Rebel Squadrons

New RS Operations Officer

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 19, 2003
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons,

       After reviewing the initial applications for the vacant position of Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer (RS OO), there was one outstanding candidate. With past experience as a Fleet Commanding Officer, extremely high activity levels, and an enthusiastic desire to contribute much more to the club, this applicant made picking the next RS OO an easy choice. Without further ado, the new RS Operations Officer is Lieutenant General Doth Raandu ( Already work has begun on continuing the functions of the Operations Office. You can expect to hear from LGN Raandu shortly in regards to this fact.

       Please note, however, that applications for the position of Deputy Operations Officer (DOO) are still being accepted. The DOO’s responsibilities would consist of aiding the RS OO with their day-to-day duties.

       With that said, congratulations to LGN Raandu and I wish him and the Operations Office the best of success! May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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