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R2F NL 03/09/03

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 09, 2003
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Retribution Fleet NL 03/09/03

Squadron Disbandment
At the end of this mission we will be losing one squadron. It will either be Hellfire, Wraith or Hydra Squadron. If you belong to one of these squadrons and don't want it to be dibanded then make sure you repor tont he mission and post ont he run-on for this mission.

Mission Testers
For the next tour we are going to need mission testers so we do not have missions that are not of a higher quality. If you are interested contact me at

R2F TOD 7 Ending
This is the last mission of the tour. As with last tour anyone who flys this mission will get a pretty little ribbon to add to there uniform.

Command Changes

Command Openings
Storm Wing SO: For more information please contact Commander Argon Viper at
Sentinel Wing SO: For more information please contact Major Matt Brown at
R2F Intel XO: For more information please contact Commander Argon Viper at
Wraith Squadron XO: For more information please contact Lieutenant Commander Cynna Jade Sunrider at
Hellfire Squadron XO: For more information please contact Colonel Nichos Katran at

R2F Tour of Duty 7 - "Osiris Sector"
- Top 5 Pilots For Tour 7 (701-708)
| Ranking | | Name | | Kills | | Score | | # of Reports| | Squad |
| First | | Corran Horn Jr. | | 349 | | 281,397 | | 7 | | Hydra |
| Second | | Dev Azzameen | | 266 | | 252,806 | | 7 | | Skull |
| Third | | Licah Fox | | 286 | | 251,698 | | 7 | | Skull |
| Fourth | | Xtremegene | | 191 | | 160,301 | | 7 | | Skull |
| Fifth | | Ste T. | | 87 | | 111,887 | | 5 | | Hydra |
-Top 3 Pilots for mission 708
| Ranking | | Name | | Kills | | Score | | Squad | |
First | | Dev Azzameen | | 25 | | 54,597 | | Skull | |
Second | | Licah Fox | | 31 | | 34,194 | | Skull | |
Third | | Linden Rathan | | 8 | | 30,763 | | Shadow |
-Top Squad: Squad | | Kills | | Score | | # of Reports | Skull | | 54 | | 117826 | | 4 |
- R2F 709 - "Trap of Destruction" Mission file can be downloaded at
Mission Reports and Pilot files are due no later then Friday April 4, 2003 at 11:59 PM EST to
Laser Cap: None
Narrative - by General Corran Horn Jr.
       The last rescue transport made it back on board the Prometheus about an hour after the Denominator left they system. Corran and Nichos watched as the med teams put the pilot on a stretcher and ran him off to the med bay. "It could have been worse." Said Nichos. "We lost only pilot from Cobalt and all of Ewok survived even so far only one is up for another flight." Corran walked down to the far side of the hangar to the security doors blocking the way to the reserve hangar. General Fene had it locked up when they left DiasPas. Nichos walked up behind him. "You still haven't told me what's in there Corran" "Something we should have brought more of and used more." Replied Corran "Have the squad leaders, department heads, Captain Vedick in the conference room in one hour. Also Have Major Brown and Commander Viper on communications in the meeting. In half an hour I want the status of every pilot, our fighters and all of the Prometheus's Systems on my desk."
       After Nichos left the hangar Corran punched in a security code and the doors of the hangar opened. He stepped inside and turned on he lights. "I was foolish for not even thinking about using these earlier. It cost a pilot his life and pain to the entire ship. It is a mistake I won't make twice" Corran thought to himself as he looked at the two fighters sitting there.
       About an hour later Corran walked in to see the holographic projections of the two wing commanders on the side and the department heads and the squad leaders Cobalt and Samurai squadrons and the two flight ready pilots from Ewok and his staff sitting around the conference table. The sergeant at arms said General on Deck and all the men rose and saluted. They Still looked tired from the battle two ago. But it didn't matter. The next mission had to happen now. Corran returned the salute and took his seat and everyone followed his lead. "Gentleman, what I am about to tell you is Level one Classified information. You may have heard some scuttlebutt about it as have I but it is missing major amounts of information. Approximately years ago I led a squadron of Fighters and three proto-type corvettes on a mission into the Kathol Outback. We were to find out the Imperial Involvement with the government in the region. What we found out was that an Imperial Warlord had control of the Government and were planning an Invasion of the Greeop System. When they tried to start the invasion, with the help of some rebels in the Government we were able to warn HC and stop the invasion before it left the Outback. Admiral Darwin, or now Darwinia was that warlord. It was thought that he was killed. when he got sucked out of his ready room into the vacuum of space when his Destroyer was destroyer was being destroyed. Apparently at some point he hooked up with other Imperial Forces and was involved in the conflict in the Cadrel Expanse and most particularly the forces that remained behind in DiasPas. My guess is he was hoping to loop back around us until we found his destroyer a few hours ago. From personal experience and his jacket he is a true believer of fighter superiority. That will explain why imperial forces we have engaged have had so many fighters. He probably had each modified with bigger hangars. He is also a master strategist. So he must be taken out of the picture. We are sure that he did go the Xeleron System as he said. We also know it is a trap of some sort. But as I said we need to take him out." Corran stopped for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing.
