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RSCD NL 1/21/03

By BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jan 21, 2003
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RSCD NL 1/21/03
General News

Greetings Commandos! Welcome to the latest addition of the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division Newsletter. About two weeks have past since the last NL and much has been accomplished in that time.

Acting RSCD CO, ADM Rahj Tharen, has updated the entire RSCD website ( He also created a new Knight Company page. Please check these out.

A fleet wide AWOL check was adminstered by RSCD SO, MGN Lamin Zykara and the new roster changes reflect this. Be sure to check out the roster to see if any changes effected you. Also, if you take a look at the roster you will see that Avatar Squad has been completely removed, and Shadow Squad has been moved to Knight Company. Also, thanks to GEN Adam "Vender" Fene the RSCD has new squad logos, and I must say that they all look amazing. So thank Vender when you see him.

In event news there are two events that are bneing worked on at this time. One such event will be the resurrection of the Domination League, and all that remains to be done is the coding for the website, which is being worked on by our very own Knight Company XO, MGN Patrick Blastfire. It is our hope that this event will be ready to start in the next week. The other event is being worked on by Knight Company CO, GEN Boid "Gambit" Reaves and it looks to be incredibly promising and it should lead to great things.

Until these events get under way, you will have to wet your multiplayer playing appetite with the ORWII on Saturdays and seeking random matches in #RSCD. For all the event information within the RSCD, please visit:

Katarn Company continues their regular routine with reviewing Dark Forces levels and story writing. A third Squad has been added to the Katarns as well, and it will be known as the Kobra Commandos. So look out for them!

On a side note, RSCD ROC is always in need of capable trainers. If you are interested in such an opportunity, then please contact MGN Lamin Zykara (

Outer Rim War II Competition

The ORW II Competition will continue as it does every Saturday from 2 PM EST to 11 PM EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. This is a large scale fictional gaming competition between the Rebel Squadrons, EH, SV, VE, NR5F, and the UCFP. Both DFII: Jedi Knight and JKII: Jedi Outcast are supported at this event, so please attend to fight for the Commando Division and the Rebel Squadrons! More information for this event can be sought at

Welcome to the RSCD!

The following commandos have recently graduated from the RSCD Recruitment Orientation Center. Therefore, I would like to congratulate and welcome the following new members to the RSCD and their assignments:

General Kyle Tobarn – Raven Squad
Captain Coal M. Fett – Talon Squad
1st Lieutenant Joel Lance – Talon Squad

Welcome to the RSCD! As new members, our main activity and way for you to get involved (which equals fast promotions and medals) is currently the ORW II. See the above ORWII announcement for more information. I would also like to encourage each of you to visit #RSCD as much as possible. See below for more information on that as well.

New Appointments

The following command staff appointments have recently been made:

1st Lieutenant Joel "Slim" Lance, Kobra Commando CO

Congratulations on your appointment! The entire Fleet looks forward to your future accomplishments.

Command Vacancies

The following command positions are currently available:

Dragon Squad XO
Raven Squad XO
Shadow Squad XO
Talon Squad XO

If you are interested in any of these command vacancies, please email the RSCD CO ( and RSCD XO ( to apply for said position.

Promotions and Awards

LJG Mordin Malchia Tyriel, front and center! You're continued activity, leadership contributions, and active JO playing sets a great example to the rest of Fleet! For your high activity, you are hereby promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant! Congrats!

MGN Lamin Zykara, front and center! For contributing to the furtherment of the RSCD by excelling in your position as RSCD SO and more importantly RSCD ROC CO (the most thankless job in the RSCD), you are hereby awarded the second highest award in the RSCD, the RSCD Acheivement Medal (! Congrats!

LGN Doth Raandu, front and center! For contributing to the furtherment of the RSCD by excelling in your position as Talon CO, you are hereby awarded the second highest award in the RSCD, the RSCD Acheivement Medal! Congrats!


Want to communicate with the rest of the RS and RSCD? Get on mIRC, go to an Undernet server, then go to channel #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL. The RSCD channel is #RSCD. mIRC is a chat server that is the primary communications tool of the RS, and almost every commando or pilot spends their downtime there between missions. For more information on how to connect to these RS channels, please visit Everyone is welcome, so stop by and have some fun. Also, check out the main RS Message Board ( for the latest happenings in the RS and RSCD.


As you can see, things are looking up for the Commando Division. By the next newsletter the Domination League should be in full swing. Until then, have fun with your games, visit #RSCD, and please show up to the ORW II this Saturday!

May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
RSCD Executice Officer


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