Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, 2/07/03

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Feb 07, 2003
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Major General Sienn Sconn awoke about 30 minutes after he'd collapsed onto his bunk in the XO's quarters of the Ad-Astra. He had just come off his watch and General Kravis still hadn't arrived yet. The annoyance that woke him was the constant jabbing of Jeeves, his command attache 3p0 unit. "Sir. General Sconn? Sir? Wake up, please, sir!" Sconn grunted. Jeeves continued his assualt. Sconn grunted louder and pulled the blankets over his head. Quickly the metallic hands pried the top of the blanket out of his fingers, jerking it back and revealing Sconn to the painfully bright light. "Go away, Jeeves.", muttered the half-awake executive officer. "Sir," said Jeeves, "Captain Cartl is waiting at the door for you, sir." Sconn rolled his eyes and struggled out of bed, grabbing his robe from the outstretched arm of Jeeves and tossing it haphazardly around himself, slinging his uniform belt and sidearm over his shoulder in a similar fashion. Scratching at his stubb!
le, he leaned out. "Cartl? What's going on, I just got into bed, couldn't it wait?", Sconn questioned. Captain Cartl, CO of the Renegade Fleet flagship and ranking senior officer after the RgF Second Officer threw a crisp salute, panning his eyes up and down the thoroughly groggy executive officer. "Uh...yes, sir. Priority communication from Blethmore, sir.", Cartl said. "Who's it from?", Sconn replied. "Doesn't say, sir, but it's of highest urgency." "It would be. Heard from Gavin yet?" "No, sir." Sconn nodded. "Right, let's go, Cartl. If this message is from anyone less than a Lieutenant General, I'll sing him a 4-letter aria he won't soon forget.", Sconn growled. With that, he stormed off in the direction of the bridge, crewmembers staring and embarassed in his wake.
       Sconn brushed his way past the security officer on the bridge, Cartl doing his best to catch up. Sconn stood in the middle of the bridge and tried to project the smoldering anger he felt right now. "Patch it through, Lieutenant.", facing the communications screen with a scowl. As soon as he heard the tone announcing that audio connection was established, Sconn answered the call in a biting tone. "Sconn here, what the hell do you want?" Soon the video connection established, and Sconn found himself looking directly at the RS's Fleet Commander, Admiral Rahj Tharen. Sconn threw a regulation salute and immediatly wished he hadn't as he struggled valiantly to keep his robe clothed. After an embarrassing couple of seconds, he secured the robe with his uniform belt and began his salutaton. "Uh...Admr-a Rahj-,erm Admiral Tharen, Sir.", Sconn stammered, quite embarassed. "Easy, General. I've got an update on Gavin." "Uh...right, couldn't you have just sent a message,!
sir?" Rahj grimaced. "Gavin's...out of contact. He reported his X-Wing stolen during his R&R visit to Treanor 7." "Treanor 7? Oh, right, the lithe little Twi-...erm. Nevermind, thanks for the information, Admiral." "The fleet is in your hands until his return, General Sconn. Remember that the RgF is the first line of defense on this front and we need your strength." "Uh. Yes, sir, thank you sir." "Tharen out."
Sconn turned to the giggling bridge crew with a glare that would melt stone. "A word of this to anyone, and you'll all be assigned to cleaning up after General Ke'ylle's booze bashes, understand?"


Okay, fun and everything out of the way, Gav's internet router is messed up as well as his AOL account. He's going to be back ASAP, until then, I'm acting CO with Ent as acting XO. If necessary, I'll appoint an acting SO, hopefully we won't come to that.
That said, here's the layout for the NL:

I. News And Announcements
II. Incoming Pilots
III. RgF 207 results.
IV. Promotions/Awards
V. Closing

-- February Week of War starts on the 21st on the Zone. If you're not signed up, you should go do that at We had a hell of a turn out for the last one, and I'd like to build on that success. We've proved that we're capable of being a threat on our own, so let's keep our streak alive.

--RgF Zodiac 101 is due on Feb. 28th. This is our co-op mission and it must be flown with at least one other pilot. From what I got to see of it last night before a lagout, it's pretty cool, so have some fun and go fly. Reports go to

--RgF 208 will be delayed until Giz gets it to me or Ent or uploads it himself. Gavin was planning to upload it, but his router died before he could. As soon as I recieve it, I'll assign a due date and let y'all know.