       "As you all now in the reserve hangar has been locked down since we left DiasPas. In those hangars are two Tie Defenders. The rest of the defenders were left to protect DiasPas. They are going to be point in our attack. They will hyper to Xeleron before the rest of the fleet to pin point the surprises so when we arrive we will have an idea of what we are walking into. We lost all but four of our Avengers so those avengers and Interceptors will fly cover for the Gunboats which will be targeting the Denominator. Ewok, you are assigned to the Defenders, Cobalt, one flight will be in the avengers, the rest in squints. Samurai you will be in Gunboats."
       Corran turned towards the two holoprojections. "How long till your wing scan be in Xeleron?" Both wing commanders looked down to consoles in front of them and the first to speak was Major Matt Brown the young but very capable leader of Sentinel Wing. "It'll take us approximately 12 hours if we leave now." Corran looked at Commander Viper. "General, it'll take us at least fourteen hours to get there an we won't be able to leave cause we are still picking up survivors from the Strike Cruiser and Escort carrier that left your party." Corran looked down for a second and then stepped tot eh side so he could see everybody in the room and the holoprojections. "The Prometheus will arrive in Xeleron in ten hours. Sentinel and Storm Wings are to get there ASAP. do whatever it is you have to do but get there in no more then eleven hours. and Gentlemen, no matter the cost, the Denominator must be destroyed. There will be a general ship wide briefing in one hour. I want all personnel available to be in the briefing room. Dismissed."
       Nichos and Captain Vedik waited till everyone else left then approached Corran. "Sir, I don't know how ready the Prometheus will be in ten hours." Corran looked up at the Captain of the Prometheus "According to the damage reports the Prometheus will be at 98% in 10 hours. Remember the Denominator took more damage then us. They will be lucky if they have any shields when we get there from the looks of it." "That isn't what I meant General. The Crew's moral is low. Cobalt lost a pilot, all but two pilots from Ewok squadron are stuck in bacta tanks. The crew hasn't had a chance to lick it wounds yet. Yeah the ships we have may be at 110% when we get there, but will the crew be?" Said Captain Vedick "Captain, I confidence in this crew and those on nay other ship in this fleet that when the time comes they will al be ready to do what has to be done. And right now this is what has to be done. I suggest you go and push maintenance and engineering to get this ship as close to 100% as fast as possible." The captain gave a quick salute and walked out of the conference room.
       Corran could tell he wasn't happy, but he also knew he would do as ordered. He sat up and looked his executive officer right in the eyes. He knew Nachos had something he wanted to say. Corran wanted to discourage it at first but realized if he didn't let his XO speak his mind he would be forcing him not to do his job. "You have something to add colonel?" "Yes there is Corran. Having had sit in your place on High Command I know all about what you just said. But you left out information. Important information like you knew this admiral before you joined the RS and that you were on the Denominator when it was attacked by Talon Group and Phoenix Squadron. If I remember the report correctly you were in the ready room with him at the time of the attack. This is important information. It also makes it look like a personal thing between you and him." "Nachos, it is personal. I want him dead, because of him my wife was killed by Republic commandos. But you should know me well enough that I would not put the men under my command at risk for personal vendettas." "I guess so General, I'm sorry for doubting you." "Nachos If you didn't doubt me I would have to wonder why you were my executive officer. But I think before we go on with this conversation that you better go ahead and prepare for your part of the briefing that is happening in 55 minutes now." Nichos walked out of the conference room. he looked back at the doors which just closed behind him and he couldn't help but to think that Corran still wasn't telling him something.

