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RSCD NL 2/5/03

By VA Patrick Blastfire
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Feb 05, 2003
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RSCD NL 2/5/03
General News

Greetings, Commandos! Welcome to the first NL for the month of February...and
my first fleet NL! (Woohoo) It's a great honor for me to take the reigns of this fleet,
and I plan on doing everything I can to make it as good as it can be.

The RSCD Recruitment Orientation Center is in heavy need of new instructors for
DF, JK, and JO. If you'd like to help bring new members into the RS and RSCD,
contact the RSCD SO ( as well as the RSCD CO

Welcome to the RSCD!

The following commandos have recently graduated from the ROC. A warm
welcome to the following members:


New Appointments

The following command staff appointments have recently been made:

Knight CO: Gen. Boid "Gambit" Reaves
Knight XO: LGN. Doth Raandu
Raven CO: LCL DashClone

Congratulations on your new command positions! If you have any questions or
comments at any time, please feel free to contact me ( or
the RSCD XO(

Command Vacancies

The following command positions are currently available:

Knight Company SO
Shadow Squad CO
Dragon Squad XO
Raven Squad XO
Talon Squad XO

If you are interested in any of the above positions, contact the Knight Company
CS ( and as well as the RSCD CO and XO
( and

RSCD Domination League
Battlestats' Week of War

For a week and a half now, activity in the Domination League has soared!
With a current total of 69 matches played, this is definately the greatest amount
of multiplayer activity the fleet has seen in a very long time. Thank you to all who
have signed up and played; I hope it's been an enjoyable experience thus far!

That being said, the Domination League competition will end this Friday, Feb. 7th,
at which point a winning squad will be announced. The scores and standings will all
be wiped, and a new season of the DL will begin one week later(Feb. 14). During
this one week break from the DL, the RS is signed up to participate in Battlestats'
Jedi Outcast Week of War, which will run from Feb. 7th at 2pm EST until Feb. 14th
at 2pm EST. The WoW is a large competition between many different clubs based
out of the zone. For more information on the WoW, visit
and take a look around. More information will hopefully be on the way soon.

So, although the DL will be ending soon, there will still be something going on to
keep most everyone busy. In the meantime, signup for the DL before it ends and
help out your squad!

Current Squad Standings:

Talon Squad: 1460
Raven Squad: 1225
Shadow Squad: 825
Dragon Squad: 270

To participate, visit the RSCD channel on the Undernet IRC network(#RSCD) and
simply ask around for a match. For more information on connecting to IRC, visit .

Outer Rim War II Competition

The final ORW II was this past week. Unfortunately, the RS didnt go out with a bang
as I had hoped it would. We lost both the ground and space battles, but both of
them combined ended in an RS win for the day, and also sealed our victory of
the entire competition. There were a total of 33 points gained through JK/JO
matches this past week, and I'm very proud of the valiant effort. Thanks to all who
participated throughout this event in the past, and I hope you enjoyed it as much
as I did.

Jedi Ranking System Elevations/News

1Lt. Dan Qal Strum has been elevated to Padawan after being taken as an
Apprentice by Adm. Kaz Falcion.

Promotions and Awards

None at the moment.

Commando of the Week

For amazing activity in the Domination League(60 matches and counting) and the
ORWII, the Commando of the Week is 1Lt. Dan Qal Strum. Congratulations!


Want to communicate with the rest of the RS and RSCD? Get on mIRC, go to an
Undernet server, then go to channel #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL. The RSCD channel
is #RSCD. IRC is a chat server that is the primary communications tool of the
RS, and almost every commando or pilot spends their downtime there between
missions. For more information on how to connect to these RS channels, please
visit Everyone is welcome, so stop by and
have some fun. Also, check out the main RS Message Board
( for the latest happenings in the RS and the


There's still quite a bit going on, as you all can see. We're not exactly up to par
yet, but we're getting there. Let's keep up the activity, and remember: Have fun!

LGN Patrick Blastfire
Proud member of Raven Squad


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