Rebel Squadrons

PBF NL 3/3/03

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Mar 03, 2003
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PBF Newsletter – Battle Front

ISD Judicator
Officer’s Quarters Corridor

Gavin quickly made his way down the main officer’s corridor, distancing himself from his personal quarters and the body of General Gah’Vor’s security officer. As he rounded the corner that would take him closer to the ship’s central turboshafts, he viciously ran through his possibilities of escape.

“Think Gav, come on, think,” he pounded in his head. “Ok… well first I need to identify my options. I can’t stay on board…” His thoughts trailed off as he remembered the body of Lieutenant Peridun in his room. “I’ve got one or two hours tops… someone is going to try to contact Peridun… and when they cannot find him, they are going to start looking.”

Gavin felt the nervous energy ripple through his body that his heightened state of stress was causing. He had to harness this energy if he planned to stay alive, because if he let it control his actions then he was already as good as dead. “To Sith with pessimism then, lets be optimistic. I am on a ship full of beings that would love to kill me had they the knowledge of my true identity. I have no reasonable access to a ship, and even if I did I would most likely be blown out of space before I could manage to clear the hanger bay. Oh, and I work directly for the man that publicly executes his loyal officers when they screw the bantha...” He almost visibly winced as he concluded what would happen to a foiled traitor. “I need to get better at this optimistic part.”

Various crew members, pilots, and officers passed by on either side of Gavin going to and from any number of destinations aboard the massive capital ship. After offering and returning a number of salutes and pleasantries, he found his way into a free turbolift and hit the access panel. The door whooshed to a closed position as Gavin turned to face the lone exit. He paused as he began to enter his destination. He had already been going to this place instinctively, for it seemed to be the most logical way to leave an enemy vessel. Keying in the main hangar bay, Gavin leaned back and clasped his arms behind his back. “Well for the short time that Peridun’s body is not discovered, I remain Lieutenant Berso Hasuadan, personal aide of Fleet Commanding Officer General Gah’Vor. Lets see if I can pull a little rank with the grease monkeys and pilots.”

ISD Judicator

Captain Wynwyth gazed off into the vast vacuum of space through the JUDICATOR’s transpersteel view port. The planets and stars of the Enomea Rim shown brightly on the bed of matte black nothingness, spanning off in every direction. Further toward the Core of the galaxy, stars grew increasingly dim and compacted; the Captain knew that in the Deep Core, planets, stars, and other gravitational anomalies made space travel tedious and risky. However, here out on the edge of the Unknown Regions, space dominated. Wynwyth’s gaze shifted from the endless expanse of stars to the WHITE DRAGON and then to the crippled COURAGEOUS. The Escort Frigate’s repairs were underway, but the tech and mechanic crew had been unable to bring the main shield generators back on line. The ship, while quite formidable when operating at efficiency, was as defenseless as a bantha calf being targeted by a krayt dragon.

“Lieutenant,” Wynwyth queried. “What is the latest report on the COURAGEOUS?

The young operations officer paused for a moment as he brought up the latest filed report. “Sir, the crew chief says that repairs are proceeding as scheduled. The cosmetic hull and interior maintenance has almost reached completion. He however notes that the shields-“

“Will take additional time to bring online…” the Captain finished. “Yes, thank you Lieutenant.” Wynwyth pondered the report and again rotated back towards the view port. He nearly lost his composure completely when a small, yet brilliant, flash of light caught his eye. The flash was joined by another, and then another, and yet still another. Wynwyth swore under this breath as guessed what he was looking at.

The sensors officer called out only a split second later. “Captain! We have a large number of starfighter-class ships approaching straight out of hyperspace. I am receiving data that suggests A-wing interceptors and both B and Y-wing bombers.” The officer stopped as he reviewed additional incoming data feeds. “Sir, these are not ours.”

Wynwyth braced his hands on the walkway railing and quickly began to give commands, “Battle alert! All hands to battle stations! Raise shields! Launch Dragon Squadron to meet the interceptors and provide a screen for the COURAGEOUS. Inform the senior officer on board that I want the ship to make a run for hyperspace. Those bombers must not be allowed to disable that Frigate!”

“Aye Sir!!”

“Inform High Admr-- General Gah’Vor that we are under attack by Patriot Battle Fleet starfighters. I respectfully request his presence on the bridge and get these engines started. We can’t fight if we can’t move!”