--Colonel Licah Fox is starting up an RgF "Fantasy League". It looks to be pretty cool and is just an extra form of competition for the RgF. Makes things a little more interesting. If you're interested, contact him at and check out the website here: He promises it'll be fun and easy to learn.

--I (Sconn), will be starting up a fiction writing group for members of the RgF based on our ITOD and IOTOD missions. If there's sufficient member interest, that is. If you ARE interested, let me know at

--The following is from Ent:
Some people have expressed interest in seeing the return of the Multi-Player Campaign to the RgF. For those people too new to remember it, this was an intra-fleet competition somewhat similar to the ORW, but with certain "financial" twists. The campaign is played on a map of star systems, with each wing occupying a specific region and attempting to take over the other regions through MP melee competition. Each wing is limited "financially" in that they are given a certain amount of credits to be used to purchase fighters and armaments, with income being dependent on a variety of factors. For those who remember the last one, we would obviously be working hard to correct the flaws and problems that came up.

I am currently gauging member interest in seeing this competition format return. But anyone who would be interested in seeing it return, please drop me a line at This ISN'T a request for volunteers to help develop it, only an attempt to gauge interest. Should sufficient interest be shown, development will commence and volunteers will be asked for as needed.

--RS Training Nights from 5-11 PM on the Undernet in #outerrim!

I'd like to welcome the following pilots into the RgF, both are old hands from previous RgF missions:

Col. Jeremiah Matthew -- Resurrection Squadron, Scorpion Wing.
CMDR Nils Omar ad Handan-Sira -- Twilight Squadron, Guardian Wing.

In addition, LGN Richard Gross has been assigned as the new Guardian Wing CO. Good luck all, and make 'em feel welcome!

We had a pretty decent turnout for 207, despite the length of the mission required to get a competitive score. :-/ Regardless, here's the awards (I'll award these medals tonight):

Top Gun: LCM Dev Azzameen, with a score of 188,800 points and 35 kills.
Top Wing: Defense Operations, with a combined score of 1,332,940 points, 228 kills and 12 reports.
Mission Report Medal: The RgF MRM for the best narrative goes to two pilots on this mission (they were the only two who submitted reports and both were really good) Capt. Talmer Krablaad of Red Dragon Squadron and 2nd Lt. Tingar "Tiny" Miletus of Ragnorok Squadron! Congrats, guys.

And, carrying on the tradition of being the RgF's "Die Hard" Squad, Red Dragon Squadron brings hope the top squad honors with 683,740 points, 112 kills, and 8 reports.

Congrats all!

IV. Promotions and Awards:
(Gavin said he'd handle these (medals). If he's not back in a week, I'll take care of it, I know what you all should get. There's only one that I'd like to award personally.)

Colonel Chris Earthkeeper, for your outstanding participation in the January Week of War and your sterling example of what every pilot in the Renegade Fleet should strive for, I hereby present you with the top honor that the RgF Command Staff can award: The RgF Pilot of the Week. Congrats, Chris!

As for promotions. There are none from the Fleet Command staff this month. That's not to say that nobody's doing their job. Quite the contrary, the majority of people we'd like to promote are simply doing their jobs too well and are ineligible for promotion at this time. So...congrats, in a backhanded sort of way!

However, I would like to take this time and this space to point out a few junior members of the RgF to their squad and wingmates, as well as their COs for recognition:
2nd Lt. Bria Tharen -- Outstanding record in January WoW, third place score on 207 (RDS has her to thank).
2nd Lt. James "Nightwolf" Davidson -- Great score for a rookie on 207, outstanding activity.
Capt. David -- Insane participation in the Week of War, good report on 207.

That's it out of me, for the most part. I don't know how long Gav will be gone (he damn well better be back for the WoW), but y'all are stuck with me until he is. Just to reassure you all, this is my third time on a fleet command staff, my 2nd time as a Fleet XO and I've also got a term as a fleet CO under my belt. You're in good hands between me and Ent. Get to your ships, Fly Zodiac, fly training nights, fly WoW and 208 (when it's posted). Bottom line, get the f-ck out there and fly!

-Major General Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn,
RgF XO (Acting CO)
Red Dragon 12.


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