New Members
Please Welcome:

2nd Lieutenant Cthulhu Fhtgan - Hydra 3
LTJG Talon Karrade - Shadow 4

Retiring Members
None at this time

We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. MTFBWY always

Captain Koral was promoted to Major
Captain Trev Firestorm was promoted to Major
Lieutenant General Corran Horn Jr. was promoted to General

Congratulations, Drinks are on you

Major Linden Rathan was the only R2F member to get a mission complete so he is awarded the Top Ace Medal. You may now add {]-|Top-Ace|-[} to your sign-off

General Information
-No-Tolerance Policy
       "Each member of the Retribution Fleet must either report on either the current Fleet Mission or their current Wing or Squadron mission for the month. (just narratives or reports of zero are acceptable) or participate in the run-on for the current fleet mission or the squadron CO will mark that member AWOL. IF marked AWOL two months in a row for this reason the member may be removed from the squadrons roster with permission from the Fleet CO"

- Mission Building Academy
       The MBA is a section of the Academy devoted to helping people learn the art of making missions for the games we play in the Rebel Squadrons. Anyone interested in learning how to build TIE Fighter missions, or any other game, contact LGN Corran Horn Jr. ( or visit the MBA site at:

- R2F Intel
       R2F Intel is the special Projects/Think Tank group of the R2F. They are looking for anyone who would like to help improve the R2F. You do not need any special skills to join. There current project is working on the R2F shipyards. They are creating crew members and squadrons attached to ships. This project happens to be a project dealing with the fictional side of the R2F. There will be other projects dealing with real things like a Free Mission system. If your interested in joining contact COM Argon Viper

-TIE Undergraduate Academy
       The TIE Undergraduate Academy or TUG for short is where we train those interested in joining the R2F. If you are interested in assisting as an Instructor please contact CAPT Nightflyer.

- Recruitment Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.
       The R2F can only survive if we get members. How can we get members, well that is easy. All you have to is tell your friends to go out and get a copy of Tie Fighter (it's cheep, like $10) and sign up. Let them know it is a great game and that they will enjoy the fellowship of joining us here in the Retribution Fleet. Also, go to message boards and post something about the Retribution fleet. Let people know we exist and urge them to give it a try. I mean hey, you enjoy it, So they will probably enjoy it, so lets spread the joy around and keep our ranks growing. Just incase you are not aware there are many rewards and benefits you can enjoy if you help to recruit new members to the R2F.

- Retribution Fleet Website Visit the Retribution Fleet's website to see Squadron Logo's, the most current killboard and mission, merit standings, you name it! - Retribution Fleet ITOD Site This site contains various material that corresponds with the current Retribution Fleet Tour of Duty. Things included in it are Run-on Archives, past Mission Narrative Briefings, a map of the current Sector we're in for the ITOD, and much more!

- Retribution Fleet Shipyard
       This site contains the many ships the Retribution Fleet has officially, and unofficially. This site explains the general vicinity they are in, ship statistics, and crew members. This is great for people that love writing narratives in full detail!

General Corran Horn Jr.
Retribution Fleet Commanding Officer


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