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Shadow Squadron NL 2-7-03

By CMDR Linden Rathan
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Squadron NL, Feb 07, 2003
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Shadow Squadron Newsletter 2-7-03

None as far as I'm aware of

We only had one report for 707. Thanx to Cmdr. Rode Mitchell

I want EVERYONE to report in to me and Vykk saying that they're still alive. We need 100% participation for 708. Everyone had better fly this one or give a VERY good reason for not being able too.

-I guess I somehow got a promotion to Maj.
-Vykk is around here somewhere, so I'm just taking care of the NL.
-The site will be updated when I get the passwords from the IO.

This is my first NL, hope it wasn't too boring or long. Remember to report in and FLY for this one. The mission stats are below for R2F708. Let's see if we can challenge the fleet into more activity :)


R2F 708 - "Return of the Enemy"

-Mission file can be downloaded at

-Mission Reports and Pilot files are due no later then Friday February 28 at 11:59:59 PM EST to

-Laser Cap: None


General Information
-No-Tolerance Policy
"Each member of the Retribution Fleet must either report on either the current Fleet Mission or their current Wing or Squadron mission for the month. (just narratives or reports of zero are acceptable) or participate in the run-on for the current fleet mission or the squadron CO will mark that member AWOL. IF marked AWOL two months in a row for this reason the member may be removed from the squadrons roster with permission from the Fleet CO"

- Mission Building Academy --REOPEN FOR BUINESS--
The MBA is a section of the Academy devoted to helping people learn the art of making missions for the games we play in the Rebel Squadrons. Anyone interested in learning how to build TIE Fighter missions, or any other game, contact LGN Corran Horn Jr. ( or visit the MBA site at:

- Sentinel Wing Website --BEING UPDATED--

-Shadow Squadron website will be updated as soon as I get the login from the Internet Office.

-Major Linden "Lone-Wolf" Rathan
Shadow XO/IO


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