ I’m very slowly working on the Kartuiin Sector Conflict web site….very slowly, as in, when the whim takes me, it gets worked on. There have been some changes to it. If you would like to take a look at it, the URL is
~ Tech has been hard at work on the Aurora Force Encyclopedia. Check it out at

Guess that’s all for now. Get posting, boys and girls, and please stop by and see us in #AuroraForce on the Undernet!

General Indiana Bridger
Aurora Force Commanding Officer
PBF Hope Wing Phoenix Leader
XUG Grey Alpha 4

as Maj. Izra “Wheels” Dargan
Indigo Skies 4

as General Tag Rendar
Aurora Force Commanding Officer (interim)
PBF Hope Wing Phoenix Squadron (interim)
XUG Grey Alpha Intelligence Liaison
XUG Grey Alpha 4 (interim)
Grey Squadron (Tour 5)


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