Dragon Squadron shot out from under the JUDICATOR and hurled off to battle the approaching enemy. Wynwyth again found himself watching through the view port as the opposing forces slammed into one another at full attack speed. Green and reddish-orange lasers danced around each other in a deadly display until the first craft either enemy or friend, exploded and what had been empty space before was quickly filling with debris.

CRS Valor

Captain Tauber 92 had accepted the hyperspace co-ordinates from Wing Commander Sunner without comment, but he had never learned to trust someone else’s word when it involved his ship. “Returning to real space in 3, 2, 1…” The white lines of light that were the most familiar aspect of traveling through hyperspace disappeared and were replaced with red and white blips on the screen and the starboard side of a big Mon Cal cruiser filled half the viewscreen. “Open fire.”

Commander Jan-lo Sunner had been accompanied to the Bridge by General Spokes and his little astromech droid and they took in the battle scene together. She still found it curious that the General talked to the droid as though he understood every beep and whistle. “Tactical, what have we got?” She asked.

Lt. Thomas Vocca responded with only a moment’s hesitation as he finished his count of the opposition. “A Cruiser, MC-80 class, a Star Destroyer that is out of our range, the Frigate we want, a dozen snubfighters and a small minefield. We seem to have caught them dead in the water Commander. Neither Cap ship will be able to maneuver for at least 10 minutes.” Lt. Vocca stopped briefly and then added, “Now, the McGrath has joined us and is directly between the two Cap ships. We are effectively screening the Frigate.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Concentrate fire on the Cruiser to give the McGrath some breathing room. Order the B-Wings to do the same.” Commander Sunner turned to the Fleet Commander to get his expected input only to find him hovering near the Comm Station. “Sir?” She would never get used to this level of unpredictability. He had disappeared from her side after barely a glance at the White Guard formation.

“Hmmm?” Lt. General Tyrell Borran looked up from where he had been working the keypad. His fingers never stopped moving, but he gave the impression that Jan-lo Sunner had his undivided attention. “Yes, Commander. What can I do for you?” Spokes asked as he turned his gaze back to the keyboard and hit a few more keys. “Plug in Squelch.” Spokes rolled back from Comm Station to make room for the droid and now, truly gave Jan-lo his undivided attention. He made a quick assessment of her as this was her first battle as Hope Wing Commander and was pleased. She was looking at him as though she had caught him doodling in math class and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing aloud.

“This is funny to you.”

“Absolutely.” He said and really tried to stop smiling. “We have the White Guard by the short hairs and we are about to start twisting them.” Spokes led the way to the viewport before continuing. He pointed at the nearest White Guard ship and said, “I’d prefer to take that Cruiser rather than the Frigate, but we don’t have the time or resources for an Op like that. It’s a shame. I hate watching those Mon Cals destroyed…. General Gah’Vor hasn’t left us any other option as yet.”

“As yet?”

“Aye, he’ll be hailing us in a few minutes….” Spokes was interrupted by Squelch’s abrupt chirping. Spokes just smiled, but this time, there was no humour in his eyes.

ISD Judicator

Klaxons blared as General Gah’Vor burst onto the Bridge and quickly made his way to the command area where Captains Wynwyth and Grishold awaited him. He quickly returned their salutes. “Gentlemen, what is out status?”

Grishold was the first to offer an answer while Wynwyth continued to direct the White Guard forces. “General, the Patriot Battle Fleet craft consist of B-wing and Y-wing bombers, escorted by A-wing interceptors. The Y-wings appear to be attempting a strike at the COURAGEOUS, while the B-wings are moving on an intercept course with the WHITE DRAGON. Dragon Squadron has met the A-wings and has split to also deal with the Y-wings.”

Gah’Vor took in each bit of information that Grishold presented. How in the Sith had the Patriot Battle Fleet discovered this supposedly secure WHITE GUARD location.
“Peridun… he said something about an unauthorized transmission…”

“Excuse me Sir?”

“No, its nothing Captain.” Gah’Vor turned to face the command pit. “Comm, inform the WHITE DRAGON to launch Griffon Wing. We are going to need every ship we can muster. Also have the Hammer bomber flights ready to launch at a moments notice.”

Wynwyth cast a befuddled expression at the General. “Sir, is there something I should know.”

Gah’Vor straightened, “We have been sold out Captain. I have yet to discover the traitor, but my Security Officer and aide were investigating the occurrence of an unauthorized encrypted transmission from the officer’s quarter’s.”

Wynwyth’s facial expression easily showed his displeasure at the news of a rebel operative, while Grishold simple let fly an audible curse.

