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Hydra Squadron NL 02-04-03

By LCM Trev Firestorm
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, Feb 04, 2003
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Hydra Squadron NL 02-03-03

Roster Changes

Col. Ste T has retired from the squadron
Lt. Col. Stalker has been added as Hydra 6

Mission Turnout

We had 2 reports on 707, and only 9 fleet wide. We can do better than that, lets help pull the fleet out of its nosedive and get 100% reporting on this next one. Where's the Hydra pride?

Congradulations Corran with that top score.

R2F 708
This one's a fun one, lots of avenger vs avenger action. Get it, fly it, win it. Due: Friday February 28, 2003 at 11:59,59 PM EST
There is no laser cap. Lets give some real competition this time!


LJG Gythan Rhodes and 2Lt. Farin Talonhelm did not report on 707 and to my knowlege gave no excuse as to why. LJG Gythan Rhodes has recently proven his continued existence and so will not be placed awol. 2Lt. Farin Talonhelm, you have 24 hours to respond or you get marked AWOL. Both of you had better fly 708 or give a damn good reason why you can't, in which case send in a zero, you have to atleast show interest.

Capt. Sean Wingrider is still AWOL, redeem your self and fly! Show us your alive!

Info Seek

What is going on with the Hydra site, who's in charge of it right now?

Closing Notes

Well that wasn't so bad for my first NL.
Get involved with the Fleet, its faultering right now and needs a rejuvinating burst of activity. Also recuit members to our little fleet, the more people there are the more they will care, the more fun it will be for everyone.
If we do get more active I'm thinking I could make a fun little squadron mission or 3.

Captain Trev "Blaze" Firestorm


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