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RSSTC Newsletter, March 2003

By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 01, 2003
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Greetings all, and welcome to another month in the STC.

I: Command Vacancies
II:GB Intersquad Tournament Results.
III:WoW Results
IV: Upcoming events
V: General Rantings.


I am still looking for a CO for Paladin Squadron (Galactic Battlegrounds.) Anyone interested can email me at

II: GB Intersquad Tournament Results.

So far, only 1 singles match has been played. This was the 'Commander of the Base' match between myself and Talon, which after a titanic struggle, was won by me. This puts Paladin squad 1-0 up. The rest of you, get your matches played. Eclipse and Paladin CO's, I need your 2 doubles pairings for the next round ASAP!

III:WoW Results.

Last WoW was rather dissappointing with only myslef and Xtremegene playing. A little more participation in the next one would be nice. The next GB/CC WoW starts Friday 14th March.

IV:Upcoming Events.

GB/CC WoW, starts Friday 14th March.

Plans are in motion for a Fleet Command competition between ourselves and the SV. I will let you know more once Rode and Nitemare have organised the details.

Signups are now open for the first RSSTC event to be hosted on Battlestats. This is a 2 on 2 tournament open to all members of the RS. So get yourself a partner and sign up today. For those who don't know how to sign up for a BSC tournament here is a Help file for you.

Go to BSC (
From the left hand menu choose Galactic Battlegrounds.
Scroll down to tournaments and choose 'RSSTC 2 v 2 Challenge'.
From the left hand menu select 'Signin/Checkin'
Select your RS BSC profile.

If you are starting a new team, scroll down to 'Create Team'. Enter your team name and password and click 'Submit signup'

If you are joining a current pairing (IE: your partner has already signed up you team as above) choose the team you wish to join from the dropdown list, enter the password (which your partner should have given you) and click 'Submit signup'.

Please note, you MUST MUST MUST have a BSC account to play in this tournament.

IV: General Rantings

I must say, I am a little disappointed at the lack of activity lately. You have a wealth of Wing organised events to play in and nothing is stopping you from organising events for your own squad. Everyone needs to remember why they are play games and have fun. So lets start playing!

LGN Harley "Jester" Quinn


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