“Sir, the Y-wings have managed to start ion runs on the COURAGEOUS. Dragon Leader reports that the A-wings are keeping things much too hot for them to take out all of the bombers.”

“Have Griffon Wing launch immediately, and tell Commander Pelio to…”

“SIR! We have two new contacts! Cruiser class… Mon Calamari! Sir, it’s the VALOR and the MCGRATH!”

Gah’Vor stepped in before Wynwyth could respond, “Send in Hammer and have them pour as many missiles into the MCGRATH as possible. Check the ships trajectory. Have the WHITE DRAGON lay down fire to drive this enemy into our minefield. All JUDICATOR batteries open fire. Helm, bring us to port and expose the enemy to the maximum number of turrets.”

Gah’Vor stepped back and let Wynwyth resume direct control over the JUDICATOR’s bridge. He motioned for Grishold to come to his side.

“What do you request, General?”

“Captain, I want you to go down to the hangar and prepare my personal shuttle. If things do not go as planned, I want to have a backup plan ready at once. You will pilot the ship personally.”

Grishold showed no sign of whether leaving the bridge in the heat of battle bothered him one way or the other. “Yes Sir, right away. I will have the shuttle prepped and ready to lift off the moment you arrive.”

ISD Judicator
Hangar Bay

Battle klaxons had sounded just as Lieutenant Hasuadan had entered the JUDICATOR’s hangar. “Perhaps the General is running battle drills again.”

“Battle alert! All hands to battle stations!” That was Captain Wynwyth’s voice. Sounds a bit more serious than the usual monotone battle drill commands…
Berso hurriedly located where General’s Gah’Vor’s personal shuttle was being birthed, and had approached the nearest mechanic to try and get access to the ship.

“No, I realize that I am not the General for the last time! I am Lieutenant Berso Hasuadan, the General’s personal aide! He authorized me to prep his shuttle once the battle started!” Berso hoped that the lie would get through this guy’s hard skull. He had shown his identification and rank cylinders, yet the mechanic was not budging.

“Listen bolts for brains, you ain’t a’getting in her until I received a verbal command form the General to allow anyone in that shuttle, you get me? If you haven’t noticed the klaxons, we are in the middle of either a battle, or full scale battle drills. Either way, I could give a flying mynock if you were the fliven Emperor come back to life, you are not getting access!”

Berso glanced down as his personal comm unit crackled to life. “Lieutenant, this is General Gah’Vor.” The mechanic stopped his rant as soon as he heard the General’s distinctive voice.

“Were are you at the moment? And where is Lieutenant Peridun?”

“Sir Lieutenant Peridun was still in the officer’s quarter’s conducting tests and sensor sweeps of each room. I am currently in the hangar bay on a lead.”

“The hangar? Excellent, Captain Grishold will meet you at my shuttle. Prep the ship and make sure we are ready to lift off as soon as I arrive. Gah’Vor out.”

Hasuadan gave the mechanic an “I told you so” look at gestured to the shuttle. “You gonna let me in now?”

Knowing he had lost he argument, the mechanic commed the chief hangar officer and had the shuttle unsealed. Walking away, Berso caught a few comments about fleet staff officers coupled with obscenities in a number of colorful languages. He smirked and made his way up the shuttle’s ramp. .”This is turning out better than I thought,” he commented to himself. “Now… we simply have to fly this bucket out into the heat of whatever is going on out there and pray that no one gets interested in us.” He slid into the pilots seat and quickly began the pre-flight checks, expertly going through one after another. Berso suddenly heard a number of explosions and felt the Imperial Star Destroyer shudder as it began to take fire from something that boasted an impressive array of turbolasers and ion cannons. This sure as hell wasn’t a drill! Spokes must have rallied the fleet much faster than I thought possible. Given the damage that the Guard inflicted on the WINDSTORM, I’d thought I was pretty much on my own…Berso continued the flight checks and readied the ship for Grishold and Gah’Vor.

CRS McGrath

Captain Goa Lawah had commanded the McGrath through many battles but he did not like being caught in the crossfire between Cap Ships. Colonel Vykk Tharen stood behind his chair and gave off an aura of calmness despite the fact that lasers and proton torpedoes hammered the shields. “Keep an eye on the shields Lieutenant. I want to know when we are at 40%.”

“Aye, Captain. We have 92% now and predict 40% in seven minutes.” Lt. Beldan Sorrel reported.

