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By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jan 23, 2003
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To all Multiplayer (MP) IBG Pilots:

It has been a on time since IBG has done anything serious regarding MP. In the next month or so I'll be attempting to change that so people that do enjoy it can finally get the action they deserve.

MP Pilots I've noticed, aren't very numerous within the IBG. That's why for this Campaign, I'll be asking people to sign up for it if they're interested. I don't want to bother people that are uninterested, or are unable. This will not affect the IBG ITOD in any way, and will be regarded as a completely seperate activity.

The Campaign has not been constructed yet, I'm in the process of putting it together from scratch as we speak. I will tell you that it will include the following:

1) Campaign Website, including Map and other details
2) MP Skirmish Missions
3) 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 (or 2 vs 1) Competition
4) Team Aliases (Selecting from Pirate, Imperial, Republic or Other)
5) Team Objectives (Not just random slaughtering, but for those that like it, there will be SOME random slaughtering. :) )

It is my objective to make IBG Campaigns skill and tactics based. I want even the most ameture pilot to find some enjoyment in this, because they'll know that they'll have some kind of chance at succeeding.

The first IBG Campaign will be sort of a "Beta" test, so I can evaluate player interest, and fix the Campaign so that it'd run better on a larger scale. Eventually these "Beta Campaigns" will end when they get to the full potential.

If anyone is at all interested in helping me develop the Beta Campaigns, send an e-mail to:

Topic: IBG Beta Campaign
Send To:

Include your name and squadron.

Hope to see some of you sign up!! Nothing may happen for a while, but you will be sent progress reports and other additional information. I'll most likely make a mailing list for these purposes.

Those who also sign up may receive additional merits or rewards come the end of the tour for their help in developing activities in the IBG. :)

Thanks for your time,

General Adam Fene
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer


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