Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, 3/1/03

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 01, 2003
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I. News and Announcements
II. Sub208 Results
III. Zodiac 101 Results
IV. Feb. WoW Results
V. Promotions/Awards
VI. Closing

I. News and Announcements
--GAv's back. We can all go back to ignoring him and deleting his e-mails now.

--Zodiac 101 and Sub208 were due a few hours ago. If you haven't reported now, well, it's too late.

--Zodiac 102 will be ready as soon as I/Ent/Gav gets it from Licah (hint hint). RgF 208 will be posted as soon as this is sent.

II. Sub208 results:
Valiant effort, Twilight Squadron. A last minute report bumped you out of first place though, too bad. With that, the RgF Top Gun medal goes to Col. Han Suul of Ragnorok Squadron, with a score of 66,306 and 30 kills.

Ragnorok also takes Top Squad honors for Sub208.

Great activity, guys. This is more than I've seen in a while, and it's looking pretty good.

III. Zodiac 101 results:
Ragnorok and Scorpion Wing make a clean sweep, as does Han.
The Blade of Courage for the Highest Score goes to Han Suul,'
The Legion of Fury goes to Ragnorok Squadron
and the Infinity Cluster goes to Scorpion Wing.

We also had some good turnout here, and it was a fun mission. Look forward to Zodiac 102.

IV. February Week of War results:
Okay...well...if you look at stats, we kind of got beat up. :-P However, I'm using the stats to think, "Hey, we improved." and...we did. Looking at Games W/L, we lost a lot of games. Big deal. Looking at some of the other stats, I think most everyone improved.
The Following Pilots will recieve the RgF Medal of Valor:
MGN Sconn
LCM Horn
LGN Spokes
LGN Jester
BGN Xtremegene
The rest of you will recieve the Medal of Courage:

((It's late, I'm too tired to go look up roster names and ranks))

V. Promotions/Awards:

Twilight Squadron will be nominated for a Unit Commendation for their outstanding participation on Sub208. I'll try to write more about that later.

LGN Richard Gross will be nominated for a Unit Commander's Commendation for his work with Guardian Wing.

In addition to that, I'd like to award the RgF Pilot of the Week to Admiral Rensal Darklighter. He's shown real improvement in the WoW's that he's participated in, his scores have helped drive Twilight to high ranking and his example is one that any RgFer should be proud to follow.

VI. Closing
Well, Gav's back. I'm off my acting CO pulpit and back to my XO's place (That is, right next to the cage containing Entropy. Careful. I haven't fed him yet.). Anyway. I'd just like to point out how pleased I am with the activity and morale of the RgF over this month. I've got no problems I feel like reporting to Gav, and activity on Sub208 was great, especially for a one-run mission with a two week due date. Twilight attained 100% participation, something I've seen like...twice in my RS career, and only 3 or 4 times in my 3 years with the EH. In the XvT WoW, I think we improved, despite my serious lack of Gav on my wing. For which he will pay. Dearly. However, X and I pulled out a squeaker that was probably one of the best XvT matches I've ever played. Unless you factor in me and Sair's infamous "Z-95's with missiles" match. Anyway. I saw improvement, I saw new guys flying, I saw us doing a whole lot better than, I must admit, I thought we would. As for Zodiac!
, I just had a good time. Which is pretty much all I've been doing since taking this job. It bodes well for you that I like doing my job. :-P I haven't had this much of a low-stress RS environment since...somewhere after joining the PBF's Jade Squadron. Anyway...I'm digressing and I think I want to go crash on my futon. Allow me to summarize: Activity == Good. Zodiac == Fun. WoW == a pleasant surprise. Sconn == sleepy. Finally, RgF == Good.

Oh yeah. And I'll be leaving on LOA for like 5 days starting Wednesday.

-Major General Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn,


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