Wing Commander Tharen let out a small laugh and said to the Captain, “Sitting in the crossfire for seven minutes … only Spokes would see that as an offensive maneuver. Give them as good as you’ve got Captain and ignore the bombers. We are here to scuttle a Cruiser.”

“Better them than us.”


CRS Valor

“Already?” Spokes answered Squelch’s chirp. “Put him through.”

“This is General Gah’Vor of the White Guard. Put me through to the Officer in Command.”

“General Gah’Vor,” Spokes said without identifying himself. “What can I do for you?”

“Who is this? I demand to speak to the Commanding Officer.” Gah’Vor had apparently run his own analysis of the likely outcome of this engagement and did not like it.

“This is Lieutenant General Borran of the Patriot Battle Fleet.” Spokes responded. “Why are you clogging my Comm channel?”

“Clog….” Gah’Vor nearly choked on the word. “Break off this attack immediately, or…”

“General,” Spokes cut him off. “The only way I break off this little action is if you power down your guns, lower your shields and prepare to be boarded.”

“Those are not the terms I expected. We need to discuss this…”

“This is not a negotiation, General.” Spokes emphasized Gah’Vor’s assumed rank. “Surrender or prepare to become one with the Universe.” Spokes flicked the Comm off. “Lieutenant, ignore any further hails until they comply with our terms.”

“Aye, Sir.”

We are prepped and ready to hunt down the remnants of the White Guard. PBF 4.11 is now “bug-free” and will be released tomorrow. For now, Congratulations to Green on a very solid showing. GREEN PRIDE!!!

The Final Standings for PBF 4.10:

Patriot Battle Fleet: 77% Reporting. Great turnout and overall activity! That means that each Pilot who reported will receive 2 Merit Points for Participation. Well done everyone!!!

-----PBF 410 Mission Standings-----

Top Pilot: LGN Spokes, Gold 52 kills 79,761 points
Top Squad: Green Squadron, 302 kills 477,155 points 9/10 reports
Top Wing: Hope Wing, 770 kills 1,198,487 points 23/34 reports

Squad Top Guns:
1. LGN Spokes Gold 52 kills 79,761 point
2. CMDR Daniel Rezmann Green 52 kills 79,649 points
3. CMDR Dev Azzameen FireClaw 52 kills 79,536 points
4. Col. Gavin Phalon Sabre 51 kills 78,710 points
7. BGN John GAdRS Jade 47 kills 74,119 points
8. 1Lt. Joel Lance Phoenix 46 kills 72,923 points
15. LCM pallr garner       Crimson 50 kills 62,542 points
16. CMDR Shane Long Red 31 kills 60,098 points
17. Lt. Col. Leonard Cable Blue 32 kills 59,063 points

-----PBF Medal of Victory-----

The medal awarded for the best overall performance in the current PBF mission.

Daniel Rezmann

-----PBF Mission Report Medal-----

The medal awarded for the best written narrative for the current PBF mission.

Argon Viper

With an Honorable Mention to Green Squadron. There were many excellent Narratives this month and activity there is also on the rise in both quantity & quality.

-----PBF Activity Medal-----

Given to each member of a squad that reported with 70% of its pilots for the current mission.


Gold Squadron 11 of 12 (92%)
Green Squadron 9 of 10 (90%)
Sabre Squadron 9 of 10 (90%)
Red Squadron 8 of 10 (80%)
Jade Squadron 7 of 9 (78%)
FireClaw Squadron 8 of 11 (73%)
Crimson Squadron 8 of 11 (73%)
Blue Squadron 7 of 10 (70%)

73 of 95 (77%)

1. Crusader 28 (88%)
2. Valor             22 (76%)
3. Hope             23 (68%)

1. Gold                         11 of 12 (92%)
2. Green                         9 of 10       (90%)
3. Sabre                         9 of 10       (90%)
4. Red 8 of 10       (80%)
5. Jade 7 of 9            (78%)
6. FireClaw 8 of 11 (73%)
7. Crimson 8 of 11 (73%)
8. Blue                         7 of 10       (70%)
9. Phoenix 6 of 12       (50%)

Number of open slots in the entire Fleet: 11
      Valor:            7
      Hope:            1
      Crusader: 3

Four on LOA and two listed as AWOL.

As stated earlier, an Excellent showing. Once again, the Patriot Battle Fleet shines brightly!

Lieutenant General Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
PBF Commanding Officer

--Rebel Squadrons-- a H.I.E.R.* organization--
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--



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